Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some Pics From The Met

Danielle 1996

I've been thinking alot about an ex girlfriend by the name of Danielle. She was my first real girlfriend I think. She would always write me letters and surprise me with gifts. She was beautiful and it was great hanging out with her. She came as a guest with another girl to my surprise b-day party. I was turning 15. Anyway, I broke up with her one day, not sure exactly why. I think mainly becuase of external influences like friends complaining she wasnt jewish (who ulitimately were prob just jealous). I'll never forget how hard she fought for me. She was in no way willing to give up. I think true love is rare but it was preasant and I was totally oblivious to it. I did not appreciate her whatsoever. I remmember one episode when on a public bus she broke down crying. She, like me, never gave a shit about what people thought. She effectively fell deep into drugs. I miss her.

Picasso paintings stolen in Paris

So I have this BBC ticker that spits news at me all day and this caught my interest this morning. Its just funny I think. I picture a grungy old picasso saying "ha their making a fuss over my paintings" Anyone that knows anything of him knows he was an unorthodox new age type of artist. In the very early nineties some aristocrtatic families would send their kids to art prep schools (like pablos did) becuase then art was becomming and many people were gaining respect for it. Btw- I think we resemble one another in the pic of him above. I only recently noticed he was born in 81 like me only 100 years prior. Here are some facts about the good man:

Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, on the 25th day of October, 1881. his father Jose Ruiz was a painter and art teacher. Maria Picasso Ruiz was the artist’s mother. He was fourteen when the family moved to Barcelona. The painter and sculptor, was the most influential artist of the 20th century. He was a founder of the abstract movement and, with his friend Georges Braque, originated cubism. During Picasso’s early years in Paris, he painted with mostly blue and rose tones as he studied line, shape, and value.
This prolific artist for all of his 91 years, Picasso continually explored daring and Unpredictable new directions in art. He did brilliant work in sculpture and every form of graphic arts, as well as ceramics, mosaics, and stage design. His works appear in museums and private collections all over the world.
Unlike many great artists before him who died poor and unknown, Pablo Picasso became rich and famous long before his death in 1973. During his career he created over 20,000 works.
Even as a child in Spain, Picasso rejected the formal "rules" of art. He mastered realistic painting at a very early age. Then he began to experiment with other ways of seeing the world and expressing what he saw. The first painting he did in cubism is called "the ladies of Avignon".
Picasso continually invented and used new styles, and also he used all different types of materials. He even worked with junk. One of his well-known sculptures was made from two parts of an old bicycle. It is called bull’s head.
Picasso’s career lasted more than 70 years! No artist has affected modern art more. The thousands of masterpieces he created changed the way people thought about art. Picasso was perhaps the most talented, and successful artist who ever lived. Pablo Ruiz, Picasso was born in 1881 in a small town on the southern coast of Spain. His father was a painter who taught art. Picasso showed exceptional talent at an early age and by the time he was in his teens, painted better than his father r any of the local art teachers.
At 16, Picasso was sent to the Royal Academy of Madrid, where students drew from plaster casts and copied works of the old masters. Picasso’s father soon became angry with his son’s rebellious behavior, long hair, and strange clothes. He believed that Pablo was wasting his talent and scolded him: "why don’t you cut your hair and paint sensibly?" In 1900, Picasso left for Paris—then the center of the art world. He lived in a cold, rundown building painting constantly, sometimes surviving for days on only a piece of bread.
During these years, his art reflected his dismal surroundings. Homeless outcasts were the subjects of many of his fairly realistic early paintings. After seeing African masks and sculptures, his works became more simplified and angular leading up to the revolutionary new style known as Cubism. Picasso didn’t sell much of his work during these early years. But he worked continuously, always experimenting with different styles of painting. Though Picasso lived to be 92 and became the most famous artist in the world, he spoke of his youthful days in Paris as "the happiest time in my life."
Interesting facts about Picasso……
1. Pablo had his first exhibit at age 13, when he showed his paintings in the back room of an umbrella store.
2. He didn’t enter in many contests when he was both young and older too.
3. Pablo’s home was a garret; he worked by the light of a single candle that he stuck in a bottle.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So since money seems to be one of the more important things one needs to attain while alive, I have decided to look at life not like a box of chocolates but like a monopoly game board that I was dropped on violently. I will have to outwit and outsmart others also playing in-order to gain points. I have always met the goals that I have set for myself and now I am setting a new one. This goal isnt easily attainable. During the days leading to my recent b-day I have looked at my life in retrospect and am a little peeved that I have been wasting alot of time and energy on bs. I have not been making proper moves on the game board. The goal that I set for myself now is to take my office to 5th Ave. . This is not about proving to anyone that I can do it. I just think if one looks @ the world as a game where specific moves yield attainable results this person can define their own destiny instead of waiting for things to happen. Or waiting for g-d to make them happen. As anyone does when they play a game long enough, I think I have learned the rules in this one.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My 26th

