Thursday, February 28, 2013

The current

I figured since it's been a while I'll update the ever increasing amount of visitors my page gets with what's going on in my life. And for the many I've met along the way that visit. Although the economy is supposedly in the toilet, I am very optimistic about what the future holds for me here. MUCH more opportunity here in NYC to actually make more than just a living - unlike in Israel where most make just enough to survive. As a sidenote about Israel, something oddly ironic is that of all the girlfriends I've ever had (and I've had very many), it was the two I've had there that I ever truly cared for. One recently and one when I was much younger. I hope within a few years to buy a place here or in Florida and begin the whole family bit. Will probably go back to Israel in-order to snatch up a fine specimen to return back here with me. As for friends, I am only in contact with a select few who I consider brothers more so than friends. I care not for the rest as most of them have chosen paths I don't respect. I'll say again here what I once wrote many years ago. I don't really consider myself a New Yorker or a citizen of any one nation but an international citizen, a world citizen. It is in my head, when I meditate that I feel most at home, no matter where I may be physically. I am more career focused then ever and this gets in the way of dating, so right now I don't. Anyhow, the quality of stock here is not the greatest and I have a pretty high standard so if I have to wait till I'm 50, I shall.

I should note however that I do envy friends with cute little munchkins. If I can think of any true purpose in life, besides helping others, it is to raise a well rounded family and steer them in the direction of right.

cheers cheers

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