Monday, January 29, 2007

Health (1st) Wealth (2nd) This post is gold.

In this post I will try to explain something that I found that is priceless. Being in the mail order business is stressful both on the mind and body. I openly admit to seeing a therapist for the past few months to share the little adventures my life puts me through. Anyway for the last few visits Jeff (my doc) would try to convince me to start with these nutritional suplements. I brushed him off each time. Until one day I asked him about why he thinks I am the thinnest in my family and wether he can provide any input on that. He again asked "Gil have you considered these Glyconutrients I've been telling you about?" What the fuck are glyconutrients im thinking. So he began to explain: He had a client that would come in and she had breast cancer. She did not want to get her breasts lopped off and go thru the poison they call chemotherapy. She sought alternatives and fell upon these glyconutrients. Now my doc is listening intently as his patient tells him that her cancer went away after taking this for 6 weeks. He is listening intently because its hard to believe but mainly because 10 years prior his daughter came down with MS (multiple sclurosis) and he dove into research on nutrition and took her to the worlds best specialists to no avail. Before I finish this story about his daughter I want to explain what these glyconutrients are. For the past 50-60 years a VERY necesarry nutrient has been phased out of our diets because of the way we now live. Green farming is a process where fruits and vegatables are pulled off the trees while they are still green so that by the time they arrive @ walgreens or your local supermarket 2 weeks has passed. There is an extremely vital super sugar that is only present in fruits and vegatables for one day after it has ripened and has been pulled from the tree. Our bodies work very hard to produce this nutrient and that is the reason some of us feel (crappy) sometimes. I have been taking this mix every morning and before I go to bed. Anyone that remembers Biology 101 understands that our bodies are made up of cells. They all have a nucleus yada yada yada. What you might not have known is that each cell has receptors made up of strains of protein and these receptors normally are active and have the electro communication that is essential for optimal health. Withought this important nutrient THE CELLS CANT COMMUNICATE. This is the cause of people dying more than ever regardless of the times were in with the money and research we have. People are dying more than ever and the only thing the super wealthy pharmas are doing is formulating drugs that they can sell to dying people in order to suppress symptoms. THEY ARE NOT RESEARCHING WAYS TO END THE DISEASES. My doctors daughters MS went away after 5 weeks of taking this stuff. If you dont know MS like HIV is incurable. He is extremely passionate when he rants about big pharmas and doctors that simply suppress symptoms with prescriptions and dont actually heal. The company that holds the composition patent for this "glyconutrition" is Manatech. If you are not taking this seriously YOU SHOULD! Read about this here

Saturday, January 27, 2007

An occurence that I must Document For I Shall Forget.

All the jive about short term memory loss is absolutley true and sometimes im glad I have this little space so that i can jot things down when they happen. HONESTY IS NOT THE BEST POLICY WITH POLICE! After having a FEW drinks at the Hudson Hotel on 58th St I was on my way home and I was just waiting for the green light that says Ezpass paid after exiting the Battery Tunnel coming back into bklyn. After the poll raised and i drove threw the toll i immediately braked because of the traffic caused by a road block. Police were apparantly stopping every car for some reason. All the while I am on the celly with Dan man. I put the phone on speaker and rest it on my lap. As i approached the officer he tells me to stop and motions for me to lower my window. He asks me where I was coming from and I half jokingly said "from the city" He asked where in the city? In a fraction of a second i thought ok im not going to say a bar or a party or anything to that effect. I evasively said "from midtown". He looked me in the eye and asked "how many have you had to drink tonight son?". I tryed not to speak in his direction so as not let him smell my breath. I said none. He looked as if he knew it all and that he had me caught. He said what if I ask you to come out of the car now and take a test? With zero hesitation I said "you have nothing to worry about in that department". He again mutely motioned with his hand but this time for me to drive off and so i did. I would not have passed any breathalizer or road side test had they performed one on me. If i was honest with the cop I would not be home typing this right now. I totally understand how criminals break. Its definatley not easy getting through the psycho analytical manipulative questions cops are trained to ask. All the while lying while intoxicated and still keeping cool is truely a feat. Cool is the key thing in such situations. If that fucker only probed with one or two more questions he would have scored. Its absolutely amazing how will power controls us. If your confident in yourself you can lie and even you would believe it. A essential component of a successful lie is acting as if you believe it yourself.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007



The nirvana videos above and below mirror the mood i've been in for the past week or so. Just tired of being a whore to my industry. Sick of eating the same shit. I dont have it bad yet what comes next sometimes eems like an enticing prospect. Im not pissed enough at the world to leave it just yet. I just sometimes think about how one must feel 5 minutes before killing themselves. It is interesting to learn what comes next and the world can really suck sometimes but most are scared to die. I recall in 2003 a girl aged 20 standing feet from me waiting for the 34th street train on the downtown bound track. As the train screeched by she threw herself in front of it. As crazy as it sounds i have a certain respect for these people. We all rabble about our problems and complain to whomever will listen.We oull our own family into a depression bc of ours. These people dont care to chew someones ear off, instead they take action. You might say these people are "Realer" then most. They too are hassled by the same things but instead of paying their boring therapists they get off the line and say FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Over Paid To Exist

