Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The current

Trying to keep your head up in the midst of a hailstorm isn't easy. This, I am in a position to tell you. But I think everything considered, I'm managing well. Roughing it is not new to me. Hailstorm meaning: Loss of grandma - whom I was close with and very much loved, unlike the other. Fact that my mom lost hers is tough for me to digest as well. They spoke daily and were tight. Surprisingly though it seems at least, that mother is handling it well. Wish I can say the same for my stepgrandfather, who just lost his wife. He simply doesn't care to live anymore and wants to sleep all the time. Wants nothing to do with reality. Truer love, I have never seen. He took a bad fall and hurt his hip couple of weeks ago and what's worse, is that just now they found a lump in his lungs, which they say (in the hospital) is serious. All this is tough. Finally, everything went and got fucked up between me n the beautiful redhead you've been seeing on my blog recently, Alona. Not only I, but she too, have certain fundamental things about us that simply don't mix. However, because we both saw greatness in eachother, we tried harder then my jej got when I saw her lovely ass, to make it work. But still, it did not. Sometimes comfort will lead you to stay with a person and/or do things that are sure to hurt you in the long run. Simpletons remain together because they want to quell this discomfort right away and either, don't foresee the inevitable problems the future holds for them or, they just don't give a fuck, and think "I'll deal with it when it comes". So deep I fell, I would have blindly taken this route but, the girl in whom I invested the last 6 months saw clearer than I. Anyway, like Ariel Sharon (whom I very much look up to) tried to do with his political party "Kadima", move forward I shall, and will expel not 1 more tap on my keyboard regarding the foregoing issue.

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