Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fork in the road

Its said that the average person changes career's or occupations 7 or 8 times in a lifetime. There's nothing I fear more than being 50 and starting over.I don't want to do just anything. I always thought I just wanted to be wealthy and didn't care what crap I would have to eat to get there. If that was the case I would stay in the business I'm in. I would continue selling TV's online and would continue explaining to cheap Midwesterners that shipping is not free. Who cares if I look like I'm 60 when I'm 30. The sad truth is that most people in NY are here because they are only interested in accumulating wealth. That's why sooo many people flock here. "The city of opportunity". Some of us inherit this greed from our semi immigrant financially struggling parents. Sadly and Inevitably a wave of immobilising resin drowns us in the grind and stops us from thinking out of the box. A true waste of talent. These people forget that happiness exists. They think they will attain it when they become millionaires (I know many people that actually believe that). It was always my opinion that grad school was for people who didn't want to work. My attitue towards that is changing. But what now? Med school? Law school? Every lawyer I ever knew (besides my current lawyer) left the business because they were miserable. Every doctor I know complains that they have no time for anything and are always around sick or dying people. I envy people that truly love what they do. I think its sooo rare. Before I fall on my face from this bottle of cabernet I am about finished with, let me say: This is a true fork in the road before me. I hope I don't merge onto highway 666.---Blog update: Selling tvs is what the near future apparantly holds for me. What the hay. 10/12/06

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