Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dressing for the means of impressing.

Shuuuure, I'll play along with ya. Wear one of my button down shirts, ironed and tucked into my pants, looking all clean cut and "nice" for you. A quality and thick leather belt, matching my wristwatch and shoes. Oh sure, you can go and be damn sure even, I've long since learned to play along, to play nice and well with you, Society. To feed you what you want, that which satiates your yearning for comfort... Boring fucking norms.

Was in a prospective clients place around a week ago. Was bummed when the person there told me his boss wasn't around when boom, the phone rang. Was none other, correct guess, his boss. Since I mainly speak English when working Tel-Aviv, I did with said gentleman and shared with him what I do b4 his boss rang. Under the impression that I don't understand Hebrew, I heard him tell his boss, "maybe you should make an appointment with this guy, הוא נירה מקצוען". Hebrew for "he looks like a professional."

Don't get me wrong, I happen to be a professional (at a couple things), but what is this frikin idiocy? Shuuure, I'll play along, but, if you knew who I was inside - a long bearded countryman who doesn't truly give a fuck with wings about your business, can stare, still, as a Cherokee during a hunt, at his prey/client b4 pouncing - you probably wouldn't grant me the access you so easily do. All the while, self deceived by what is really just a fabric front. You are lucky, I am me, and not a dick.

Side note: Homes are currently being robbed by gunmen all over NYC posing and dressed as Con-Ed workers pretending to be there because of the mess hurricane Sandy made. What d'ya think about that? Victims, soon to be very much more so, eager for energy, with grateful smiles, opening their doors to be met with a gun in their face.

Yip, Shuuure, play your game I shall, and I do...

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