Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Alive

I dont write about business, my dating life or family. Hence the whirling wind of a baron desert. No worries tho, all is definately well. But, soon they will be great.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rally In Pakistan

I know I should probably be shocked and appaled like the rest of the world over the beatings by the pakistani police of the protesters there. Watching it @ a friends pad, I pitied them for a moment until I realized what was going on. Twas quite an amusing spectacle to see them dressed in their suits and being clobbered in the head. Normally would feel bad and say WTF, what savages, but not this time. Agreed, Musharaf is a dick but this little bit today was a funny one. Think of it, a whole mob of blood sucking lawyers being put in their places one wallop at a time.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

In So far

Been huffin and puffin on different sides of the block. Dont know exactly what that means but it felt right to say. I've been living for the past week @ the Phillips Club on 66th and Broadway. Its short or long term residences. For one week I stayed there cos my Aussie mates thoughtfully left it for me. The serenity of the apartment is kewl but once you take the elevator down the commotion begins. Although much appreciated its not my thing, living in the city. Been helping my friend Dan out with his business for a few bux while building a new one of my own. I considered an offer made by Saul to come to Aussie and train in his steak business so as to take it International. Would have had to travel lots. With my current plan it does not look like I'll be going anywhere anytime soon. But, very many thanks for the offer steakmate!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haow Yah Goin

A kind old black woman from Capetown South Africa I met this morning. Was on the way to my brothers when she introduced herself by smashing into the rear of my car. Crazy fux often brake hard and cause these things to happen. Always in a rush. So anyway I instinctivly looked back after braking hard and saw this poor old woman trying her best to stop but her crap car skidded and transformed into an accordian after slamming into the tank that is mine. I cant say I care much but I prob would had I been liable. It sucks to think tho that some dick 10 cars up hassled me and this nearly dead old chic and got away scott free.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

They Call Me The Wanderer

Im the type of guy that likes to roam around. Wandering around around around in this city is a damn good time. So much to do and see. Endless opportunites of any and every sort. Whatever you want, we got it. Moping around at rice and riches on Spring St in the village. Taking in all the village folks with their piercings and mohawks. Hopping over this homeless person, giving false directions to that asian tourist. Drivin round and watching the psycho cabs tryin to get thru. Not taking anything seriously. Getting pissed at the classy Hudson hotels Library room further uptown with their rosie looking patrons floating round all just there to amuse me like extras in a movie scene. Good fucking times in ma home town, NYC. Just chillin and wandering.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good Times

My mate has come from Aussie and we are having a great time prancing around. In a stupor we stumble into the finest eateries this city has to offer. It began at Sea in Williamsburg. There the crispy duck is to die for. After that we shot off to another part of brooklyn where Embers steakhouse waited for us. A kilogram of beef splattered on our table in steak form. A true treat it was. Then we were off to Mcsorleys, the oldest pub in NYC. The beer goes down like water and the drunkedness slowly creeps up on you. A great day it was showing my mate around and looking after him as he has done for me when I was his guest. In a way, Saul is extending my trip and with him I get to do things my friends simply wouldnt. Like sit calmy in a Brookyln cafe and just chat bout the contrast between our lands.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hmm, this blogging stuff would be funner if I were in Africa or India. What shall I report on now. I cant wtite about NYC cos nothing surprises me. I know this city is considered finer than any other but being from here it doesnt seem so from my perspective. I sometimes wish I was a foreigner just visitng so that I can make a proper assesment. If I made one now it would'nt be good but also not fair cos I returned from some of the nicest places on earth. Im sorta torn and just dont know whether I love it or hate it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Here I Share The Intro To A Book. I Write.

By right clicking my mouse and opening a new text file I begin to write this book. Never wrote one before but I've been convinced by friends that our story should be told. I am an avid blogger and will be taking a break from that to share with you what it is like to grow up in Brooklyn pre Giuliani. Hurling frozen eggs on Halloween at cop cars from apartment building roofs. Blowing up mail boxes and pay phones on the 4th of july with quarter sticks of dynamite. Ya know, good fucking times. Like throwing a hoody over your head and graffiti bombing the 42nd street train tracks at 4 in the morning. All of the those things that seemed worth doing so that we can later tell our kids about. I wanted to write about this stuff earlier in my life but I felt I lacked the knowledge necessary to author a book. Also I was scared of the repercussions. I just now returned after backpacking for 6 months around New Zealand and Australia. I"ve seen much of the world before this trip but only now can say I have a good grip on the difference between growing up in Bklyn and growing up anywhere else in the world. Here, im gonna give it to you straight. Many trials and tribulations but of a different sort. Trying not to get slashed in the face by gangs or having to fight so as to save face. I will share with you the adventures that one goes thru when trying to be a part of their community in Brooklyn NY. The types of friends you make and the reasons we stick together. Great friends I've had that died. Awesome characters, stories of whom would go untold if it weren't for this book. Going from wearing 20" wide raver jeans and writing graffiti to wearing fancy Prada suits and writing Wall St bonds. Not only will I fill you in on a story about youths trying to survive in the city, trying to make a name for themselves, but also about the retardation of American society as I see it from an international perspective. I mean WTF? What happened to enjoying life and loving thy neighbor? These days its about working like a horse and competing with your neighbor over who has the more expensive car. Does this really bring happiness? Not long ago I was on the 34th street Q train platform when I noticed a cute young girl standing next to me. She looked at the approaching train and then at me before throwing herself in front of it. She was an NYU student and was fed up with the world. I will write here about those things that push people to do this. About the parents that are too preoccupied with their careers to care for their own children. Many of whom are stuck with only the love they get from their friends on the street. About the twisted ways that we all live. Whether on 5th ave or East 5th street. Imagine you are seeing the world as it currently is thru the eyes of a pure soul that has just landed here. Making observations. Imagine how disappointing it would be. Im not the type of guy that will try to impress you with fancy words or accomplishments I might have made. This book is as Brooklyn as can be. You'll find no bullshit in these here pages.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

