Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One night in Rotorua

Freezing outside, I decided to pirate into some hostel and slither into the world of backbackers. I was lounging in the tv room and was having a good time. When you roll as many joints as I do randoms always gravitate nearby. One guy from the US that was there on business and others from Germany. They left and one chick remained. A well proportioned from the UK. My mates were staying @ this hostel but they were long asleep as it was late. Sometimes I like to just forget about everything like who I am and where Im from and I like to just find myself with people in random places in the world like where I am now. This allows for the full soaking in of everything. I forgot this chicks name but she was a lesbian. We spoke about this for a while before we decided it was a good idea to take a bath together, nude. It was an interesting night i'll never forget. It was a strange but cool experience. Shes read the book I listed on this page when I first started it. Many Lives Many Masters. This gave us much to talk about. Dharma teaches that to be awake you must drop all prejudices all expectations and all selfish motives, only then are you fully there. It will be clear and very appealing to whomever is around you. Anyway, Im now in Wellington and took the ferry over. I couldnt resist wen I saw the suites they had and so I crept into one that was open and the beds made. I slept the whole ride. 3.5 hours. I was awoken by a security guard asking questions like wheres ur ticket yada yada. Exhausted and confused I just mumbled back to him as i stumbled off.

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  1. Gilly boy sup pops you remember me? lol anyway keep posting and keep safe later bro


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