Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Day In The Life

Today after dealing some weed in my lil apartment in Mlbn, my cousin johnny picked me up and took me to his house for a bbq. Probably the greatest meal I've had since I started travelling Johnny has grilled up. I think today my tung was treated with the finest rack of lamb its ever had. @ my cousins teh drinking began. Some wine to compliment our meals. As I made my way bak to my apt I found balloons everywhere and a beautiful cake on the table. Its some chics b-day and some fancy chocolate cake I munch on whilst I type this here post. Completely pissed I am right now and cant help but gloat about what fantastic atime I am having in this city. Ive helped my Isralei mates nurse just about 7 bottles of wine. Thank You Cabernet. Thank You Merlot & thank You Shiraz. Oh, last but certainly not least Thank You Rachel for being born on the 31st day of july.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Brooklyn. Bitch...

Whilst reading my book on a tram today I was interupted by some broad flashing her badge in my face asking to see my tram ticket. Since Im bottom feeding these days, I buy a tram ticket in the mng for $3. These are valid for 2 hours. I can simply not buy 1 at all but I try not to be a complete menace. So I bought one around 11am. After plastering a hundred flyers all over the central business district advertising a dog walker for hire and reading my book in Albert Park I jumped bak on a tram to get home. This was at 6pm. A long way from the 2 hrs I was allowed. This officer asked me a bunch of questions like whered you get on where u going and so on. She asked for my ID and so I provided it. She looked at it and then @ me bewildered. Now, there are always a few people like me that dont pay for their rides and I overheard some woman playing dumb pretending she didnt know she was supposed to pay. "Sir, why havent you bought a ticket for the day instead of 2 hours?" With truth, pride, confidence and a cheeky smile I said cos I dont have money. A bit intimidated by my nonchalant honesty she said I have to write a report, please provide your address. She put some pad and a pen in my hands. With my grafitti handwriting I wrote my home address in Brooklyn NY. She looked at it and then @ me with a confused and empty stare. "Whats your address in Melbourne" she asked. I havent one I said. She asked, "well, where r you staying" The Base Backpackers. I rebutted every question she was trained to ask with an answer she did not expect until her trained questions were exhausted. Understanding there is nothing she can do and with a look of defeat she scribbled my name and address off of her pad let me alone and moved on to the next perp.

Its odd I know, but this small incident has incredibly boosted my confidence and makes me feel like I own Melbourne. Like an American eagle I feel like I'm soaring above and looking down upon a land that it is fruitful and all mine. Swoop down and feed I shall.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let The Sunshine

I remember an important turning point in my life around 3 yrs ago. I decided I will stop going out every night as my friends were doing. I realized I didnt have much to celebrate. I was going out all the time yet I wasnt having any fun cos I had nothing to truly toast to. It seemed we were celebrating something. What exactly I dont know. Perhaps just the fact that we were young and alive. I however was not content. I formulated a plan that entailed my staying home and working hard, day and night in-order to build something for myself so that I will truly have something to toast to. Before this I was working like a horse for these syrians bak home. I hibernated for a while and then came back into the scene with much to celebrate and with much fatter pockets. Whilst roaming around the CBD today this same feeling struck me. I have had enuf fun the past few months to last me a year. Tonight I was trying to decide what pub or club to patronize when this same understanding hit me. I turned around and went home. It has come time to once again stay in and hustle. I'm not missing out on anything. I shall again hibernate in-order to have a real reason to go out and celebrate. I might not post here for a while as I will be busy. In the meantime just know, I love you:)

Down Under By Bill Bryson, Current Read

Not only is this book absolutley hysterical but it provides a libraries wealth of hystory about this awesome country. It has me laughing out loud whilst on trams or sipping lattes in cafes.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Its kinda tough to stay down in such a beautiful country and its also un Gilly Tha Kiddish and so im glad to share that my spirits are high. I quit smoking pot around 6 days ago and the I Miss U post below is a result of withdrawal depression. Before I began travelling I had no clue that NZ was made up of 2 islands. I had no clue about the difference between the UK, Great Britain, England and London. Call me ignorant but since we kicked their asses out of our country most of us Americans dont really care to think about these things. Some Irish girl in a hostel told me about how the people behave in Ireland. She explained her ex-boyfriend took her out to a classy restaurant and whilst @ the table passed gas. Turns out it was a wet one and instead of excusing himself and going to the bathroom he reached down tore off one side of his underwear and pulled it out from under his ass. He took his shit stained underwear and tossed it under their table. She explained this is how the irish are. No manners whatsoever. Anyway its kinda known that the irish are the manliest of men. Wether thats a good example I dont exactly know... Travelling provides honest and clear insight as to the ways of different people in diferent countries. I learned alot about people from many places. Much more than I care to type here. Yesterday I took a tram with an Israeli girl that lives with me. She's a cute little innocent type. Turns out she was a sniper instructor in the Israeli army. This broad can snipe you out from 2 miles away if you do her wrong. How bout that? One thing I like about the English is that they are incredibly proper in their speach and behavior when their not drunk. A homeless brit has the same vocabulary as an American professor whilst an American bum cant even string together a sentence. Anyway, as I promised a few weeks ago shmeeze is done with. As for stogies I have stopped buying packs and switched to rollies. Here they provide little filters for rolling ciggarettes. Its quite a hassle to roll one every so often and so I will smoke much less. My health has become increasingly important to me and so I shall do away with smokes altogether in the very near future. My cousin Johnnie has been looking out for me and I will have to find a way to thank him. Hes Kewwwl.