I have never cared much for celebrities and would'nt look twice if or when one passes by me. Im erked by how much they get paid to simply exist. These fuckers know nothing about what it means to work. So much money misplaced and sourly invested. What do these thug rappers go and do when they score a deal? They hit up their closest jewelery shop and get "iced out" they spend it on such things as Louis vuitton Dog Strollers so as not to exhaust thir pups. Anyway todays post is about Celebrity cash well spent. For example, Brad Pitt and angelina jolie. They have been travelling around the world investing in people. It seems as though some stupidly wealthy people actually do the right thing with their money. Bill Gates gave BILLIONS to charity to help better the world. Im sure there are many more celebrities whom im oblivious to that also have there hearts in the right places but im writing this post with Oprah Winfrey in mind. Am I the only person that thinks she is a complete fraud? She speaks of empathy and even cries when some guests recount horrific experiences on her show. In my eyes she hasnt changed since she was a pushy afro puff reporter begginning a talk show host career ( which I am not hating on and totally respect) Alot of her antics simply improve her bottom line as a business owner. For example, when she gave new cars to her guests. A stunt to save on taxes. What peeves me is her spending $40 mil on some dumb school in Africa. Why the @^%32 would you spend 40 million bux on some school in some country in some village somewhere when you can diversify those funds and spend a million bucks in 40 different countries? Is her brain really that small? Or does she not give a shit about the dying and starving poeple across the world? Did one of your sly lawyers or accountants not suggest that Ms Winfrey? Better yet shes a racist caring only for her sweet little africans. What The heck kinda school is she building? Sounds as if you stick a somali warlord in there and after five minutes a microwave bell rings and out comes Condoleeza Rice. I never cared much for Oprah and proabaly wouldnt know of her existence if it werent for my two sisters. I just think putting all your eggs in one basket or (village in this case) is Stupid, Arogant, and Ill be damned if these Ugandans sitting in some shack sending me emails asking me to cash their checks in my account and then wire him 50% start to learn how to spell. Heres an email I got today from these scheming bastards. Dear Seller,
I'm ok with your asking price for the item PLASMA SALE - $1100. I'll be using this opportunity to let you understand that you'll be receiving the payment in mode of check from my client and the amount you'll be receiving will be more than the item fees. Payment will be sent to you from your country (USA) in your funds. Like i told you i'm purchasing on behalf of my client and the excess payment is my own commission with the money i'll need to pay for our shipping company. So i want you to promise me that you are so honest to deduct just the amount for the item and send the excess money through WESTERNUNION as soon as you receive the payment from my client. The payment will be sent immediately you agree with me to deduct just the amount for the item and send the balance through any WESTERNUNION OFFICE well known to you and you'll be receiving it the next day.
There won't be any problem about the shippment. I'll be handling that with my DHL# so i want you to get back to me asap now with your full mailing information. Email me your full name, address and phone# now if you agree and assure me that you'll deduct just the amount for the item and send the balance through WESTERNUNION so that the payment can be sent immediately.
Below are the questions i have for you.

1)Is the item in good condition?

2)Is any WESTERNUNION location where you can send the balance money arround you?

3)Can you make sure you get the payment cashed at your bank the sameday you receive it?

4)Can you allow me to send DHL for the pick up and complete the transaction the day you receive the
5)Can you promise me that you'll only deduct your item fees from the payment and westernunion the balance money the day you receive the payment?

If yes to all my questions, kindly email me back your full name, address and mobile# asap today


Note: You won't be responsible for westernunion charges. You have to deduct the westernunion charges from the payment.
subject: answer my question and email me your full name, address and phone# asap today


Hello seller,
I'm an old woman, I am interesting in the immediate purchase of this item for my GrandSon who is schooling at Convenant University in Nigeria as a gift because he just finish is university and am so pround of him,I will like to surprise him with this special item of yours and i will like you to help ship me the item down to him.. So kindly let me know what next...I will be paying via paypal, money order or cheque get back to me with your address so as to send the Money Order or Cheque to.........
Pls kindly let me know what u need....
Mrs Rita

Saturday, January 13, 2007


In the past couple of months I had 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled and in the days following the extractions I prance around in a vicodin induced stupor. My oral surgeon is spoken of often in the news papers and is considered one of the best in America. He explains that the vicodin is a necessity (as if I was complaining) and sais it should be taken in combination with the amoxicilin. His orders were to stay in bed and not leave the house for a few days. It looks like I will be legally high for the weekend. I really think he underestimates himself. Today, after he was done with me I began to get up when he rushed over hurredly to tell me to sit back down apparantly worrying that I might have been disoriented but I felt as I did when I first walked in. Its amazing how GREAT he is. Never felt any pain when he pulled my teeth and he has been pulling them since they were babies. When his assistant mentioned how well this went and how good he works he said "yes yes but my brother is handicapped so I dont gloat" LOL he is a funny guy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Current Events

