Sunday, May 03, 2009


A long silence I break with this here post today.    Its about time I think... These posts are meant for friends I haven't spoken to in a while, some family too. Like it says in the song above "we must go fight for lincoln" well thats what I'm out doing everyday, Im fighting for lincoln...  for Franklin. Every one of them "honest" Abes on each penny today is a tougher battle to get. Anyhow, been very much to myself, me and my girl. Fell victim to the facebook twitter fads and have been unloyal to the mighty blogmaster. I shalln't ever do this again. What will my great grand kids know of me if not for this space. So I ride my dirtbike often, I walk my dog least 3 times a day. He gives me the exercise my body needs to remain fit. He looks at me now as if saying "daddy is it time yet? No? OK Ill just plop back down and try again later" Since I quit smoking my body has gained at least 2 stone and it filled in places correctly. Shock its gone through not used to being so clean and alien to toxic shit. Everything I put in it I feel. Sugar in soda makes me jittery. Its the best thing I've ever done.

 I too wish I was home but not in dear old Dublin...not in Brooklyn either. Not anywhere. Not anytime... Just. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ma boyyy

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