Today I was able to attend friday night kiddush with my family back in N.Y. Skype is an excellent tool and my brother set it up @ my parents house so that I was able to see them all doing kiddush. Even my lil dog lucky was there. I stood for the brachas and sat to watch them dine as if I was there with them. Truly grateful.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Miss U

On a relatively warm day I throw my hoody over my head and look down as I walk down Swanston St in the Central Business District. As I peak up I see people smiling and lauphing, big teeth like Mr. Ed. My face is cold and still as a stone. "G'day no worries mate" is all I seem to hear. Well fuck that shit, it aint a good day and there are worries MATE! I am beginning to get homesick. I miss the luxuries my home country provides. I miss being sure about where I will sleep. I miss my family. I miss having people around that know me. I miss paying an even buck for a coke or 50 cents for a coffee. I truly miss knowing I can start working anytime in-order to buy things I want & need like food or clothing. Here, im like the Israelis or the Mexicans back home. I have to get jobs on the side like an immigrant. Cash only since I dont have a work permit. Today I walked out of a training course where these curry shcmucks were trying to convince me to screw people out of their hard earned cash by locking them into cell phone contracts that did them no good. I was supposed to sell voip which im fine with but they were trying to switch me to this. Anyway I sized them up and can easily tell their fuckers only interested in money. I got up and politely sed thx 4 the opportunity but this isnt for me. I must admit I feel down. Bad news I got from home this mng just adds to it. I know feeling sorry for myself wont help this situation but theres nothing I can do. Yesterday, im glad to say I was able to sleep in my boxers and a T. I've attained a little portable heater and cleaned the pad I currently live in. These little things are for homeless people to worry about and I dont exactly understand why Im roughing thru this shit wen I dont really have to. I tell myself its good, I say everything is relative and I'll appreciate the luxuries I might one day have much more because of this experience. I'm not really sure anymore if I will ever have any luxuries. I feel defeated.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Melbunian Architecture And Some Ramblings

Southgate Mlbn AU

I grabbed a can from some kid bombing legally and caught a tag.

Good Old American Muscle.

Southgate Melbourne AU

The digs I currently have will certainly be remembered. I live along with 8 other israelis in a big house. Its fucking disgusting. The reason I say it will be remembered is because it'll serve as a point in my life where I'm starting from scratch. Absolutely nothing I have here. I like this fact. Craig is in town and I hung with him and his friend Kev the other day. Kevs an oral surgeon, cool dude. I joked with Craig today as we made our way around the city that this here time we will look bak @. Yesterday was a true pleasure. The late mng my lil cuzins and I spent playing football in their local park. After lil jaimey and I clobbered his older brother and his friend @ 2 hand touch we made our way to the NGV, National Gallery Victoria. The city of Melbourne is within the state of Victoria. There, our eyes met with some pretty cool modern art. They have a Guggenheim exhibit on now. I love my lil cuzins and jump on any opportunity to get to hangout with them, to get to know them better and vice versa. Something I must note here is that my dreams are beginning to get really vivid and also incredibly to the point. In NZ I remember talking politics with someone. I mentioned how I dont trust that sly bastard Vladamir Putin. "This gangster controls too big and powerful a country" I remember saying. That night I dreamt russian bombs were raining down on my home neighborhood. I was a few blox away from my home and worried about my family whilst big whistling bombs fell all around me. My dad walked toward me alone and away from my house. He looked bewildered. I asked him where everyone was but he was too shocked and confused to answer. B4 I was able to get home I woke and will never forget how glad I was that I did. Yesterday, after dropping my shit in my cold and decrepit bedroom, I looked around @ the mattress on the floor and felt the cold brick walls. I thought to myself how the fuck did I get here... I slept in 3 sweaters and a blanket within my sleeping bag. I dreamt. I dreamt my family and I were waiting for the NYC subway homeless. With the little we possessed we waited in the bitter cold, in an unforgiving city for the train, for help. This mng my dad woke me out of this miserable dream by calling my cellphone and I bless him 4 doing so. Because these dreams feel so real, I think I can really say I know what its like to have bombs rain down around me, the panic and the carnage was all around. I dont understand just why my dreams are begining to sharpen up but they are.

