Monday, July 16, 2007

Johnny O

I must say if there is any cousin in my entire family that I get on best with its my cuzin Johnny. He and I are very similar. I like his style of living and hope to be just like him @ his age. The last sentence is a huge statement as I've never said such a thing about anyone ever. His wife is great, a Full Bright scholar. His kids are the most adorable and well mannered young boys. Every morning they come to say goodbye to me b4 shooting off to school. His eldest son Zack will be the wealthiest in our family, of this I have no doubt. He stacks up properties while playing monopoly like no one I've seen b4. His younger son Jaime might just be the cutest kid I've ever seen. Such a great soul. A true pleasure to just hang around. Johnny filled my ipod with all sorts of amazing music. Influencing me in a certain and a great way. Pics n Vids are coming up shortly, everyone has left for either work or school and im home alone now. I will use this time to upload everything. Cheers!

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