Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rabble Rabble

After speaking to my friend Dan man bak home I understand Im not missing out on much. I sacrifised this summer to explore New Zealand and Australia. Just when girls were starting to show skin and the bbqing began I shot off. I even helped a friend build a pool in his back yard a few days b4 leaving. Its no surprise that this past 4th of july was uneventful back home. The images I remember are wild. Once when around 12 yrs old I spent the 4th sleeping over a moroccan friend from private school. This was in Georgetown Bklyn. At around 8'oclock or @ dusk the ruckus began. Sounds of war. Firecrackers going off all over the place with some blockbusters to remind us how little we are. This kids dad thought it a good idea to waltse outside on his balcony in the middle of a city with his .38 he blasted off a few shots belligerently and followed with a good guzzleling of his beer. Every neighborhood claimed to have the loudest block but I truly must say mine was a sight. The italian gangsters across the street spared no penny and produced quite a show annually. New Yorkers are these big boxes mixed with diferent fireworks. They would stick these $500 boxes in the corner garbage cans put them in the middle of the street light em and run. It was a dangerous good old time and it will never be like that again. I am shocked to say that the 4th passed without me noticing the date. These days I find myself asking randoms on the street for the day in the week or the date in the month. All I really do is move around nomadic I board down slick hills, I fish every other day as I will when I complete this post and just try to live in peace with everything that is. I recall one day while travelling from Napier with a travel mate we stopped on the way in a town called Taupo. As Rebecca picked her head up out of her travel book she mentioned to me that this is a famous spot for fishing. We decided to part and meet back up in a couple of hrs. I went over to the local fishing n hunting shop and bought a good new spinner. A rod I picked up the 1st week I was here. I scanned Lake Taupo for a good spot from which to toss my line. After tresspassing and climbing over a gate in some boat dock I found a concrete slab going around 10 meters into the lake. I walked out onto the tip and cast out. As I slowly wind back in I notice a tug. I pull hard and can just see the head of a mamouth trout trying to escape. I reeled him in slowly and carefully so as not to lose him. He was a fiesty bugger and had big teeth so I bashed him with a rock to put him out of his misery and so that I can get the lure from out of his teethy mouth. We drove from Taupo to rotorua and there I met Paul and Ben in a hostel who offerd me a beer when they saw my catch. Turned out Paul was a chef and he prepped this fish for just about 8 of us to enjoy. Thats the first time I caught a fish on my 1st cast out. When travelling you truly appreciate little things. Im learning to use to the fullest everything I possess and dont. A good sweater is an awesome commodity as is a 24hr toilet @ Mcdonalds.

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