A Crazy Bubble Wrap Party @ The Base Hostel St Kilda Melbourne AU

Sunday, July 22, 2007

HaRabi MeLubavitch Chai Vekayam

To jews this man was/is the modern time Moses. I shit you not, he was that great. His image is known amongst jews worldwide. I remember visiting his place a few times. He had the most amazing synagogue built in Crown Heights Brooklyn. He passed some 10yrs ago or so. One would wait online for a couple of hours before being able to step passed the great Rabbi. He had stacks of dollar bills on his desk. Everyone would pass and he would hand each person a crisp new and blessed dollar bill. Catholics get some crispy flake put in their mouths by a priest to get blessed. How ironic us jews get crispy dollar bills :). People would laminate em or w/ever. A few times I went and got one but there was one time wen my grand parents were in town from Israel. We went I got my buck and continued on. My grandad, a very quite and go with the flow type passed w/out uttering a word and as he stepped away the Rabi called him back. He handed him a few more dollars and said this is for your daughters in Tel-aviv and your son in Jerusalem. This is a just a close to home story that might give u an idea of this mans greatness. I mention him here because he created a network of whats called Chabad houses. These are scattered thru out the world. Their places in-which native established jews help new arrivals. He created this network so that any future hitlers will not be able to ever erradicate us jews. We will always be practising our conditioning traditions where ever we are. After this chic Tal I met in the hostel invited me to the local chabad house I made my there and hung with some of the eshkanaz Israelis. I got bored quick and took off but was very pleased with their willingness to help with accomadation and what have you... This was on sat and soon after I left them I found some cool Kiwi surfer dude that took me to the club below. Good times were had. These boring chabad guys would have continued to chew my ear off about how badly they want to visit "AMERICA". I'm hanging with my lil cousins while their parents work. I will have to put a couple of pics of them up soon. Im gonna take em to the park and teach em how to play American football. Then we will go to the city to stimulate their brains in a museum. Over n Out. Amen.

Lada Di Ladada

There are many people begging for money here too but their diferent. I dont feel bad for them as they live a fuller life than many I know.

A Saturday Night Out In Melbourne

Grade A Australian Stock

Apparantly people dont fancy a mumbling drunk looking for a warm bed in a hostel @ 3 in the mng. After getting on the piss with randonm locals, I was trying to make my way into a backpackers for a frikin bed. One after another they would tell me nope were over booked. I made friends with the owner of a hostel while in Touranga NZ. This is apparantly hostel speak for fuck off. I met a knowledgable local that took it upon himself earlier in the day to show me what the night club scene here is like. He took me to a posh club in the city called GHO. There was a classical aura in this place. They had johnny gold label and I couldnt resist indulging. After losing this kid I was with I made some newer cooler friends. With these people I had a great time dancing away to wicked house and trance. I hung for a while longer b4 deciding I was too drunk and had to feed my sour belly. Somehow I managed to get myself to Mcdees and fed my face with cheeseburgers and apple pies. Thats when I decided I was going to stay in a hostel in town. It was tough enough trekking in a drunken stupor only a block from the club to get grub in me. Going all the way bak to St Kilda woulda been irresponsible and life threatening. One after another these local hostels where turing me down. Im not a dangerous, belligerent or violent drunk but damn drunk I was. I made my way chinky eyed and tired as a transatlantic swimmer into this last hostel in town. Met with disapointment as I asked for a bed I kicked up a fuss and said I dont want to sleep on the fucking street. The chic said go crash on the lounge couch and so I did. Then I used there shower facilities in the mng. Im glad to say today is a beautiful sunday in St Kilda. I am not hung over as I normally am after A night of belligerence. I chose my alcohol wisely. Johnny gold debilitates you but then is gone in a few hours. As if u didnt drink anything. Theres no chance im biking the peninsula this week. Too burned out. I feel like making some cash so im gonna start hustling. Craigs in town and hasnt a clue what to do with himself so Im gonna bring him hustling with me. perhaps we will get a flat together.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I remember my mate Dan and I talking about what a great idea it would be to take off to a state like Idaho or Iowa to implement the cut throat biz skills we picked up while hustling in NY. We both understood that with our mentality there would be no stopping us. Well Dan, Aussies are like tasty chicken waiting to be devoured by us wolves. I feel like a toothy shark amongst cute little goldfish. Ive been doing a heck of alot of thinking the past few days. When I look around I see a country that is fertile and ready to grow technologicaly and business wise. Aussies have been a bit slow on picking up on such things as the utilization of the net to make life easier, among many other things. Being that the US inhabits the laziest people many things have been created to make it easier for these fat fux to not ever leave their homes. Aussies are just beginning to pick up on these things. It's the best place in-which to implement these cut throat yet sophisticated business tactics we picked up whilst working for these money hungry take no prisoner type of jews bak home. Oh, let me not leave out that this is also the most fantasic place I can think of in which to spend our hard earned money. Awesome trendy boutiques with a classy style. Splendid looking women. Staying around Melbourne for the night. It will be my first Sat night out and about in this city. Tomo mng I bike.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Morninton Peninsula Expedition

Enticed by these indians to make some money I thought about skipping this biking expedition I was to go on. My cousin convinced me not to as it will probably loom in the back of my head whilst working. I explained this to my curry friends and they are fine with me starting later on in the week. The map above shows where I'll be taking off from. Melbourne, then all the way down to Rosebud And Portsea then back around passing Flinders and Hastings. I was gonna book a hostel from now but said fuck it Ill worry about things as they come. No plan is the best plan right now, in my opinion. The weather is better and so I am shooting off after a shower and a joint. Pics, vids and wild stories will follow. Gilly Tha Kid, Out!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Mng In Melbourne

As I woke today I heard some people yapping away about where they were from. A 10 bed dorm is never really quiet and privacy does not exist. Lifting my head from my pillow I heard a cute voice say Tel-Aviv is "where Im from" Trying to focus my eyes on this girl I realised she was beautiful. A true israeli beauty. i asked them for the time so that I know wen to leave this place and get my key deposit back and when she told me it I replied with a Toda. Her name is Tal (strange I know) and she put me onto some inexpensive housing thing for Israelis that she was off to and invited me to do shabbos with her. Together with my clothing my cell phone was spinning in the laundry machine on permanent press yesterday. Its out of commision so she insisted I write down her number. With morning breath, before even brushing, I made a nice new friend.