Today's entry begins with a phone call from a customer from the Frontier hotel & casino in Las Vegas. The customer needed a TV and was looking for a good deal. It turns out that he was also the operations manager at the hotel. I asked him if he was able to get me a room since I had to be there for the CES convention. The customer went on to explain that they have 40 suites and 2 super-suites. I asked him if he can hook me up with a super-sweet. His response was hook me up with the TV and I'll hook you up with the room. I guess it's true what they say, "One hand washes the other". I can't say how much fun I've been having mocking my friends that are stuck in long-term relationships. They all seem to envy me so. I went to Duvet on Saturday night although I am not enticed by the scene. Two of my really good friends seem to drag me out all the time. I'm not complaining. So, this time while in the club, instead of pretending that I am a hillbilly hick from Mississippi I decided to look around for the prettiest girls and then ask them to buy me a drink. It's quite amusing the reaction you get from girls that are so stuck-up. They can't fathom buying a guy a drink. There were two girls in particular that had SI/Italian accents. They couldn't believe that I had the nerve to ask them to buy me a drink. I try to contain myself when I think a girl needs to be put in her place but it's sometimes difficult.I decided to ease the tension and stress of going all the way to Vegas by bringing my personal assistant along. She is typing this as we speak. She's my little sister's friend and I am glad to have found her. I really believe she will help to keep me away from the casinos and closer to getting some pootang (her quote, not mine). There is a magical spirit in the air in Las Vegas. It is really and truly an adult Disneyland. Mickey mouse is my card-dealer while Goofy is my pit-boss. What's starnge is that I had no intention in going to Las Vegas since I was there last year and find that the CES show isn't going to improve my bottomline by too much. It tends to be smarter people that order from us including graduates from Ivy League schools. Danny is starting to piss me off since he never comes in on time. I always knew that hiring a friend isn't the best way to go but I just love the fact that when he doesn't make a sale I can call him a piece of shit Russian bastard and I can call his sister a fat pig without repurcussion. Often times he will piss me off and I take out my fire extinguisher and blast him in the face with it. Getting back to these girls in the clubs, why is it that girls can't buy guys a drink? You all ask for equality but you can't have only the best part; if you're going to do something, do it all the way. I might not have mentioned that our super-suite has two huge bedrooms with king size beds with a jacuzzi in the middle. Yay. I don't plan on gambling too much and I'm trusting my PA to help me with this. It turns out that this year the only friends of mine that are coming to Vegas are those that are rolling. I foresee a very good time in the coming days and I believe it will be something that I will talk about for a while. All things considered, I really can't complain.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Its funny how quickly someone you have spent years with can be deleted from your thoughts and life like a pesky desktop file. Sometimes we wedge ourselves into bad positions where we stay with people even though we are not truly happy. I think more often than we think we convince ourselves that we are content and that what we have is what we deserve and effectively we become "comfortable". This is a true tragedy since it is without a doubt a waste of time and more often than not we lose out on great joyous times and instead take the shit that we get stuck with. Its not a fantasy to be truly happy with someone and find exactly what you are looking for (and u got to be single for a lil to really know what you want in a person). Sadly, I beleive my friends will learn the hard way that it takes time and alot of learning about YOURSELF before you can really know what you want in a woman. I fear that most have yet to learn what they really want and will eventually find themselves stuck in a hole too deep to climb out of. I really cant say how happy I am in my current situation. All my life I get pulled into these long term relationships that i am not happy in. I have a complex where i feel bad for girls and try not to hurt them and in-effect I hurt myself. I remmemmber even 10 yrs ago saying to myself "Gil next time ur single stay single" Wise words Gilly Boy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Most Amazing New Yrs Everrrr

I can trully say this new yrs and just the weekend that past was one of the funnest I can say I have ever had. I found myself in the same general area as last yrs new years. Lake Naomi in the Poconos Pennsylvania. When we got to this house we rented we all were in shock because it resembled the homes given to people on the MTV show Real World. So after we settle in and pump up our new ultra powerful sniper rifle pellet guns with scopes :) we ventured off into the woods. We found that approximately 20 steps from our house there was a beautiful lake with bicycle peddle boats and a sandy beach (keep in mind we arrived late fri night) A huge fire ensued and together with it burned marijuana and marshmellows. Im moving out to a similar area and felt the comfortable feel im used to when im in the outback. Especially when waking up. Skiing was what was on the agenda for Saturday and since i was the most avid skier there, instead of baby sitting i ventured off and had as a good a time as one can have w/out black diamond trails open. It was a blast no less and smoking a joint on the top of a lift reminded me of New yrs Millenium night 2000 when we did the same thing. Quading on the 1st simply topped off a weekend full of booze, drunken hunting, chinky eyed skiing, belligerence and all around good times. The fact that I left my cell phone @ home allowed me to trully relax and take everything in stride.