Saturday, June 30, 2007

For Those Just Tuning In

I have lived the average city life for too long a time. NYC born and bred. For the past couple of years I was running a lucrative internet business back home. I was never happy doing it. The general consensus seems to be that one is normal only if they have a career and alot of money. This is what a person is led to believe in many parts of the world. Not all. Well fuck all that shit. I left my business behind and took off to explore the world. I take flix and videos and give my uncensored opinions of places and also tell of adventurist things that happen to me along the way. I like to push the limits. Rough skin I have and I picked it up while growing up. Its me being natural that causes all types of crazy things to happen and my audience seems to appreciate it as the hits on this page increase daily. The little money I have and whatever job I get on the way will always simply be a means to an end. I have some under my belt but I have to get to several more countries in the next few years. Its got to be done and I dont care how. It is now my goal. Its an expedition I am on.  I am not a NYer anymore. I am a no nonsense world explorer. If anyone intrudes on my plan or makes me deviate from my path Brooklyn style justice is delivered. I put myself in the thick of things wherever I go so that I will have good material to write a book with @ the end of my 4-5 year journey. I document things on this page just like a journal. This here post is simply a part of a chapter in a lifelong saga that will continue.

Crazy Christchurch

After a bouncer @ the Grumpy Mole pub here in Christchurch picked up on me having too good a time he asked me to leave. I kicked up a fuss so he brought his friends over and with an unwelcoming thrust they kicked me out. It was quite a good time there actually. I was nursing my beer all alone when some kiwi girls invited me to sit with them cos they felt I looked lonely. So very kind kiwis are. I am writing this post from some 24hr mini mart/internet shop I've stumbled into. I've got a great vid of some kid in a bar tripping on lsd and stumbling all over the sidewalk. Christchurch is a zoo. I think i've just about wrapped up my explorations of New Zealand and will try to get over to Aussie sooner than the date on my ticket. Oh, clicking on images and then returning to this page is now going to be very easy and quick. Over And Out

Random Is Kewl

Daily or nightly rather I end up in random flats. 2 nights ago I was in the flat of some local stoners doing spots in Dunedin. Yesterday night I was with a librarian and a teacher in their flats talking about our beliefs and laughed at how similarly we all think. A beautiful blonde named sarah was rubbing herself all up on me in the bar where the librarian Miriama and I met. She was very hot and sassy. A firecracker. It was easy to see in her eyes what she was after. Hungry she was and I would have had no problem with that if her husband was'nt 2 feet away. She is a free spirit and I found it very tough to keep my hands off. But respectfully I did. Random is great and since I've landed here in New Zealand I have been in over 25 randoms flats, homes or apartments. I remember leaving a bar with the friends of Craig Lisa and kez here in Christchruch. I got on with one of the girls pretty well. Shes cool and married and her husband is cool too. A musician. They didnt take no for an answer and coerced me to come to their house with another couple that was staying with them after we left the pub. We got there and it was awesome. A beautiful posh home on the outskirts of Christchurch. They got completely pissed off of wine and beer while I remained buzzed as I like it. I had to call a cab to take me back to my hostel cuz they were in no shape to drive. I didnt take them up on their offer to sleep on the couch but such offers can save a penny pinching explorer like me money.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wicked Shots Of Milford Sound

All of these shots are of just the road to Milford Sound. Huge Cliffs and probably the most incredible pics I have ever taken I will soon upload. The internet here is incredibly slow and these are all 10mp

Its taking incredibly long to upload these photos here in Dunedin so I am taking a break. The best of them are soon to come. After I get some breakfast in me.