Opportunity Knox

Just ran into some INDs that were in suits and cuffs. In a backpackers hostel this isnt a sight seen often. Being Gilly Tha Kidish I asked what they suited up for. This led to some chatting. It turns out these guys are wealthy Int'l business men. Around my age. Throwing money around like air they asked me to work "with" them in their voip business. I explained I must make at least 2k a week to live the lifestyle I am used to and they laughed. Daily, they claim I ll be making this. They care not about A work permit cos they know I will show them shit they never seen b4. To set nice digs, furnish it and get settled here I will entertain this offer. Networking is easy while travelling. These guys are more like me than these backpacking beligerents and can help me to settle. I will use this channel of cash to get by until my own thing is up and running. These days I am feeding from the top. The fruit is more tasteful up here...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kiwis In St Kilda & O.d.ing On Spots

Whilst entertaining myself with my ipod and the great tunes on it hanging in this hostel I heard some kid make a fuss about how he cant get any weed. With random kindness I gave this guy a toke from my 1 hitter as I understood his plight. I learned he and 3 others there live across the street and they are from New Zealand. The bar in my Hostel is the livliest in this very lively town. We spoke about NZ for a while b4 going to their flat to do some spots. Let me say that I get on very well with kiwis cos I was brought up to act kindly and love everybody as they do. Spots is a kiwi thing. It entails putting 2 knives on a stove and the top half of a 1 or 2 litre soda bottle being used to get stoned. You scrunch up your shmeeze into little balls. You then pick the knives up wen there hot and tap one of the weed balls with one knife, it sticks, then you flatten it with the other knife underneath the top half of the bottle. This burns the ganja into a thick plume you then inhale. I truly do suggest trying it cos it will preserve weed and its fun. I have done these in NZ and could'nt resist taking these guys up on their offer to do some yesterday night. Leaning on whatever was around for support like walls, counters and people I drunkily made my way to their place and was greeted with a large Kiwi flag in the entrance. After 5 minutes of hanging they got a delivery of an ounce of Marijuana. I expected nothing in return for offering this kid a smoke but it lead to me getting higher than I have ever been in my entire life. Coming from someone that has been smoking for over 10 years this is a huuuuuge statement. I never remember being that blitsed. Some phsychedelic trance was put on and I had to leave cos I felt I was about to lose my sanity. I dont think I can say I ever O.D.ed on pot b4 last night. What happens is simple. Your mouth gets drier than Barbara Bush' Muff. Cotton mouth we call this and wen it sets in u you must nurse a drink or you will puke air. Basically you feel as if your belly has been deprived of anything for the longest of time and so the same way ur mouth gets drier so does the lining of ur stomach and it tells you its fucking starving. I mean concentration camp starving. This led to me patronozing the local Micky dees and stuffing 2 double cheeseburgers and apple pies into the hole in my face. Anyway it was a great time hanging out with Kiwis. I try to explain to Aussies bout the kindhearted Kiwis but they say ahh its like that here too. Only my kiwi friends understood where I was coming from. I promised and so im giving my true opinion. Aussies are not as friendly and kind-hearted as the kiwis. Aussies care more about business then community. I would rather live here in Aussie tho.. Coming from NY I care not about kindness.

Melbourne And Around

Ned Kelly, A badass Australian hung for standing up to the crooked cops in his time.

Today was a stupendous day. My cuzin and I took off to see the snowy area surrounding Melbourne. A cold front is passing and this made for some interesting shots. Johnnies Kids Are AWESOME! I picked them up from school today and took them for ice cream and pizza. They are both so well behaved. Of all my cousins I kid not wen I say I favor these lil guys the most. I love them and regret not having known them sooner. I kinda feel like their big brother and will make it a thing to continue to be around for them. Hanging with family reminds me of who I am. My family is full of bright entreupeneurs. By blood not too many if any I can think of related to me work for anybody besides themselves. Because of this fact and the glycos I guess,,, Yea Yea the glycos the wheels in the clock in my head have been rotating and I have found a gap in the system here that will allow for monetary profits to be made. I have never seen such an eco-friendly & efficient yet rich lifestyle as the Melbunians live. I have never seen so many ferraris and lamborghinis. This is a diferent place. Today I learned some valuable lessons while chatting up the ex-econimist current house keeper of johnnies. She left Poland and explanied to me that people dont speak of the good polish did during the 2nd world war. It brought tears to my eyes when she explained her family was stolen from her too. She is a devout christian and explained to me that contrary to common thought many poles helped jews during the war. 6 Million poles died during WW2, 3 of which were not jewish. Again, this is the most fantastic method of learning. So uh these days you can see me bumpin my head to some South African tunes on my pod biking, training, traming, busing, walking & soon to be biking the southeast peninsula of Australia. IM @ the base hostel in St Kilda cos this is where its @. Proven and perfected.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Johnny O

I must say if there is any cousin in my entire family that I get on best with its my cuzin Johnny. He and I are very similar. I like his style of living and hope to be just like him @ his age. The last sentence is a huge statement as I've never said such a thing about anyone ever. His wife is great, a Full Bright scholar. His kids are the most adorable and well mannered young boys. Every morning they come to say goodbye to me b4 shooting off to school. His eldest son Zack will be the wealthiest in our family, of this I have no doubt. He stacks up properties while playing monopoly like no one I've seen b4. His younger son Jaime might just be the cutest kid I've ever seen. Such a great soul. A true pleasure to just hang around. Johnny filled my ipod with all sorts of amazing music. Influencing me in a certain and a great way. Pics n Vids are coming up shortly, everyone has left for either work or school and im home alone now. I will use this time to upload everything. Cheers!

