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About A Friend

We became friends many years ago. I was upstate, out in the country, when the cold winter wind blew, around Feb. I make friends easily whilst there and figured I'd tell you about one.
We were around the same age. He was this happy go-lucky type, optimistic, just seemed like an all around good guy. But fate brought around him very dangerous and aggressive types. The types that'll snap at you just for looking at them. How he got into that situation, I truly haven't a clue. He was dealt a bad hand. He didn't seem like he belonged. I asked and learned he had no family, no real friends, was obviously down on his luck, and so I felt bad and thought I'd show him what the city life was like, since in all his years he's never been.

Off the bat I liked this dudes careless country ways and said to myself "hmm if I can only learn to be  as careless him". Like he's oblivious to anything serious.

First place we went was a friends BBQ in Long Island. Everyone was having a good time, as was he, mingling with his animated, charismatic and larger than life way. Everyone was glad to make a new friend. Food was great and he most definitely did not hold back.

When we came into the city he had to reign in the shenanigans. He tried (hard) to fall in line, to be "proper" yet upon seeing him, his bushy eyebrows and the unkempt way about him, people would cross the street and look back.

He knew not a thing about hygiene and all he had going for him was that he didn't stink.
I sent him to the barber and he came back looking less disheveled. But he continued on with the same charades.

It's been a while since then, today we're roommies, travel buddies, best wing men ever, and the best possible friends.

I remember like it was yesterday, when we met upstate. I felt I should intervene on behalf of another soul, one whose future would have likely been dim (considering the situation he was in) had I not. Yes, I inconvenienced myself a little bit and it was the best decision ever made.

We're not of the same background, beliefs, or upbringings, but we never judge each other and we get along like brothers despite it all.

After-all, he truly is mans best friend.

That fine line between genius and insane

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