Monday, December 26, 2011

The current

Incredible how many changes are taking place in my life. I knew I needed this but had no way of taking action. Changed countries, homes, jobs, found an amazing partner, now living with said partner, new car... Truth is I was sick of my life and what it's become back in NYC and am bear hugging the opportunity that was given to me to reinvent myself here. I am still me but my atmosphere has changed and from the inside out I am arranging things in the order that fancies me best. In the order I always thought things should be. I knew I needed a good girl to share life with and to feel complete. This I was given. The novelty of being in Israel has faded but I am wholeheartedly embracing the current stage at which I stand. The one where I am becoming settled and accustomed to my surroundings. One where routine kicks in. Routine, so long as it isn't boring is fine. It is a routine that consists of seeing new things, taking new steps and enjoying new life stages. They are happening concurrently but overwhelming it isn't. It's fun. 

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