Monday, May 16, 2011

With this post I make an anatomical gift.

Upon my passing I would like my organs to be donated to whomever needs them to survive. I do not want any religious fanatics intervening. It is my choice and here I proclaim that it should be done. My uncle was on a waiting list for years because he needed new lungs. After waiting for years someone with the same blood type and body structure as his passed away in a motorcycle accident. This person specifically noted (before his passing obviously) that he wants his organs donated upon his death. Some asshole rabbis went to his families house and convinced his parents that it is against the Jewish religion to donate organs and so they didn't. Soon after my uncle died. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN WITH ME!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Must. Preserve. Life.

I hate to sound cliche but I must say I am truly happy to be alive at 30. Being stuck in the city recently has really caused me to get depressed. It sometimes felt like this is the only reality I will ever see. I've read some posts on this blog from a few years ago and am slowly learning that it is because of this shit city that I've been down. I am after all one that is meant for the outdoors. I FUCKING LOVE NATURE. I love the woods, the country, the animals. I hate smog, city buses and the look of defeat on everybodys faces. Been dating a bit lately but I must say it is truly tough to meet someone who is at par with my thinking. If anyone ever came close it was a girl named Ariel whom I dated many years ago and who I will never forget.

I Miss The Old Eminem

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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In our ever lasting quest to make things easier and keep with the American tradition of being lazy ass fuckers, I've now made it easier to access this page.