Friday, October 12, 2007

Here I Share The Intro To A Book. I Write.

By right clicking my mouse and opening a new text file I begin to write this book. Never wrote one before but I've been convinced by friends that our story should be told. I am an avid blogger and will be taking a break from that to share with you what it is like to grow up in Brooklyn pre Giuliani. Hurling frozen eggs on Halloween at cop cars from apartment building roofs. Blowing up mail boxes and pay phones on the 4th of july with quarter sticks of dynamite. Ya know, good fucking times. Like throwing a hoody over your head and graffiti bombing the 42nd street train tracks at 4 in the morning. All of the those things that seemed worth doing so that we can later tell our kids about. I wanted to write about this stuff earlier in my life but I felt I lacked the knowledge necessary to author a book. Also I was scared of the repercussions. I just now returned after backpacking for 6 months around New Zealand and Australia. I"ve seen much of the world before this trip but only now can say I have a good grip on the difference between growing up in Bklyn and growing up anywhere else in the world. Here, im gonna give it to you straight. Many trials and tribulations but of a different sort. Trying not to get slashed in the face by gangs or having to fight so as to save face. I will share with you the adventures that one goes thru when trying to be a part of their community in Brooklyn NY. The types of friends you make and the reasons we stick together. Great friends I've had that died. Awesome characters, stories of whom would go untold if it weren't for this book. Going from wearing 20" wide raver jeans and writing graffiti to wearing fancy Prada suits and writing Wall St bonds. Not only will I fill you in on a story about youths trying to survive in the city, trying to make a name for themselves, but also about the retardation of American society as I see it from an international perspective. I mean WTF? What happened to enjoying life and loving thy neighbor? These days its about working like a horse and competing with your neighbor over who has the more expensive car. Does this really bring happiness? Not long ago I was on the 34th street Q train platform when I noticed a cute young girl standing next to me. She looked at the approaching train and then at me before throwing herself in front of it. She was an NYU student and was fed up with the world. I will write here about those things that push people to do this. About the parents that are too preoccupied with their careers to care for their own children. Many of whom are stuck with only the love they get from their friends on the street. About the twisted ways that we all live. Whether on 5th ave or East 5th street. Imagine you are seeing the world as it currently is thru the eyes of a pure soul that has just landed here. Making observations. Imagine how disappointing it would be. Im not the type of guy that will try to impress you with fancy words or accomplishments I might have made. This book is as Brooklyn as can be. You'll find no bullshit in these here pages.

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