Sunday, July 08, 2007

My First Day In Aussie

Yesterday night I thought it to be a good idea to sleep in the airport as many backpackers do in Auckland city. It saved me from spending cash on a hostel. Quite comfy the benches are there. Cushioned and all. Factor in my sleeping bag and you might understand just how homey one can make it. I calculated some things and decided to come over to Australia. I have attained some cash and I will use it to bus around. Australia is too huge a country/continent to drive around in. Gas would deplete the little cash I have in a few days. So I landed here at around 8:30 and at 9:30 in the mng after settling my stuff in a hostel I had breakfast and asked some randoms for a light. After chatting up these 2 locals they decided to show me their flat and light me up on a joint. The fact that Im from NY excites people for some reason. Also I think the reason people are very friendly to me is that they feel they might be able to gain from befriending me. Its often said "one hand washes the other". This is why friends are easily made while travelling. So, my new friends place is smack dab in the center of town. They have a couch and so tomo night I will sleep there as I already have a hostel booked for tonight. After tomo night I am off to Melbourne on a bus. Its a 10 hour drive. These guys are cool and their gonna show me some sights here like the Sydney opera house and Harbor bridge. I will photograph these things and update them soon. Cant say much about Aussie just yet but my first impression is good. Sydney I can already say is crazy. Im in an area called Kings Cross @ the Travellers Rest Backpackers. Nah nah, is what I keep telling the filthy drug dealers hanging out on every corner here next to the strip joints and pubs. Nimbin is a town I must make my way to. Its hippy central in Australia and I've heard some awesome things about it while in NZ. I have to go there and I also have to make my way to Melbourne where I have friends and family. There 10 hours in the opposite direction from sydney. I dont have a car and so ill bus it. Kshh Kssshhht Over n Out.

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