Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year of Chaotic Angst

It's a keen observation, the many that rebel against all they were raised to know, their traditional beliefs dismissed swiftly. Truth is, when you see that most are led, much like fish following bait, it is obviously not prudent to do the same. Even those from royal families do it, think prince george. You will notice that around the age between 28-32 they interestingly fall in place by positive influences around them. Apparently, it becomes clear that their native traditions, is where they are ultimately happiest.

 So now the new year is upon us and it shall be new indeed... Many a change I had to implement in my everyday routine. Screw resolutions, these are decrees I've passed that will better things. Life has been tough and this year I've probably seen the lowest point in this one. I am very happy to do away with 2008. With the help of no one, 2009 should yield tasty fruits. It will be the first in very many that I enter with a clear and sound head.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Neighbors, By Jan T Gross - Current Read

Yet another Halocaust tale. This one outlines the way an entire village willingly and with the permission of the nazis butchered their own jewish neighbors. Jewish people whos heritage there went back over 500 years, in one day swiped from the face of the Earth. When it was done even the nazis were shocked by the way these people carried it out. Jews in this village were massacered by their own Polish piece of shit neighbors. Village of Jedwabne. All of them forcibly led like sheep into a barn and burned alive. The ones that tried to escape were fooled to belive it was safe to return only to meet their horrific fate. Fathers with their young sons, mothers with their babies at their chests. Just another tale of a pogrom ignited by jealousy, underlying racism and hate. Justice was never served...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dandy Warhols - The Little Drummer Boy

The Days Of Late

A certain opportunistic clarity has come over me recently. Yes, there is a terrible problem with our economy and no, it doesn't seem like it's gonna end anytime soon but still, cosmic habit force is sure to carve the way.
I dont really understand how this economic disaster has happened but I'm sure a select few (who are responsible for this mess) are sitting pretty because of it. Cant say I blame them or am bitter because they are sharks and most are flounders. Anyone that had their life savings in the stock market, I think, are idiots.
As for all these government bailouts - I think its the biggest mistake our leaders can make. Why reward these insolvent companies when their own executives made these mistakes. As far as I remember there are no prisoners taken in this game of business. Ford, for example, they've been producing way more cars than they can sell and now are firing all of these hard working employees. All of whom have obviously become dependent on those weekly pay checks. They're closing these extra plants down now and asking for a Gov't bailout. I dont get it, I've had problems with different business ventures in the past and never asked the gov't for cash and so why should they give it to Ford? Fucking suckers. Let these incompetent, self bonusing executives go screw themselves! Give the bailout cash to the employees who are truly suffering and will with no doubt go hungry or homeless without it. I do understand the logic but I simply dont agree. But then, who am I? Some lone dumb blogger with a voice no louder than his dot com...

Subway Random

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ali Farka Toure - Another Great 1 From SA

Sick Memories (Tho I 4Got from When) - Federico Aubele

Been miserable racing around with the rest of the rats here in this decrepit city. Seriously just want to play the song above, find a backpack, stuff it and travel round seeing interesting places. Meet some more interesting folk, ya know, be a wanderer. When i see myself in pictures or in the mirror these days I feel that the person there doesn't represent me well. Seems too young and something not too short of buffoonish. Been working hard developing a new business I see a good future for. Those that know me well would only expect this of me. Always working on one idea or another.

I have yet to get to where Im going however and the journey over there has been tougher than that time I had to climb a 150ft gorge with a broken hand and a 12 gauge shotgun slung round my back. Where am I going? To that place where this song plays in the background constantly. To an address that doesnt end with street... To that place Merlot sends you, only your allowed to stay... Forever.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


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