GNR Patience

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Milford Sound South Island

So, I ventured off and left Queenstown yesterday. Kez n Lisa took off to Fiji and Craig I might meet up with in Christchurch on my way back up or in Melbourne Australia. I remember and I will never forget this one day when I was 7 or 8 years old. It is etched in my memory and whenever I think of it I remember how awesome life can be. My family and I were upstate NY. It was winter and we awoke one morning to a pristine view of the area surrounding us. Everything was white. We walked around and the trees were covered in ice. The branches were beautiful because they were crystalised. This same feeling I enjoy today. Milford Sound is unbelieveable. I am on the road and I stopped to write this in a very small town named Mossberg. Its somewhere betweeen Te Anau and Dunedin. I have amazing pics to upload and I shall once I arrive in Dunedin. Milford Sound is absolutley awesome. Lots to do here in the south island but one thing is lingering always in the back of my mind. Mt Cook is on my way back up and it is the highest peak and largest mountain here in New Zealand. I Will conquer it on my up. Many pro climbers visit it and some dont leave. It will be a true challenge and I look forward to it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So, I figured i'll give my opinion of Christchurch and Queenstown. I do not dig Chrsitschurch because there are too many belligerent kids pouring out of the pubs. I have been to many countries where the drinking age is 18 but nowhere have I seen so many kids bet 16-19 completely pissed. They dont know their limits or how to drink. It is a noteworthy thing I think that eventho other countries allow kids to drink only here do the kids take full advantage. I have made my way down to Queenstown it was a 9 hour drive from Christchurch. Here there are high and rugged mountains. It reminds me of the Catskills back home only it is much more exotic. The clouds here in New Zealand are much lower than anywhwere else I have been. While in Christchurch I froze my ass off but here although there is snow everywhere unlike in CC I like the weather much better. I was kicking myself since I got here because I kept saying the summer is when I should have came but thats not the case anymore. The best time to visit the south island which is by far the most appealing to me because of the scenery is now, during the winter. The snow tipped alps are fucking breathtaking. On saturday night whilst in Christchurch I was eating on "closed" 2nd floor of a mcdonalds. It was cold outside and so I shmeezed a bit right there at my table. As I walked towards the stairs to leave I looked back at the cloud I left behind. Blitsed I spilled my drink all oer the floor and it splashed all over some people. Pissed off that I lost my drink I carried on and left. As I got around 10 meters away a large maori security guard I saw hurriedly making chase. I stopped in my tracks and waited for him thinking OK im in for it. He approached and was clearly pissed. He said "HEY DID YOU SPILL THAT DRINK?" I said ya. He said you threw your drink all over the place so I told him to fuck off. He shoved me. I looked him in the eye and told him not to put his hands on me. I said be careful cuz I will come back here when you dont expect it. This pissed him off and so he proceeded to pull off the microphone part of his walkie talkie from his shoulder where it was velcroed to like the troopers back home have them. Using the cord he started to twirl it around like a fucking schmuck. He looked like a polynesian indiana jones. I decided to leave and I did laughing at this fool. I would have loved to see his face as he made his way to the 2nd floor. Queenstown is very diferent. The cold here is a brisk cold. Its comfortable. I like it. In town all you smell in the air is the wood burning from all the restaurants and pubs with there large fireplaces. Fires roaring in every pub and absolutely breathtaking snow tipped mountains all around, this is the stuff that makes up Queenstown NZ. I like it here, it reminds me of the town in the movie Dumb and Dumber...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christchurch South Island NZ

Jesus fucking christ, it is bitter cold in Christchurch. After taking a ferry over to the south island, I caught a ride from the drop off point down 5 hours to Christchurch. This is a popular spot on the south island. Kez and Lisas friend drove us. I've got a car waiting for me here. Its 2am now so I will pick it up tomo. I arranged it so that I can leave the car I rented parked next to the ferry on the north island. I worked out with the owner of the rental place for me not to pay for the 2-3 weeks I spend in the south island. The owner of the place is awesome. He arranged my car here in Christchurch and I will ferry one of his cars back over to the north so he pays for my ferry ride $50. I cant say much about the south island yet as I only just arrived and during the drive south to Christchurch I was either sleeping or spooning with Lisa. I have much time here so worry not, I will feed your eyes with exquisite things.

