Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Catskill Mountains

Up until now I thought living in the great outdoors was just for redneck hicks. I always thought these people were strange and had no grip on reality. The sad truth is that because of this misconception I have missed out on GRRRREAT times that could have been had.....Anyone that would put up with this city and its smog and ugly inhabitants is plain and simply a shmuck. Of-coarse the money and job issue always comes up when considering moving elsewhere but that is not an issue for me. I am moving to the Catskills Mountains. A recent ski trip has transformed me from a cut-throat city business man to a melancholy country boy. The views the air the lakes and the skiing is just too much for me to resist. Anyway a strange feeling of belonging envelopes me when I am out in the country. The only reason I am currently in NY is because my parenst decided to raise me here. Well im out.

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