St Kilda

Today was an exquisite day exploring St Kilda, a very trendy section of Melbourne. The way the homes are built there is like nothing i've seen b4. The architectural design is exactly my style. Its a european and victorian mix. Old and classical looking mostly. Ill upload pics and vids I have @ some point. I took the mtn bike I have on loan from Johnny and tuned it up @ a local bike shop. I also bought 2 tire tubes a patch kit some lcd blinkers for the front and rear of the bike for night biking, a good lock and I changed the pedals to some quality ones with a foot insert. The reason I am gearing up is I am going on an expedition that will take around a week on my bike. I will be touring aroung the Mornington Peninsula and the surrounding areas. I will need all of these things. I got a waterproof top and bottom because the weather here is extremely unpredictable. Biking is a great way to explore the incrdible areas south of Melbourne. I will go down the Peninsula and all around. It will be a true mission with very few Backpacker Hostels on the way. Adventures lie around the corner and Im stoked as a pig in shit to meet them.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alpha Blondy Jerusalem

Take a toke and go download the original album version of this song from Limewire. This is a wicked song! Its an artist you will see alot of on this page. He is infatuated with Israel. My cuzin put me on to them. Their from South Africa.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Johnny N Melbourne

While backpacking you meet many randoms and stay in all types of strange places. Shit, I stayed on a couch with some crackpots on welfare while in Sydney. You eat and drink whatevers around and a good solid meal is very much appreciated. While staying @ a hostel in the commercial center of Melbourne I waltzed outside and my sniffer brought me to some rastafarian white dude. Being that Im backpacking I dont have cash to splurge and buy pot so I snoop dogged my way up to this guy and got stupid for free. Its been over 3 months that I havent done friday night kiddush. You begin to miss these little things. Although I am half the world away I felt as if im home while dining with my cousin and his family. Thanks to my rasta friend I was stoned and hungry as shit for dinner. Johnny is an awesome guy. He came 3 yrs ago from South Africa to open a branch of his business here. He and I get on well. Today we went biking and he showed me just about every corner of Melbourne. 40 kilometers we covered. I have cool vids and pics of us and his family. Also one of me almost breaking my neck biking down a really steep hill stoned. I love that he's a doctor. Its cool to have such a person around to bounce ridiculous medical questons off of. I've got him on glyconutrients and Im sure his week will be excellent as a result. I am a bit more of a spiritualist than he is and when bouncing my beliefs off of Johnny hes got a scientific answer for everything. Its pretty funny actually. After one goes to med school, completes a residency and a fellowship a scientific approach is most often taken on things. One thing I havent yet noted here that ive noticed about this hemisphere are the stars. A completely different set I rest my eyes on here. I've noticed this first in NZ. The stars I look up at are foreign to me. Joan, johnnys wife has an eclectic style and his house is decorated comfortably with a taste of South Africa. He graciously lent me a few hundred bucks and I've attained a loan from back home for a grand. Thank god for Western Union!!! On mon I shall return his $300. I will use a mtn bike he is lending me to get around this city for a week or two. I will be staying in a funky part of town that is full of village types and its where all the youths and the trendy shops n cafes are. Fitzroy its called. I'll stick around for a little while until Craig gets here and see what happens from there. Dont worry Craig, I didnt forget about ya. One things for sure, im gonna make my way to Byron Bay, the place with all the hippies. Johnny and many people b4 him have been telling me I'll love it there. Its saturday night and Im looking after his adorable little rascal of a son Jaimey while he and Joan went out for a flick with friends. If it werent for Johnny I would have a completely different outlook on Melbourne. I've met some of his friends and their mostly upper class jews that have immigrated here recently. Interesting folk. Lots from South Africa. It seems people that live here are better mannered than most in NY. One things for sure, they enjoy life here more than most do back home. Yeah everyones got there careers and shit but they also know how to enjoy themselves. More so than poeple do in the states. The fact that I havent seen Johnny in some 13 yrs matters not. He's family and its a great feeling to be with someone that knows me.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Melbourne AU

Melbourne is a beautiful place with beautiful stores and beautiful people. Unfortunatley, this is not the side of Melbourne im able to pursue. Hoping I can scrounge up $20 or so from my business banking card I went down to the atm @ the corner 7/11 (yes there r 7/11s here in Aussie). I know that theres no money in the accounts but hope has a way of motivating people. The fucking machine did not give back my card. After beating the machine and causing a fuss the clerk called the cops and so I made haste. Now all I have is an amex card that no hostel accepts. I just spent my last cash for the bed on which I lye writing this. The biz I left bak home was so volatile I never really knew how much money I had. After working hard for a few months I had around 15k in the bank wen I decided to go travelling. On my 3rd day exploring NZ, my thrid day away from home, I found the balance in my acct to be only $800. With that I made due up until around 5 days ago. I got a loan for $500 and spent $200 shipping extra weight back home. Clothing, a tibetan bell and other things that were just extra weight. AU is very expensive and im left w/out enough to pay for another night in a hostel. I have approached several places claiming to have work avl but they shoot me down wen I tell them I dont have a visitors work permit. I do not have the resources to explore this country and havent even a ticket to go home. I am screwed. Friends, if you think im unhappy your dead wrong. The last time I wrote of financial issues you warmheartedly attempted to send me cash. Many thanks for the consideration but pls dont offer again. There is no chance I will take a penny from anyone of you. Money put my spirits down many atimes in the past. It has'nt the power to do that to me ever again. The near future will be very interesting. Bottom feeding will be put into high gear.

