Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cash Fools Everyone Around Me

The most notorious lie that ever existed is the idea that if you dont have money, you cant eat. Never mind the fact that there is enough technology and resources today to feed the worlds homeless, still they're allowed to die and starve. Truly a sad reality.

Back in the day they used the barter system but still most hoarded and in the same way, many were left to die. As more and more people began to populate the world, gold became the standard. This applies to todays system as well. Not enough of this useless yellow metal? Well then, starve.

Even 1000 years ago, if people thought about a concept where there is an abundance of things, besides, only profiting from a buyer, imagine the utopia we would be living in today. Forget about building technology that helps these starving kids, too busy building things like for-profit prisons,   You have evangelists stealing from those who believe, in order to fatten their own pockets and bellies. Popular one below. People ask for wealth in their prayers, thats when he says "give and you will get" Then they profit/swindle from this rather simple deception. Jesus Christ said take all your possessions and give them away, yet these guys fly around in G5s personal jets.

I remember once being swarmed with clarity about the goings on and the "system" of how our world works. It matters not that I was on acid. The truth of our oppression became clear. The stage and the play we call politics, is nothing but just that, a play, with characters, puppets with pretty faces. Strings being pulled by some people whose only motivation is power. They don't need more money. They already used some to buy this power that allows them to decide how things will be. You don't like their ideas of our societal system? Well, this massive mafia has henchmen called the NSA, CIA, FBI, State and Township police. Do you think the Rothschilds sit around with their heads in the sand while others (like politicians)  make decisions that can affect their wealth? I think not. Whoops, there goes a fatal accident, an assassination or a suicide. 

There is a gun the CIA used  that shoots ice darts tipped with an undetectable substance that gives the victim a heart attack. Doesn't leave a trace. This was in the 50's and I'm sure many a leader were taken out (quietly) with it. it's pretty advanced. Now imagine what these people are capable of doing today. There are truths we will never ever know.

When you bank roll many royal families, even the formation of countries, like the Rothschilds do, the power and influence is incomparable to any one government.

There is no doubt that a monetary system must be in place. But why does it work the way it does? Money is printed all the time. There is definitely not enough gold in fort Knox to cover this.

 It's a simple fix. We need to focus our resources on "livingry" rather than weaponry.

 I really would love to read this coming from a wealthy person. Truth is, I would much rather have lived during the times of the Cherokee, the Navajo and the like. The quality of life the injuns had is FAR superior than our current soul stealing one. Fine, they didnt have iPhones to stick in front of their faces. These people didn't have skyscrapers with little cubicles to spend their whole day in. They didn't have bombs, they didn't have guns. They didn't have anti-social social networks, that keep our youth inside rather than outside. I'm 34, from Brooklyn and I remember running around the neighborhood, outside, making friends, playing ball. Putting Blockbusters (quarter sticks of dynamite) in mail boxes on the 4th of July. Egging peoples houses, city buses, the police from rooftops in Coney Island on Halloween. If you think about this critically, it's evolving (the anti-social social networks.) Cave men were primitive as hell. Indians much less so, Europeans, etc. Then, just 20 years ago the Internet came along and blew the top off of information technology.
Now we're bombarded, like being hit in the head, with adverts coming from wherever you rest your eyes. Being told how to look, how to talk, the "correct" way to behave. All orchestrated to guide or subconsciously force you to adapt, to conform to the ways some very few want you to be. This, so that you remain confused and in your little bubble. God forbid you look at the whole picture and begin to ask questions.
Native Americans had it right.

Of course technology is important, magnificent things have come about and have advanced dramatically. Even the Injuns created axes and what not which can be considered new technology. Many things are currently broken and dont just dont seem to work right, this isn't by chance. There are also deceptive tactics used against us like pharmaceuticals that suppress cures because they would rather sell medication long term. It's the simplest of economics and it is damn evil. Also, we have fortresses built to house inmates for profit by corporations whose one objective, like any business, is profit. Surplus in supply? That's fine, create demand. Lobby for Rockefeller laws, pay off judges to send innocent kids to Jail, and now we have mandatory sentencing. 
True, we now have airplanes, telephones, cars and what-not, but I'm sure simple souls would rather escape this cleverly formulated, perpetual race which no one ever wins.

I'm not sure when it happened, probably thousands of years ago, but at some point it was decided that quality of life should be suffocated by laborious hardships in order to have "better things". Better things which create a worse life for the "weaker" and the less fortunate. I just think that that era is over. We can go to the moon, even mars today and we cant feed the poor, even house them? I call bullshit.

- End rant


The system with which society and governance works is broken.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I walk around blanketed by light armor that protects the place where I reside, my body. My forward motion is driven by these two extremities attached to me below. Have the same which I use to bring me things above those. Pretty well protected in this blanket fort but never was able to deflect the bombardment of cannons that gets in and leaves a hole in my ships hull through other attributes provided to us with this turtle shell. A sheep walking around in wolf's clothing.

With these eyes open, I witness things. With these ears open, the grapevine speaks loudly to me. This enters and affects the part of us that determines how our thoughts will be that day. For that matter its prudent to speak positive and stay away from those who dont.

Not sure what this force is that drives us humans to be able to live like an efficient machine, but I doubt it just disappears when someone dies. This 'force' might even go to another planet.

People say the big bang created Earth. Evolution happened and here we are. Why dont we think a little further out of the box. Picture yourself a billion gazzilion light years from Earth now. Who created the suns, the moons, planets (perhaps) beings you see around you? Everything working the way it does.

Maybe the universe is square, and you can wingsuit down an infinite black abyss.