Monday, July 30, 2007

Brooklyn. Bitch...

Whilst reading my book on a tram today I was interupted by some broad flashing her badge in my face asking to see my tram ticket. Since Im bottom feeding these days, I buy a tram ticket in the mng for $3. These are valid for 2 hours. I can simply not buy 1 at all but I try not to be a complete menace. So I bought one around 11am. After plastering a hundred flyers all over the central business district advertising a dog walker for hire and reading my book in Albert Park I jumped bak on a tram to get home. This was at 6pm. A long way from the 2 hrs I was allowed. This officer asked me a bunch of questions like whered you get on where u going and so on. She asked for my ID and so I provided it. She looked at it and then @ me bewildered. Now, there are always a few people like me that dont pay for their rides and I overheard some woman playing dumb pretending she didnt know she was supposed to pay. "Sir, why havent you bought a ticket for the day instead of 2 hours?" With truth, pride, confidence and a cheeky smile I said cos I dont have money. A bit intimidated by my nonchalant honesty she said I have to write a report, please provide your address. She put some pad and a pen in my hands. With my grafitti handwriting I wrote my home address in Brooklyn NY. She looked at it and then @ me with a confused and empty stare. "Whats your address in Melbourne" she asked. I havent one I said. She asked, "well, where r you staying" The Base Backpackers. I rebutted every question she was trained to ask with an answer she did not expect until her trained questions were exhausted. Understanding there is nothing she can do and with a look of defeat she scribbled my name and address off of her pad let me alone and moved on to the next perp.

Its odd I know, but this small incident has incredibly boosted my confidence and makes me feel like I own Melbourne. Like an American eagle I feel like I'm soaring above and looking down upon a land that it is fruitful and all mine. Swoop down and feed I shall.

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