Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Back To That Place where I Was Born

It all started when I went over to my local bike shop to pick up a state of the art Dual Purpose Arai helmet. @ $500 its the best type you can get. Also, I asked the dude about some support in case I "spilled". He said " you should'nt be thinking about falling"... Fucking dumbshit, Bruce @ Prospect Cycles in Prospect Park Brooklyn where I picked the bike up. Anyway, lemme say, its any and every motorcyclists worst fear to be hit by a car. While riding its sickening to even think of it. But, unlike Bruce I did today. Was at L&B Spumonis and on my way back @ ave W and Ocean Pkwy, a major intersection. Some god darn pakis, with their SUV in the left lane, blinking left, decided just as I was passing that they in fact wanted to turn right. With that, the inevitable. Instead of hitting head on, everythiing slow and clear, I figured I'll twist the handle bars and so I sorta knocked or was knocked by these terrorizing gangsters and thrown from my WR instead of running directly IN to them which I imagine would have ended worse. People have been telling me, "be careful, its not you", its others were worried about. Well, Im a great example of one of those. The dudes that hit me thought it smart to peel off and quickly make haste but half way down the block realized many people saw. They came out and claimed I "fell". This got me heated. Not only did this dick nearly kill me but now trys and make a joke of it. A friend of mine was driving by and stopped when he seen me scuffling with the 5 of em. Wanted to write a post a day or two ago about how much I love being healthy and full. I'm not like those unappreciative. Today while getting X rays in the hospital I stepped out for a smoke. Stood there still mad at those ijiots for saying I fell, when this old thin dude in a wheelchair came out for a smoke himself. Went on about how many times hes been hit by cars. Frail, ugly and spoke in hebrew, personable is the last word in the dictionary 1 might use to describe this gent. Probably my guide soul, caught me off guard, was trying to convey a message I kept brushing off. A strange gent indeed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rozes Thorn

Its a great time whipping around on my Yamaha WR250x. Woulda liked to have bought American but Japan owns this dirtbike stuff, making by far the finest ones consistently for a good long time. So great it is to put the 1st mile on anything you drive off the lot @ the dealerships. Its cool shooting off to see a client with my laptop on my back in my Camelbak. Still though, I wish I lived in a rural and less populated area. Its too dangerous round here to make my bike a full time thing. So I fiddle with it when I have time or want to go to the bank and not look for parking. One things for sure I'll never go back to a 5 speed again. 6 Gears means power and thrust no matter. Was on 5th ave and 16th not long ago. Was wondering if I had to buy a parking ticket and noticed those ticketers nearby. I asked them if I need one and they practically laughed in my face saying "no one will ticket a motorcycle" nice.... Other than that, been incredibly busy trying to make peoples lives easier online. Its quite funny and also sad I think the way so many use the internet but a meager amount know the 1st thing about it. Or its potential.

So I was asked to be a guest photographer at a popular nightclub in Times Square. Club Arena on 10-30-08 Halloween

Will go and do my best job mixing my clear view of things whilst others are distorted. What im sure I'll record is peoples arrogance and what they think is their self worth hanging off their backs with labels on them. Dumbshits that haven't a thing better to do but shop all week for that 2 hours they'll spend looking retarded. I turned down the cash offered for the rights to my pics and so shots of the mentally challenged will follow short after that contratent.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1986 Israel... Halevai - Boaz Sharabi - Lyrics in English Below

If only -
from a cloud, a rainbow will come down over us.
If only -
this world can be fixed!
If only
the day will spring up out of the raging storm.
If only
the gift will not be lost forever.
If only
the desert will sprout grass.
If only
we'll yet sit under the shade of the fig tree

If only
we won't suffer and each man will love his brother.
If only
the gates of Eden will again open.
If only
east and west will mix together,
If only
we will renew our days here as in ancient times.

If only
nation will no longer lift sword against nation.
If only
we won't abandon the path of hope.
If only
man will be compassionate till evening.
If only
there's one chance for love.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear BlogMaster,

I have attached you to my hip as I used to pagers back when I was @ James Madison High. For two years you have witnessed first hand my lunacy. I recall once sharing with you an experience I'd had while back in AU. Was making my way thru a bar alone and sorta just sat and slowly scanned the place. Very mellow and relaxed, I felt well tuned but certainly not in tune with the rythym or the vibe. Felt like that character that shoots sonny at the end of the movie 'A Bronx Tale'.

Less like a goofy dog but more like a cautious cat, stalking like a skilled hunter not like some wide eyed tourist. Careful with each step... I mention this because its how I feel no matter where I am these days. Just very calculating, not conscious of petty things. Not tuned to anything but that voice in my head. Nothing else matters. I got a new toy recently that Im ecstatic about . I will ride it often upstate in the winter with the special tires for the trails. I wish I'd started this page 10 years ago. I have gone thru my archives and have performed some self study. I can fiddle around no more. A proper outside perspective can be the best thing at times as it was when my cuzin recently gave me his (or rather kiked some sense into me). A no joke business man, he is someone I can learn from. Positive poeple to learn from is something I definately need more of...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Erkle Purple

Erkle Purple is some fine ass bud out here in sandy San Diego. It might just be the potent most skayfe as my South African Cuz would call it. Simply some fine Californian, San Deagan, Pacific Coastian rabbling rabbleahhhr that i had ever had the pleasure of tokin/smoking/choking on. Itsa really ghud time, for instance right now, not sure if it was 20 minutes or 2 hrs but was just meditating & conversating with my subconscious in the 105 degree jacuzzi. Chillin. So mellow it is but not yellow. Blue and orange hues of pinkish red. It is nice out here.

Tokin In SoCal

I find myself in a place they call Socal. San Diego, South California. Sorta like Soho but not. Seems Shwarzenegger has imposed his will on everyone here and their all health freak nuts that dont tolerate smoking anywhere. Fucking sissys. As if under a witches spell I walk around incoherent and self absorbed. Dont much care bout what people say or about what goes on around me. I took a toke of the Cali smoke and the best way to describe it is as if a spell has been cast upon me. Its nice out here, a beach town and sandy as any should be, but, already I can tell ya the west doesnt tickle my pickle. Yea its cool the blonds and all but many male ditzes and female bimbos there are aplenty. Was only here a day and already picked up on this. I dont really know if im even allowed to travel these days but I dont care much as traveling is really one of those more important things I hope to continue to do. And I will fight and never give up so as to continue to do it. I must say I truly am grateful to my girl and her parents for sponsoring my trip out here. Aren, Risses brother is retiring the old jersey and getting married, hence our presence out here. Swinging work and pleasure is easier then it ever was. Narlyyyy duuuuuude!