Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The breeze

The word jaded jumps to mind when thinking about how I feel the days of late. Been here before. Into a comfortable crevice I have settled, work and play mixed well. Much as I spoke Israel down I actually really miss it. Probably grass is greener syndrome. The damn truth though is that in Israel I had a certain upper hand, as an American, that here, obviously, I don't have. Still, all is good and I trust that into place things will fall, as they normally do. I've been told bloggers are big headed. Been told it is a form of showing off. Showing off what? The terrible way I write, ya dumbshits? It's an open journal, not really even for those living, besides I.

Today was actually an interesting one. In the morning, on the way to work, I decided to grab a coffee from a Mcdonalds off the Prospect Expressway. There I settled my eyes upon a scruffy looking woman who had small bugs crawling on her. Not even a scratch and it must have itched. Grossed the fuck out I made my way out and tossed my coffee on the floor in front of me. Fuck it, it's grimy New York City (I thought). On the way home I had to call the police as a bus passed by me with the message on top saying "Emergency, call police." Just following orders... Thought it a day of note and so I write. Today I also ended a business venture that started in 2007. Was quite a rocky ride but it's time for bigger, brighter things.

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