Monday, October 30, 2006

High Pitched Ramblings

I think its absolutely hysterical hom many ill informed people there are in the world and how much energy is expended because of it. I'm perplexed by how seriously people digest info fed to them by their high definition tubes. People no longer believe they should have their own opinions and instead choose to believe the political ramblings that come through their new 50" Plasma screen speakers. While schooling abroad @ Tel Aviv University I took an international terrorism class taught by some commando counter terrorism dude. One day we learned about what comprises a cult and how cult leaders are born..The most obvious step I recall as being feeding your followers news and information through a single source and medium. For example, a loud speaker on top of a pole in some village somewhere operated by some born again ex bush bashing poser. Even the most liberal of democrats will believe anything that comes out of that loud speaker after a given amount of time. But all political jargon aside, This phenomenon is taking place in your very living room with your CNN or BBC right now as you waste ur time reading my blog! To see some examples of misplaced hate visit the Politics section of
Click below to see a stupid video about what nonsense all this noise about terrorism really is. "Terrorrist that lost his identity".

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