Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I havent written here in a while I know. Been busy working in the mail order biz. Selling tvs just like I was before I started travelling. A miserable business it is. I was working for a friend who has his office next to my house. Was quite comfortable actually. This allowed me to go sell and come home with my cash which I saved. Inevitabley I had to leave this job cause its too turbulent, what with all the damaged tvs the shippers would break and not pay for. I see exactly whats going to happen to my friends business. Fact is any biz that is not there to actually help and provide a valuable service will eventually crumble. Selling people non-existent warranties, selling people refurbished tvs as new ones. Many shady things Mail Order companies do and I felt sick partaking. Now I will have time to focus on this new technology my brother and I came up with. It actually provides a valuable service and is priced extrememly modestly. I sit home ill today. The first time I fell ill since Rotorua NZ. Forgetfulness is to blame. I havent taken my glyconutrients in a while. Anyhoo, I thought an update was in-order and so here. I will be going to the caribean soon to soak in the sun as I havent done this in a good year and a half or so. It looks like its gonna be either Cancun Mexico or Santa Domingo in the Dominican republic. I will be going with a girl I am dating and like. I must say that this rat race lifestyle here is really depressing. People that come and visit might have a diferent perspective but when living here its clear. Your worth is measured in dollars. Fact is we are entering a recession and this is when desperate people do desperate things. Crime goes up and it often hits close to home. Even for the financially inclined life here isnt beautiful, its a nitty gritty hustle from beginning till end.