This past weekend was supposed to be one of the best I ever had. I diligently researched available locations to rent for two nights in the Catskills. Since I was planning on bringing 6 or 7 people with me I couldnt do it at my place. My (EX) realtor suggested this one house that has 8 bedrooms and 10 acres. I didnt even bargain with him when he shot a price at me but simply said good ill take it. Now the date was approaching and I made sure to call people and confirm that they were coming. I made sure to call this one person who is notorious for cancelling. I called and he said 100% IM IN!!! Great I thought. Others were relying on this Fat Fuck to come as well for he was their ride back. This known pathological liar cancelled in the last hour that we were supposed to leave. This caused a domino effect that he knew would happen with others cancelling as well since they wouldnt have a way back. O.K. What to do? The truth is that he is a miserable person who always stays home and hardly ever sees the light of day. I thought him coming was a give in. Whats funny is how he acts like because hes married and he has a kid he has his shit together. He thinks we forgot the circumstances surrounding his getting married in the first place. He used to be addicted to xanax. He often would swallow 20 in one night. One day he woke up in his own shit because his bodily functions were giving out. So it turned out that my best freind Dan and I headed up together and 2 other friends followed in their car. We had a few stops before we got to the place and so it took us around FOUR hours to get there when it normally only takes 2. This place was verrry cool looking from the outside. It had one of these round driveways with a fountain in the middle. It seemed the long drive was worth it. So while my freinds are gathering their things outside I am already inside looking around. Now the realtor (A real shmuck) told me the place is secluded and has 10 acres and is a 8 bedroom. All this was true. What he left out was that this place looks like a mental institution that was closed down becuase of unsanitary conditions. There were holes in the walls that were poorly covered. There were padlocks on the outsides of every bedroom....PADLOCKS!!! This place was so scary I felt a strange gladness for my other friends not coming. The house had a huge party room which was the only pleasant thing. We turned around and left. Later in the weekend when cops were called on us one explained to me that they throw crazy toga parties in that house. I was very disapointed considering I was hoping for an extra special B-day since my last few were pretty uneventful. We eventually just went to the house I lease and it worked out fine from then. I cant stand my friends. I go up to the mountains to relax and not to listen to them bitching about what we should do and when. I think my feelings became evident to a couple of them and so they left. I am glad they did. It was dan and I that remained. We had a great steak @ some place nearby and I dropped him off @ the house so I can go shoot my new guns. He didnt want to come because I quote "IF I GET ARRESTED THEY WILL DEPORT ME" lollllllll I almost fell on my face from laughter when he said this because 1st shooting here is legal and 2nd I know him for 10 years now and this is the first time i ever heard him say this. Anyhoo, if you read a little further into this blog you will learn that I am just generally sick and tired of the norm. I imagine many people are like me and arent crazy about routine. Whats crazy is that im now totally fed up with NYC and most of my friends here. Either their degenerates who havent ever picked up a book or their money hungry losers who think becoming rich is what life is about. Fuck Everyone.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Am A Wannabe Lawyer (Dispute with logistics provider)

Hi, I have been in contact with Stuart Hettleman, Bill, Dennis Dillon (whom has been the most helpful), Bernard and many other reps there. I had to wait over 2 months to recieve payment on a claim that long ago closed. Apparantly it is the plan of your company to not pay me for certain tvs damaged by your establishment. Yesterday on Presidents day the said items were brought to my satelite office. I have not ever scheduled with anyone for anything to be delivered to me. This is a small satelite office. When Bernard Quandt called me and solicited my business I explained this to him. This is the last correspondence you will recieve from me as an attempt to quell this dispute without legal intervention. Target and all of its affiliates including Discovery Cargo should be made aware that defamation of character is a direct effect of negative reviews and customer credit card disputes. It causes irrepairable damage to an INTERNET company like mine. The sum in-which we will seek retribution for the irreversible damages caused to our Corporation will far exceed the amount you owe us for damaging our tvs. The reason for this email is simple. It seems your claim department only gets pushed into gear and starts working when someone calls and complains. WHY IS THIS? Isnt an essential component of any healthy logistics company a good claims department. One that pays when they break merchandise and doesnt put their customers through sleepless nights worrying about whether it will take 3 months to get paid. I have bulit from scratch a great business that provides a fantastic service to the public. If it is not your intention to assist us with aspects of your business such as claims and payments then we will have to find a healthy logistics provider that can. We will continue providing this service to our customers across the nation. I would love to continue shipping with you. Another claim has supposedly been closed a week ago, where is the payment on that one??? Please let me know in the coming days if the other claims in question will be paid and closed. Thank You.

Saturday, February 17, 2007