Monday, January 12, 2015

Point of view from a Hamas Fighters Perspective.

"Well, it's quite difficult coming up with content to spread through television and social media to influence people regarding israel and the whole situation.

Also, now my 5 year old neighbors parents are angry at me because I had used the little girl as a human shield when the IDF was returning fire in my direction.

The worst part is my oppression from progressive thought due to incapacitating influence my religion and strict leaders have chained my people with.

I know that israel is more advanced and that I'll probably have a kindergarten named after me when I am martyred but at least then I'll have peace.

Mostly what's paramount to us is keeping people confused, thinking that we are doing this for a just cause, that Israel stole our land, rapes our daughters, controls the world with their evil [think MuHaHA]. Really the only reason that we terrorize our own people is Money and political power.

To close, I would say that I know my people need education in order to grow and prosper but they are not ready to accept that fact. 

I wish that I can change things and talk about my ideas for progress but then my head comes off so I bite my tongue, knowing even my children are led blindly by this ideology of murder, martyrdom and death. The stifling of their education will only serve to prolong the problem for generations"

-Gillyroze - If I were a Hamas Fighter.

[For full disclosure purposes, I am not a Hamas terrorist, just a blogger from NY.]

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