Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Post of Note.

Sadly, all I see around me are people driven by money or the satiation of some other want. I have made clear to those who know me personally, my current life goal is to make AWARE those who aren't of the insidious ways technology is used against us by a select few, of the ways society has changed since the industrial revolution, about that time when the C.I.A. propaganda posters started to spring up early to late 40's. When speaking of the C.I.A. people think back to their LSD experiments and things they've done a while ago. I doubt they've been sleeping since then. Think of the experiments they've done back then with the technology available to them at the time, then just think of their capabilities with today's tech. I once was told that "the U.S. currently can be compared to Nazi Germany on steroids, only the lines are blurred and it's done in complete silence".

I can't know if that is factual but, what I do know is that all of our "entertainment" outlets and mediums are used by them for spying and manipulation purposes.

Having not watched T.V for close to a year, but, still remaining (thru other means) very well informed, I can tell ya; I see how it fills peoples time whether in front of the tube or yapping about what they've seen thru it.

True lessons are not being learned. The tone of news anchors voices are tailored to either calm or frighten you.

I love good movies but even through that outlet we are heavily influenced and should always question the motives behind the funders/producers of feature films. I like to sprinkle in a good classic now'n again thru

Many things interest me , but, for the future foreseeable it is the manipulation of societies and its effect -- behavioral science -- which I shall study, in order to try and reverse the deep rooted influence they have on us. How grand a cause ay? Good way to get a double tap, but that's fine, Iv'e nearly died because of selfish causes. If it's because I try to inform, and only after a ferocious fight,  I'd go gladly.

Stay tuned as many social experiments of my own I will share with you, friends.

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