Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Day In The Life

Today after dealing some weed in my lil apartment in Mlbn, my cousin johnny picked me up and took me to his house for a bbq. Probably the greatest meal I've had since I started travelling Johnny has grilled up. I think today my tung was treated with the finest rack of lamb its ever had. @ my cousins teh drinking began. Some wine to compliment our meals. As I made my way bak to my apt I found balloons everywhere and a beautiful cake on the table. Its some chics b-day and some fancy chocolate cake I munch on whilst I type this here post. Completely pissed I am right now and cant help but gloat about what fantastic atime I am having in this city. Ive helped my Isralei mates nurse just about 7 bottles of wine. Thank You Cabernet. Thank You Merlot & thank You Shiraz. Oh, last but certainly not least Thank You Rachel for being born on the 31st day of july.

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  1. you better respond to my comment on Kiwis In St Kilda & O.d.ing On Spots you biatch!!!!

    Hurry up and come home....the baby is on the way!!!


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