A Taste Of The South Island

Wellington NZ

Auckland NZ

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wellington NZ

Together with my redcoat friends Kerry n Lisa I have travelled south to Wellington. This is the soutern most part of the north island. It is a big city but very diferent than auckland. Its all just pubs and parties. I got here last night and will be taking the ferry in around 5 hours to the south island. Lord of the rings was filmed in some parts. Its compared to the Rockies or the Yukon Territory. Its high rugged mountains. This time of year it snows heavily in the south. Snow tipped alps, whales and seals are some of the pics you should expect to see real soon. Landscape and nature shots I have taken so far will look little compared to whats coming. I am currently @ the Base hostel In Wellington. I have mastered the art of staying @ hostels for free and its saving me cash. Cash is tight but I truly can care less. I was offered a job back in Auckland by some Israelis and I can get paid well doing it so I might extend my stay here in NZ to work a little after exploring the south island so that I will have cash to rent a camper van in Australia. Besides for conquering Mount wellington today I havent seen much of this town and will prob spend a few days here on my way back up to Auckalnd. Cheers and love.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Farewell Fuckfaces

Yesterday at about 2am I was looking for some shmeeze and convinced some bums sitting by the stoop of a missionary church to give me the last of what they had left. This morning I stole someones boxers shorts out of the dryer. I scored free piss yesterday at an art gallery and some free smoke with some kids in the local park just an hour ago. There is much to feed off of on the bottom! Earlier in the day I found myself in the stairway of a University with my hands in the pants and shirt of a pretty student studying travel and tourism. How I got there I dont exactly remember. My fuckhead friends Paul and Ben are taking off to south America soon and I hope they get syphilis and aids. i think i may have given it to them when i bum raped them after feeding them rohypnol, result!
BEN:- last night when gilly pussied out and went to bed early, paul, kez, lisa and I went to find some more beer and a tatoo and piercing parlour. we ended up in margeritas a shitty dive of a bar, where after having nursed our drinks for all of 2 minutes we were told to leave cos it was closing, we obviously weren't too pleased with this so kicked up a fuss, this resulted in the bar manager giving us our money back for the drinks we had finished during this contratent, result!
we now have to part ways unfortunately, but the bottomfeeders will never disband, long live the scummy existence of fellow bottomfeeders, word out, peace and love to all x

Im A Brooklynite In KiwiLand

Bottom Feeders

For just about as long as my short term memory allows I have been on the piss with my british friends Paul and Ben. We have met a couple of brit girls that are bottom feeding as we are. Paul and ben will be leaving on thurs to south america and Kerry myself and Sarah will be heading south together. We are currently in Auckland and the gas is quite expensive when moving around as much as we are and so the chip ins by my travel mates are much appreciated. Most backpackers are very much unlike us. We do not pay for attraction nor do we pay to stay at hostels. We knock on doors sleeping bags in hand until we find unoccupied beds in a dorm. We are the bottom feeders and we are damn proud. We spend as little money as possible yet we have by far the best time. We are different than these backpacking sissys we shoot the shit with. We are explorers until death and we must make the most of everything and nothing. It is the best way to live. Anyone intelligent I have met so far has agreed travelling is the thing to do. The thing is tho that too many take these stupid guided tours on buses. We laugh at these shmucks as we pass by them in our
$15 NZ a day rental car where we get to stop and hang anywhere and everywhere we want. Today we got free drinks simply because I chatted up some girls in a park here in Auckland. After that we watzled in to an art gallery and drank a full bottle of wine while pretending to be interested in the uninteresting art inside chatting up the naive art lovers. I have much experience doing this while doing exactly the same in Chelsea back home. We are the bottom feeders currently but we are learning valuable lessons. Were getting by with nothing but having the fucking times of our lives.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Sulphur Lake Government Gardens Rotorua New Zealand

BBQing In The Middle Of A Volcanic Stream... The Secret Spot