Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haow Yah Goin

A kind old black woman from Capetown South Africa I met this morning. Was on the way to my brothers when she introduced herself by smashing into the rear of my car. Crazy fux often brake hard and cause these things to happen. Always in a rush. So anyway I instinctivly looked back after braking hard and saw this poor old woman trying her best to stop but her crap car skidded and transformed into an accordian after slamming into the tank that is mine. I cant say I care much but I prob would had I been liable. It sucks to think tho that some dick 10 cars up hassled me and this nearly dead old chic and got away scott free.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

They Call Me The Wanderer

Im the type of guy that likes to roam around. Wandering around around around in this city is a damn good time. So much to do and see. Endless opportunites of any and every sort. Whatever you want, we got it. Moping around at rice and riches on Spring St in the village. Taking in all the village folks with their piercings and mohawks. Hopping over this homeless person, giving false directions to that asian tourist. Drivin round and watching the psycho cabs tryin to get thru. Not taking anything seriously. Getting pissed at the classy Hudson hotels Library room further uptown with their rosie looking patrons floating round all just there to amuse me like extras in a movie scene. Good fucking times in ma home town, NYC. Just chillin and wandering.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good Times

My mate has come from Aussie and we are having a great time prancing around. In a stupor we stumble into the finest eateries this city has to offer. It began at Sea in Williamsburg. There the crispy duck is to die for. After that we shot off to another part of brooklyn where Embers steakhouse waited for us. A kilogram of beef splattered on our table in steak form. A true treat it was. Then we were off to Mcsorleys, the oldest pub in NYC. The beer goes down like water and the drunkedness slowly creeps up on you. A great day it was showing my mate around and looking after him as he has done for me when I was his guest. In a way, Saul is extending my trip and with him I get to do things my friends simply wouldnt. Like sit calmy in a Brookyln cafe and just chat bout the contrast between our lands.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hmm, this blogging stuff would be funner if I were in Africa or India. What shall I report on now. I cant wtite about NYC cos nothing surprises me. I know this city is considered finer than any other but being from here it doesnt seem so from my perspective. I sometimes wish I was a foreigner just visitng so that I can make a proper assesment. If I made one now it would'nt be good but also not fair cos I returned from some of the nicest places on earth. Im sorta torn and just dont know whether I love it or hate it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Here I Share The Intro To A Book. I Write.

By right clicking my mouse and opening a new text file I begin to write this book. Never wrote one before but I've been convinced by friends that our story should be told. I am an avid blogger and will be taking a break from that to share with you what it is like to grow up in Brooklyn pre Giuliani. Hurling frozen eggs on Halloween at cop cars from apartment building roofs. Blowing up mail boxes and pay phones on the 4th of july with quarter sticks of dynamite. Ya know, good fucking times. Like throwing a hoody over your head and graffiti bombing the 42nd street train tracks at 4 in the morning. All of the those things that seemed worth doing so that we can later tell our kids about. I wanted to write about this stuff earlier in my life but I felt I lacked the knowledge necessary to author a book. Also I was scared of the repercussions. I just now returned after backpacking for 6 months around New Zealand and Australia. I"ve seen much of the world before this trip but only now can say I have a good grip on the difference between growing up in Bklyn and growing up anywhere else in the world. Here, im gonna give it to you straight. Many trials and tribulations but of a different sort. Trying not to get slashed in the face by gangs or having to fight so as to save face. I will share with you the adventures that one goes thru when trying to be a part of their community in Brooklyn NY. The types of friends you make and the reasons we stick together. Great friends I've had that died. Awesome characters, stories of whom would go untold if it weren't for this book. Going from wearing 20" wide raver jeans and writing graffiti to wearing fancy Prada suits and writing Wall St bonds. Not only will I fill you in on a story about youths trying to survive in the city, trying to make a name for themselves, but also about the retardation of American society as I see it from an international perspective. I mean WTF? What happened to enjoying life and loving thy neighbor? These days its about working like a horse and competing with your neighbor over who has the more expensive car. Does this really bring happiness? Not long ago I was on the 34th street Q train platform when I noticed a cute young girl standing next to me. She looked at the approaching train and then at me before throwing herself in front of it. She was an NYU student and was fed up with the world. I will write here about those things that push people to do this. About the parents that are too preoccupied with their careers to care for their own children. Many of whom are stuck with only the love they get from their friends on the street. About the twisted ways that we all live. Whether on 5th ave or East 5th street. Imagine you are seeing the world as it currently is thru the eyes of a pure soul that has just landed here. Making observations. Imagine how disappointing it would be. Im not the type of guy that will try to impress you with fancy words or accomplishments I might have made. This book is as Brooklyn as can be. You'll find no bullshit in these here pages.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

NYC VS Beethovens Moonlight Sonata

Imagine the noise, the rush, the insanity that is NY. Picture the subway cars screeching in and out, the rats making way and the smelly degenerates leaning on you wen u ride them. Think about how some literally pull their hair out of their heads like madmen in insane asylums because of all this stress. People honking and cursing to no end. Everyone bumping, shoving and scurrying to the next place. Then play the song above and understand why it is I moved upstate wen I did. After growing up in a city with high rise buildings, nutcases and so many cultures and styles spit at you at once it was the most refreshing thing to do. How does a creative soul create when he is drowning in material. Only able to take short gasps and trying with that to stay sane. Yeah the city and its craziness is cool and I miss it wen im not around but I'll repeat what Ive always thought. This city is a place to come and visit not one in which to live. Its just not healthy here. Because of the pressures put onto them people are angry and most are in a hurry. Alot of them cant find work and they are bitter. Alot of people work and are still bitter because they dont have the things that gleam and think that if they walk or drive really fast they will. I dont know why I expect everything to be clean, calm and perfect but it started before this last trip. Hmm I hope im not becoming negative... I just wish i can brainwash and move everyone I love upstate with me. So melancholly and calm. Like living in Beethovens moonlight sonata everyday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


People here seem very typical and most are just financially motivated. Its only natural but here its at an extreme and its ugly. Everyone has chosen a certain skin to wear and they play their roles well. I have yet to choose one and I hope that I never do. Just the other day a friend told me he will get the new range rover because it will make him feel better about himself. Many probably dont take me seriously now because I havent what they think makes a person important. No worries, this allows for excellent observation. My posts will remain short these days cos Im not impressed by much. Anyway, if it seems I'm unhappy let me say that thats not the case. I love my city. Im very mellow and relaxed these days and im in no rush to do anything. This is not typical of me and I like it. Dan and I entertained our bellies with the finest duck in China Town. The Peking Duckhouse On 28 Mott St. The best damn duck I ever had. This is a fine example of the treasures you can find in NYC. I want to say to my cousin and his mates that their cool dudes. You guys are smart bastards living in such fine a city. I highly appreciate the hospitality and the warmth with which you welcomed me. Many thanks.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Fitting back into the lifestyle here wont be all that tough. Mercedes BMWs and Cadillacs are all my friends drive around in. All working hard. Alot of people in NY look so very burned out and lifeless. Raggedy, walking around like they were just run over by a bus. Diversity at its extreme. Rosie english aristorcrats and grimey mexican alley rats. Mostly, there is no stlye. Generics that run around copying eachother to no end. I have yet to wake with an appetite. Dont know wut to contribute this to but its true. Im never tired and feel like the day had just began when it strikes midnight. No one here knows the defintion of compliant and no one person wears a helmet wen they bike. Heathens!