Its a new day now. Friday, and I found a mall with free wireless internet. Here I shall chill for a little until I have fri night dinner with a cuzin from South Africa, Johnny O. I'm glad I did not have to ask, its been confirmed, @ his place I will sleep tonight. Cheers from Aussie!

Bondi Beach

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sydney, Bondi beach, Kings Cross & New South Wales, Glyconutrients And Prostitutes

Sydney is a big city with more square miles than Manhattan, I reckon. Many lil areas like filthy Kings Cross, the financial district and lots of others like Bondi Beach. Its a cool lil beach only my pics can describe. One after another I am seeing knockout beauties. It seems the chics out # the guys 4 to 1.

Its now 5:30 in the mng. Im carrying my stuff thru the Cross over to the train station. After jumping on a train yesterday I found a bus station and booked a ticket to Melbourne. $60 ouch! The bus leaves @ 7am and Im writing this in my paper journal having a chai @ a cafe named Froth on Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. Their chais r the best I've ever had.

Standing all around me currently are around 7 or 8 prostitutes. As I came over the whores swormed around me and blatantly asked "If I want to come upstairs for sex" with them. As I was amusing myself explaining I'm not their target market as I never paid for it, I noticed one of them. She was no more than 12 or 13. "Would you like to come up with me" she asked. Used and dirty looking and obviuolsy under the influence of drugs. I felt i shud so i told her “you’re too young for this shit.. go take care of ursel, yet as I sip this chai she has already solicited 4 others.

On a lighter note. I gave Craig my book on Dharma and am now reading one by Napolean Hill. Ive read a couple of his books and like them. My financial status is beginning to pester me and so once in Melbourne i will try to get good work and pay. I must get a car so that I can document and explore this wicked country. There are some awesome outback adventures I must entertain or i will simply have to return later in life. There are many Lebanese people here in Sydney. I met 2 yesterday. one cut my hair and is chrsitian. Im not shy and ask about ther thoughts of situations and stuff. The barber hates the hezbollah. The 2nd I met whilst eating at a steak joint. He was with a few of his mates. Randomly conversations start and if they interst me I include myself. This guy gave me a new understanding. Hes a good muslim not an extremist. Hes around my age and owns 3 cafes in sydney. He explains the neighborhoods in Lebanon r and always have been decrepit and rundown. This is because of the crooked gov't and their hoarding of all the cash. Beautiful mansions u will see in the middle of shit run down neighborhoods. Thats how it is. They dont invest in their communities. Honestly, he said hes torn between hating and loving the hezbollah. Apparantly they look after the Lebanese. They provide food and shelter for the poor and they help people with rent and what have u. The reason he doesnt like them is because they intitiated this war with Israel by kidnapping that soldier and in effect Israel bombed the shit out of them and put the country back 30 years. We laughed at the fact that neither of us can visit one anothers country. He says its amazing to stand in Lebanon and look down onto the amazing green and rich land of Israel. He always wanted to go but there is no chance. This is one of many times that I get real info unedited or biased but from the community people. I love learning this way.

Its now 4pm we've stopped @ 11 in a town named gouldbourne and now in albury. Aussie seems to have rolling green hills comparable to but not as green as NZ. Gonna quit shmeeze and stogies for a while after my last few packs in ym carton r done. Im not a flapper and I do these things wen I say. Every single town i touched ground on in NZ I asked the people in the wellness stores for Glyconutirents. I left mine back home and got sick the 1st cold night. Everyone i've asked looked at me as if I was sporting a 3rd eye. Until the end of my journey In NZ. I waltsed into one of those shops in Dunedin. With one of those I already know the answer type questions I asked if they had it. To my surprise they knew wut i was talking about but did not have it. they called some guy and sent me to his house to get some. It was 20 min out of town. With about $300 in the bank I spent $120 on my vital nutrients. Since i've been taking them ive been thinking much clearer taking stock and feeling awesome.

This world and the issues plageuing it are fukt. I know that these here words formulate a sentence in a chapter that will one day be a book. Also, i know i will write a book about the retardation of our planet and society once i feel I have attained enough knowledge. However, i dont think that this is my definitve purpose. Whatever it might be I wish for the service i will provide in the future to help and be worth 100x more than the cost. I'd like to help find a way to straighten out the harsh realizations some live thru. Like the 12yr old whore. After meeting a drug addict in Sydney I was reminded just how impossible it is to turn someone that has been conditioned negatively for yrs and yrs. This addict was sexually abused as a kid and found refuge in the harsh steets of aussie cities. Craig from Christchurch has a dog that was beat by maoris as a baby. Now 13 yrs later he barks @ every Maori he sees. its quite funny actually. what travis the addict doesnt understand is that we can (unlike animals) manipulate our subconcious by way of positive conditioning.

