Sunday, July 14, 2013

Explorer 2

Seeing the years pass in the archives of this page brings surprise and the feeling of age. Things are very much routine, quite boring, and I feel antsy. I'm likely to leave NYC for a while given the boredom it brings me. Fact is, I love exploring. Seeing new places and documenting them is my favorite thing to do. Reading posts from back when I was backpacking contributes greatly to my ideas of shattering this boring norm. Who knows, that or save up and buy a house. Always on the hunt for that next internet start-up idea. It worries me because it seems my creativity and knack for new ideas are slowing. Perhaps age does this to us. Most would say "ahh, he's 32" but looking back, lots in black white, aging sucks. What can I say, it's become what it is. 

Wise words