Monday, November 30, 2015

Lost but on the road to Zion

It's been a while and so I figured I'd drop a couple of lines. If I was to say I'm affected by what's going on in the world, I'd say I strut with a crippled limp. The calamity with the Syrian refugees, 99.9% of which are just fleeing war with desperate little ones, traversing across borders. Hoping neighboring countries will open their arms to take them in, but the .01% who are terrorists are damaging this prospect for them. This .01% is enough to instill fear in the native population of these countries and force them to turn away the innocent people - who like the Jews were during the Holocaust - are just trying to escape certain death.

Analyzing both sides of the conflict, this spate of stabbings in Israel is truly terrorizing. Yes, innocent Israelis are being killed and seriously injured by Palestinian youths. This is unforgivable and they don't deserve it. It's truly sad that their leaders don't build universities or proper educational institutions with the billions in financial aid they get from the global community. Forget about the history of the conflict for a second, look at what's going on today in Gaza and the West bank. My Jewish and Israeli friends will hate me for saying this, but there really is no prospect for growth or prosperity for these Palestinian youths - NONE. Imagine not being able to foresee any good happening to you in the future, no formal education, just the teachings of the Quran. Fact is, if one is going to take the violent parts of the Quran fanatically, then there is no doubt they will commit these acts.

I never thought I'd say this but it's true. It seems Vladimir Putin is the least corrupt politician out of the lot today. A one time gangster out of Leningrad (a violent part of Russia) he went on to be the head the KGB and took control of the country at some point, how I am not sure, but he is today with no doubt the most powerful person in the world.

Recently a person went, took hostages, killed some people and shot a few cops in a planned parenthood. You may be thinking 'why are you even bringing this up, doesn't compare to other, worse things happening in the world' but I do because it's ludicrous that unarmed black people are shot and killed by police all the time. This guy was calmly arrested and you can see in his mugshot that he walked away from the incident completely unharmed. This double standard is unacceptable in a society that is supposed to be just and equal. 

Parisians are in shock because of this terrorist attack that happened to them recently. It's said it is the worst attack on their soil since WW2. I can't think of a more cultural, artsy and peaceful people. It took one day for the Nazis to beat them and take over their country. This is because they're lovers, not fighters and they couldn't fathom the aggressiveness and brutality of the Germans at that time. They're not very fond of Americans but unlike these blindly patriotic Trump supporters, you really can't blame them for that. Who the fuck else overthrows democratically elected leaders and steals their resources? Sadly, we do. 

People say focus on the good, but in the 34 years that I've been present in this world, I don't remember more conflict and catastrophe. Not to say there hasn't been before my time, surely there was worse.

Lots more I can note here but I gotta run. Lets just hope the scale will tip towards peace and love, not hatred and tragedy.