This here is a good time for me. Stogies and shmeeze i will cut for a while to rejuvinate my mind and body. Im at a cross road with business and I really want my next one to improve the world rather then fatten my pockets.

Its around 8pm. Still on this god foresaken bus. I just gave some arab a woman a piece of my mind after enduring this womans children making a racket for 5-6 hours. shes got no control over them. Others were pestered too and would snicker or look back for a sec as a sign that their annoyed. The woman cared not. I'm normally the most calm and reserved person in any room but shit 12 hours on a bus and then lil fucking terrorists kicking my seat and yelling behind me singing n shit. After my wick had run out I just srpung up and told her I had enough and to keep them quiet. *squint*

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sydney AU

Upon waking I found my camelbak to b e missing. It contains my passport, much contact materials and some other vital things. Whilst it was lost I couldnt stop thinking how did'nt this happen sooner... I left it by the comp in my hostel last night after writing belows post. Only because its a backpackers with a very good owner that screens well and only allows travellers to stay did my bag remain there. I am so truly grateful to be where I am. Unbeliveable things im seeing here. The most common bird seems to be some parot look alike but its all white and has a yellow head. Its unbeliveable I think that people dont snatch em and keep them as pets. They are loud tho.. Im making my way to Melbourne tomo. Its known as the art capital of AU and its where i've got some contacts. The immeditae area I'm currently staying in can only be described as trashy. I explored better parts of Sydney today and walked into a mall. So luxurious everything was. Big statues and other things there dedicated to the queens of the UK and beautiful paintings of royalty all over the place. Very diferent. Old. Classical. Im here in the winter and its not exactly the time for beaches and its too bad cos its a pig part of what Au's about. Still tho there is much to explore and I'm ecstatic about having a new country to rest my eyes on. A great one. I'd like to see many countries and the contrast between them will be sharp I'm sure. So, thers some U.S. navy battle ship in town. Sydney harbor is quite a site and I have some photos I will upload once I get a chance. Kings Cross is obviously overtaken being that theres 7000 sailors in town. The cross is covered in hip hop. These sailors look like their in high school. I've noticed early on that Aussies are very particular about their coffee. Many coffee shops everywhere. Back home I get the corner shop coffees but they dont have columbian here. I consider it a luxury now but I get a chai latte every here and there when I smell the aroma from a good coffee shop. NZ was was pretty good but the best chai I ever got was in some place here today. Earlier my local friends took me to some shop where you just chill and hang out have a latte or w/ever and when the waitress tells u you go up to see the shmeeze guy right inside. Every single person in there is only there for that. Its a great way to see how so many from all walks of life smoke. Casually lounging and waiting. It's been operating forever and no hassles. Its unAussie I guess to shnitch. Tomo im gonna try my best to get to Melbourne for free thru social handwashing (See post below) or I'll just book a bus or train. Whichever stops along somewhere so I can explore a bit. Renting a car would be great free accomadation and would allow true exploring/photographing/documenting but that aint happening with my new budget.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

My First Day In Aussie

Yesterday night I thought it to be a good idea to sleep in the airport as many backpackers do in Auckland city. It saved me from spending cash on a hostel. Quite comfy the benches are there. Cushioned and all. Factor in my sleeping bag and you might understand just how homey one can make it. I calculated some things and decided to come over to Australia. I have attained some cash and I will use it to bus around. Australia is too huge a country/continent to drive around in. Gas would deplete the little cash I have in a few days. So I landed here at around 8:30 and at 9:30 in the mng after settling my stuff in a hostel I had breakfast and asked some randoms for a light. After chatting up these 2 locals they decided to show me their flat and light me up on a joint. The fact that Im from NY excites people for some reason. Also I think the reason people are very friendly to me is that they feel they might be able to gain from befriending me. Its often said "one hand washes the other". This is why friends are easily made while travelling. So, my new friends place is smack dab in the center of town. They have a couch and so tomo night I will sleep there as I already have a hostel booked for tonight. After tomo night I am off to Melbourne on a bus. Its a 10 hour drive. These guys are cool and their gonna show me some sights here like the Sydney opera house and Harbor bridge. I will photograph these things and update them soon. Cant say much about Aussie just yet but my first impression is good. Sydney I can already say is crazy. Im in an area called Kings Cross @ the Travellers Rest Backpackers. Nah nah, is what I keep telling the filthy drug dealers hanging out on every corner here next to the strip joints and pubs. Nimbin is a town I must make my way to. Its hippy central in Australia and I've heard some awesome things about it while in NZ. I have to go there and I also have to make my way to Melbourne where I have friends and family. There 10 hours in the opposite direction from sydney. I dont have a car and so ill bus it. Kshh Kssshhht Over n Out.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rabble Rabble

