Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fidget Spinners

I see these fidget spinner (toys) every kids got for what they are. Like hamsters with too much energy, we are a MANIC nation pumped up with TOXINS (in our food and air) Fidgety as a horny bear. >>>> A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. inflicted moronic and wicked sugar addicted high fructose corn syrup filled liquids leave us spinning - THIS DUMBING DOWN WAS PLANNED FROM THE BEGINNING!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Like So It Begins...

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Making Of "East River Killaz" Music Video

Yelp Behaves Deceitfully

As a writer, words move me. I’m often known to say “I take sentences said to the surgery room”. What I mean by that is I am (at least I try to be) surgical with words I let out and the movements and mannerisms I exert which compliment them and help to drive or deliver my message or point across to people.
I wrote about Yelp a while back and how they are useful for us web savvy individuals looking to gain knowledge/intelligence pertaining to establishments we are considering patronizing. That was a few years ago.
Since then, apparently, what evidence has made clear is the use of deceitful tactics by Yelp in-order to trick the average web surfer dude. Extremely defamatory, slanderous and libelous content (a good percentage of which is simply idiots venting because of other underlying problems/issues/events in their lives) allowing, even deliberately channeling the hate-filled release of what equals the wrath of the devils sensei to any average mom and pop establishment somewhere.
Proof they’re devious? Sure. Think back at an establishment you’d like to review. Break the norm and share a positive experience, keeping in mind, you are feeding healthy green growth vitamins to the company you are reviewing.
Perhaps a neighborhood deli, a random restaurant, wtvr. Now, write your review and submit it.

After submission you’d probably want to go back to the businesses page and take a look at your review. Well, this is where it get’s deceitful on Yelp’s part.
When you go to the page right after reviewing it, you will see, prominently, right on the top of the list, the review which you just posted.

Great, right?
WRONG!!! It’s a lie.
Open an incognito or private browsing window and go back to the Yelp page where you just left a review.

And, it’s gone!
So, this here is an example of the deceitful tactics used by Yelp to manipulate the masses into thinking their reviews matter when they leave them on the pages of these businesses.
Do they matter? Depends.
Does the business have enough reviews to dissipate the effect of one?
Does the business pay Yelp as a merchant member?
If the answer to these two is Yes, then your review means jack.
Join WiserOps on our quest to find a solution which motivates consumers who don’t feel like they need to write a review, because a positive experience is expected and is the norm, no further action is seen as necessary by customers. However, the natural vengeful instinct that is intrinsic in human nature, motivates those which might have been slightly peeved because of a broken nail when installing their new furniture.
~ Gil Rozenblatt, Managing Director, WiserOperations (A WiserOps, INC. Company)

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Discussion with Self

Living A Wiser Life

These days when I write it's normally in rhyme. Like a schizophrenic, a personality/persona has emerged. His name is Nonshalant, and yes, he does what he wants.

I cannot care less about the goings on politically, with our new prez or do I feel at all bothered, like many I seem to know are, by the migrants making their way around the world, trying to find serenity and safety.

Not long ago I recall a family friend was over and was going on about the "damn terrorist migrants complaining" about their situations. One simple question quelled her rant... "Just think about your actual day and life, you drove over in your luxury car within a town that has order, you own a beautiful home where you have comfortable couches and a fully stocked refrigerator. How the fuck is your life bothered by these war fleeing people?" I said it calmly & nonchalantly, without the fuck part, but still it delivered my point precisely and no further argument was thereto entertain.

Anyhow, gotta say, been prioritizing what is most important to me and knocking things off my wet cement bucket list.

I behave with my goals as tho I have very limited time to be around. Not sure if my subconscious tells me this is a wise way to meet these goals or if g-d is telling me "Gilly boy, put it in high gear, you don't have too much longer here.

I once read  The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days by Sorano Kelley. In this book he outlines #1 (and namely why I read it) how to reada full book in 20-30 minutes. Takes me a few hours but his speed reading tactics are simple and proven. The book went on to explain that you always say things like "I love my family" or "I want to take them to disney world when I make enough money", or things like "I'll ask that girl out when I am more fit" etc etc. But people tend to occupy most of their everydays with nonsense. One of his observations which kinda struck home when I heard him speak once in public, was that if you think about it, and take a second and think about it.... How much time do you spend actually working? I don't mean at work... I mean doing actual work... I couldn't think of more than an hour or two a day where I'm physically doing work related things.

Yet, you can often hear me tell my family members, "I'm busy" or "I'm working, leave me alone".

To get to the point, the book outlines how and why you should take your life into your hands and DO THOSE THINGS YOU ALWAYS SAID YOU WOULD within 90 days - the game is a challenge basically.

I remember when I played the game many years ago, I attained the things I set as my 90 day goals.

Now; to get to what's important, I've always wanted a place upstate to rent or buy where I can rescue farm animals.

Anthony Danza of Jamaica Bay Riding Academy has given me his blessing to open New York City's first ever in history horse shelter and animal sanctuary. As it seems, regardless of my appearance in Rikers Island for a day trip last week, things are falling into place with proper initiatives, strategies, goals and execution plans.

Truth is, sometimes in life, you go to sleep at 11:30 at night one day in your mid thirties thinking it's gonna be another plain day the next and BOOM just like someone clocked you in the head with a hammer, you wake up and everything is different. Things are clearer, focus is sharper, everyday is awesome. I'm not big headed or selfish but absolutely satisfied with who I've become, where I stand, and what I am, Gillyroze until the bitter end.