Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Red Alert


                  If it were my say, I'd flip the American flag upside down above the White House & put out other distress signals , social media beacons, frikin flares that say #OccupyTheNation to any true patriotic and well armed American.

This, because since I've been alive, I've never seen such faithlessness. It is as if with our new president came confirmation of that crappy aspect of  the worlds reality that like a naive child many of us pretended wasn't really there. But it always was. That is, people who have managed to cut through all the literal bureaucracy, mental health tests & wtvr the heck else they check before permitting a  human to yield such power over his kind, and for that person to be a Trump-like person, really does take away from that prospect we all had, like that child I'd mentioned, that good will prevail.

My Atheist friends must be absolutely loving this.

But, ya know, now that we've got some wildly big headed boar as the leader of our once noble nation, we all have confirmation that it's all shit, it's allowed to be shit, and nobody worried or otherwise focused any energy on seeing to it that it wouldn't be shit.

BTW- I'm in mgmt consulting; and I discuss the growth or what is in the past while lack-there-of with juggernaut industry and vertical leaders agreeing; in the business realm, it's only been downhill since the inception or injection  rather, of Trumpness into the vein of lady liberty.

Now, she's not just blind, but high as fuck over this noxious mess.

Pls don't go on about me being political. Calling an individual out for portraying an image of obtuse zero fuck giving when it relates to anything other than profiting, is my own right.

Let me be clear though; Although from the same state and city, never met the Don and have drwan perceptions about him from my own judgements of his behavior while watching, what is to be fair, provided to us to watch by the media who we all know draw perceptions.

Anyway, this matter is of national importance; as the dignity of our nation is being stolen. it's my opinion, having traveled, that many in the world equate the typical American with this overly fed pompous face whom, yes, was elected democratically but only because this current system we use to elect or "nominate" people sucks and gives 0 credit for the doings by certain people that really matter. Think Nicola Tesla, forward thinking people with advanced out-of-the-box ideas, like Buckminster Fuller and other progressives.

Blame Nisbett and Wilsons's "Halo Effrect" for the allowed, and perhaps even deliberate retardation of our nation.

I'm not sure that everyone will digest this as it is meant to be. I am motivated only by the feeling I've always had to document and share here my findings about what goes on during my lifetime and by my unwavering belief in the PERPETUAL preservation of histories facts.

- Gil Y Rozenblatt (otherwise known as Gillyroze) 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Psychology Of Ratings And Reviews

Rozenblatt & Co. is the parent company of WiserOps, Inc.

Irreversibly damaging, unjustly punishing, easily abused and manipulated, the current rating and review system used by Yelp and other powerhouses online is archaic and should NOT be allowed to draw a picture of what someones experience might be when/if visiting an establishment or utilizing a service that is listed there.
Why is that you ask?
Well, let’s analyze the situation. When someone makes a purchase for something, a car, a hamburger, anything; they follow an ordering process. Then, most typically receive what it is they ordered/bought and move on without any intrinsic psychological motivation to do anything more regarding the earlier purchase.
Now, let’s look at what is most often happening to many restaurateurs or other business owners. If one thing or another goes wrong, there is often this intrinsic motivation from the customers end to “get back at you”. It’s such a clear example of vengefulness here that it’s ugly.
And, biggest problem is that it’s most usually someone venting over some nonsensical thing that does not pertain to the actual reason people go there.
I’ve read workflow-interrupting reviews, like once, about a busboy in a review that was supposed to be focused on the quality of food the establishment serves. People now see a certain star rating for said establishment, warding off review readers from a great place where the busboy might not have shaved one day - but they serve the best Filet Mignon.
Another time, I was discussing with a different restaurateur the problems with today’s mechanisms used to rate or review places and he shared a fantastic point which completely escaped me:
“There was once a time when you had to be someone in-order for your opinion to be taken seriously. But now the overwhelming majority who are the customers of any given place (relative to the owners or employees), are allowed to essentially paint our front window in whatever hue they so please.”
Sure, I hear you when you say “Yeahh!! FREDDOM Au SPeeCh ‘MerIca” and what-not, because i’ll never vote to trump the voice of anyone, but this system needs to be built correctly, so as not to allow for the continuing damages being incurred (in the billions) by various listed establishments which are affected (worldwide), their bottom lines are hurt because of the way this deceiving, often manipulated rating and review system represents them.
Fret not, it won’t be long until the old way of doing this put away like a child does an old toy.
All the input collected (and still being collected) from establishment owners is being cross analyzed VS consumer info collected from various e-commerce contributors about how best to allow for fair weight behind user reviews.
And so, it’s become clear the direction that it needs to go and genius minds are currently at work on it.
Please stay tuned and visit regularly to catch up on what we’re up to.
May perceptions & reviewer lessons be drawn with a fine feather, and cool be kept like New York’s weather in November, lest you lose your temper and cause irreversible damage forever.

~ Gil Rozenblatt, Managing Director @ Wiser Operations & Chief Critic @

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

To You I'm True

Figure its important to report the goings on the days of late so as to keep them.

Things have been real.

It's not what is most important to me, however still I find myself always in the midst of a deal.

Whether in my office on 5th avenue wearing a suit... in court over one or another dispute... even in jail where there aren't chix that are cute...

Still, I fret NEVER.

Calm and light as a feather, always, even during alarm... for sound cant harm, neither can flashing lights disarm, but yah, it's been cool to go on.