After speaking to my friend Dan man bak home I understand Im not missing out on much. I sacrifised this summer to explore New Zealand and Australia. Just when girls were starting to show skin and the bbqing began I shot off. I even helped a friend build a pool in his back yard a few days b4 leaving. Its no surprise that this past 4th of july was uneventful back home. The images I remember are wild. Once when around 12 yrs old I spent the 4th sleeping over a moroccan friend from private school. This was in Georgetown Bklyn. At around 8'oclock or @ dusk the ruckus began. Sounds of war. Firecrackers going off all over the place with some blockbusters to remind us how little we are. This kids dad thought it a good idea to waltse outside on his balcony in the middle of a city with his .38 he blasted off a few shots belligerently and followed with a good guzzleling of his beer. Every neighborhood claimed to have the loudest block but I truly must say mine was a sight. The italian gangsters across the street spared no penny and produced quite a show annually. New Yorkers are these big boxes mixed with diferent fireworks. They would stick these $500 boxes in the corner garbage cans put them in the middle of the street light em and run. It was a dangerous good old time and it will never be like that again. I am shocked to say that the 4th passed without me noticing the date. These days I find myself asking randoms on the street for the day in the week or the date in the month. All I really do is move around nomadic I board down slick hills, I fish every other day as I will when I complete this post and just try to live in peace with everything that is. I recall one day while travelling from Napier with a travel mate we stopped on the way in a town called Taupo. As Rebecca picked her head up out of her travel book she mentioned to me that this is a famous spot for fishing. We decided to part and meet back up in a couple of hrs. I went over to the local fishing n hunting shop and bought a good new spinner. A rod I picked up the 1st week I was here. I scanned Lake Taupo for a good spot from which to toss my line. After tresspassing and climbing over a gate in some boat dock I found a concrete slab going around 10 meters into the lake. I walked out onto the tip and cast out. As I slowly wind back in I notice a tug. I pull hard and can just see the head of a mamouth trout trying to escape. I reeled him in slowly and carefully so as not to lose him. He was a fiesty bugger and had big teeth so I bashed him with a rock to put him out of his misery and so that I can get the lure from out of his teethy mouth. We drove from Taupo to rotorua and there I met Paul and Ben in a hostel who offerd me a beer when they saw my catch. Turned out Paul was a chef and he prepped this fish for just about 8 of us to enjoy. Thats the first time I caught a fish on my 1st cast out. When travelling you truly appreciate little things. Im learning to use to the fullest everything I possess and dont. A good sweater is an awesome commodity as is a 24hr toilet @ Mcdonalds.

Explorers Dilemna

As far back as I remember I've been on the road. I have seen more of NZ than most Kiwis. Im sick of driving and will rest my head here in Rotorua until my flight on the 17th. Unless I make it sooner which I doubt ill do as ill incur a $125 fee. In rotorua I have free accomadation and friends. Anyway its also my favorite part of NZ. I spent a night in Wellington while cruising back north and ran into a random named steph at the livliest pub there. I want to make note of this chic. Shes kewl. After spending around an hour @ this bar and nursing a couple I found myself dancing with her group of friends. Im very selective with whom I do this if I ever do, I asked if I can get her a drink and so off to the bar we went. She is into classical art as I am and I like that she comes from a poor family. Her accent, demeanor and style is very appealing not to mention shes very pretty. Exploring as I am makes it dificult to stick around one place for too long and the more I want to the more I convince myself I cant. We exchanged numbers as I have with dozens of other girls but for what? We will never see eachother again.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Around Christchurch

Earlier this kid confessed to me that he was on lsd.

Boating Around

One night in Rotorua

Freezing outside, I decided to pirate into some hostel and slither into the world of backbackers. I was lounging in the tv room and was having a good time. When you roll as many joints as I do randoms always gravitate nearby. One guy from the US that was there on business and others from Germany. They left and one chick remained. A well proportioned from the UK. My mates were staying @ this hostel but they were long asleep as it was late. Sometimes I like to just forget about everything like who I am and where Im from and I like to just find myself with people in random places in the world like where I am now. This allows for the full soaking in of everything. I forgot this chicks name but she was a lesbian. We spoke about this for a while before we decided it was a good idea to take a bath together, nude. It was an interesting night i'll never forget. It was a strange but cool experience. Shes read the book I listed on this page when I first started it. Many Lives Many Masters. This gave us much to talk about. Dharma teaches that to be awake you must drop all prejudices all expectations and all selfish motives, only then are you fully there. It will be clear and very appealing to whomever is around you. Anyway, Im now in Wellington and took the ferry over. I couldnt resist wen I saw the suites they had and so I crept into one that was open and the beds made. I slept the whole ride. 3.5 hours. I was awoken by a security guard asking questions like wheres ur ticket yada yada. Exhausted and confused I just mumbled back to him as i stumbled off.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Back In Christchurch

Making my way up and out of this country I stopped back in Christchurch. Mainly to hang with my friend Craig. Craig knows about everything around here. He provided a warm dinner a bed and some fantastic company. His parents are cool scots. They all have awesome scottish accents. They immigrated to Nz in 96. Craigs dad is a Do it yourselfer. He owns a contsruction company and I admire his hands on approach to things. They recently got a plasma and with the prices for mounts ridiculously high Alliston (craigs dad) built a sturdy one himself (not that he cudnt buy one). Today Craigs dad decided to leave work and he came back to take us out on his boat. Magnificent things including dolphins and steep cliff faces I rested my eyes on. The whole time all I really could think while casting out my fishing line was how great it is to be able to do these things my friends and I do back home but with new friends that I get on with just as well if not better on the other side of the planet.