Thursday, December 07, 2006

Phone Rage

Being in the mail order business can be very frustrating but also just as amusing. Its amazing how quickly a flamingly hotheaded, cursing customer can turn into Mary Poppins when offered a free Surge protector. Sometimes customers think they can get away with speaking in any manner they please since they beleive they have the upper hand and can cancel their orders at anytime. Our profit margin is not enough to take this crap from them and so they act funny when it actually registers and they comprehend we DONT CARE if they cancel their orders. This time of year it gets so hectic we are often in the office until 10:00 P.M. I recall once speaking to a customer that purchased an item we were then editing on the site. It was a thirty five hundred dollar plasma. During the editing process certain fields are sometimes left blank for an hour or so and it was the price field on this one. The guy was not willing to absorb this fact and demanded he get his plasma for free. After apologizing for the confusion and offering to read aloud our agreement page (which states that we are not responsible for typographical errors) he began to raise his voice and get nasty. "I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE BBB" "I WILL CALL THE DISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICE"... This guy was intent on his getting his free plasma. He seemed to be one of those people that are good at squeezing out a few free months of cellular service after getting a dropped call and ripping up the customer service rep. He was obviously not expecting it when I interupted his rant by saying: Call Me Back After You Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass!!! He eventually became a good customer.

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