Monday, November 06, 2006

Death of a grocery man

Tonight i went to see the Borat movie. I waited months for it to come out and yes it was quite funny but didnt meet my expectations.. Im very confident i would have found it much funnier had i not been informed while on the way to the movies that my corner store grocery man was shot in the head and killed. Religously before starting my day he would make me coffee and i would wonder how he was able to work such long hours (I often see him before going to sleep and then again in the mng for coffee) He was a good guy who worked hard. As a child i grew up playing ball in Marine Park. All too often my brother and i would get chased all the way home by the older black guys that wanted to steal our basketballs and/or bikes. Even after growing up with these "adventures" I can truly say I am not a racist although I am a realist. It was'nt an irish guy that pulled a gold chain my grandma gave me off of my neck while playing a video game at 12 years old. The sad truth is that it was 3 black guys that decided it would be easier to empty the register in my corner grocery store if my coffee man was lying on the floor with a hole in his head. Its a mad world.

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