Monday, June 16, 2008

The Current

Every Sunday I bike from the Bklyn side of the Bklyn bridge to Central park where I bike vigourously on the trail up until 120th in Harlem. I then return to the Bklyn bridge and drive or train home. I've been biking since forever but ever since my cousin Johnny and i made it a thing in Australia to ride weekly I have been doing the same here at home. Mapquest told me thats 28 miles. I seek adventures but it seems my friends want nothing to do with it. This bothers me as I would have hoped that they had interests as I do. What I mean by interests is doing things other then the daily norm. I know you guys read my page and the only one that seems to be down is Tamir. Anyway, its really nice the summer time. I have passed up many lucrative opportunities career wise in-order to keep with the startup my brother and I created. Its slowly progressing into a really interesting little business. Because of the weak dollar many tourists are in town and its an absolute riot hanging out at my friends electronics place on 5th ave and 38th. The owners of this place are so funny the way that they treat these tourists. When I say funny I mean fucking hysterical! I like to stop by there now and then and just hang whilst the tourists come in asking for the Iphone or what have you. Hillel is the funniest dude in the world and blows pot smoke in their faces as they ask for the item they are looking for. He might be one they should be cautious about, but hes a true NY attraction. I love that kid.

Btw- I'm not going to Israel because of business related issues.

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  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    AHEM...I realize I'm not one of the boys but I do always offer to be your partner in crime!


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