Monday, October 23, 2006

All the Lonely People Where Do They All Come From

So its been a while since I went to a club. Kinda grew out of it. But it was a friends b-day and he decided to do it at Duvet. Reluctantly I went with a few other friends. When we got there we saw a mass of people as usual waiting on line outside. Picture a space that fits around 600 with 2000 people waiting like alcoholic sheep trying to get their fix inside. Big headed ego driven bouncers and promoters playing god telling people who can and cant get in. Ever since i was 15 sporting a fake i.d. I hated the scene. Its a drug infested freak show in most NYC clubs. Once we got there it was obvious we wont have the patience to wait and just left. Its just not fun waiting to get into a place that has a $35 cover charge and where your probably going to get stepped on and have overpriced drinks spilled all over you.

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