Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let The Sunshine

I remember an important turning point in my life around 3 yrs ago. I decided I will stop going out every night as my friends were doing. I realized I didnt have much to celebrate. I was going out all the time yet I wasnt having any fun cos I had nothing to truly toast to. It seemed we were celebrating something. What exactly I dont know. Perhaps just the fact that we were young and alive. I however was not content. I formulated a plan that entailed my staying home and working hard, day and night in-order to build something for myself so that I will truly have something to toast to. Before this I was working like a horse for these syrians bak home. I hibernated for a while and then came back into the scene with much to celebrate and with much fatter pockets. Whilst roaming around the CBD today this same feeling struck me. I have had enuf fun the past few months to last me a year. Tonight I was trying to decide what pub or club to patronize when this same understanding hit me. I turned around and went home. It has come time to once again stay in and hustle. I'm not missing out on anything. I shall again hibernate in-order to have a real reason to go out and celebrate. I might not post here for a while as I will be busy. In the meantime just know, I love you:)

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