NYC VS Beethovens Moonlight Sonata

Imagine the noise, the rush, the insanity that is NY. Picture the subway cars screeching in and out, the rats making way and the smelly degenerates leaning on you wen u ride them. Think about how some literally pull their hair out of their heads like madmen in insane asylums because of all this stress. People honking and cursing to no end. Everyone bumping, shoving and scurrying to the next place. Then play the song above and understand why it is I moved upstate wen I did. After growing up in a city with high rise buildings, nutcases and so many cultures and styles spit at you at once it was the most refreshing thing to do. How does a creative soul create when he is drowning in material. Only able to take short gasps and trying with that to stay sane. Yeah the city and its craziness is cool and I miss it wen im not around but I'll repeat what Ive always thought. This city is a place to come and visit not one in which to live. Its just not healthy here. Because of the pressures put onto them people are angry and most are in a hurry. Alot of them cant find work and they are bitter. Alot of people work and are still bitter because they dont have the things that gleam and think that if they walk or drive really fast they will. I dont know why I expect everything to be clean, calm and perfect but it started before this last trip. Hmm I hope im not becoming negative... I just wish i can brainwash and move everyone I love upstate with me. So melancholly and calm. Like living in Beethovens moonlight sonata everyday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


People here seem very typical and most are just financially motivated. Its only natural but here its at an extreme and its ugly. Everyone has chosen a certain skin to wear and they play their roles well. I have yet to choose one and I hope that I never do. Just the other day a friend told me he will get the new range rover because it will make him feel better about himself. Many probably dont take me seriously now because I havent what they think makes a person important. No worries, this allows for excellent observation. My posts will remain short these days cos Im not impressed by much. Anyway, if it seems I'm unhappy let me say that thats not the case. I love my city. Im very mellow and relaxed these days and im in no rush to do anything. This is not typical of me and I like it. Dan and I entertained our bellies with the finest duck in China Town. The Peking Duckhouse On 28 Mott St. The best damn duck I ever had. This is a fine example of the treasures you can find in NYC. I want to say to my cousin and his mates that their cool dudes. You guys are smart bastards living in such fine a city. I highly appreciate the hospitality and the warmth with which you welcomed me. Many thanks.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Fitting back into the lifestyle here wont be all that tough. Mercedes BMWs and Cadillacs are all my friends drive around in. All working hard. Alot of people in NY look so very burned out and lifeless. Raggedy, walking around like they were just run over by a bus. Diversity at its extreme. Rosie english aristorcrats and grimey mexican alley rats. Mostly, there is no stlye. Generics that run around copying eachother to no end. I have yet to wake with an appetite. Dont know wut to contribute this to but its true. Im never tired and feel like the day had just began when it strikes midnight. No one here knows the defintion of compliant and no one person wears a helmet wen they bike. Heathens!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Current

So Im back home and I must say, good friends I have. Cant say much more except that its terribly hot and humid out. My friends have been showing me a good time and Im appreciating it cos hard work lies right around the corner. Been out and about. I've got to say that this city that everyone wants to visit, that everyone has heard of, is my fucking playground.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Aussie Slang

I am now in Los angeles. Landed here after taking a flight from Aussie to new Zealand. I drove my unregistered car to the airport in aussie and left it in the short term parking. I flew over to NZ where the main loong flight awaited me. I took a sedative my cousin gave me and it knocked me out. 11 hours passed and the whole time I slept. The last flight is now boarding from LAX to JFK. Danman is scooping me with a j ready rolled. I just called him to confirm he is scooping me and he informed that my sis gave birth. This werks out very well and im glad ill be home for the bris. So, just some aussie things ill type here b4 i 4get them. A chick is a "sheila". Someone got wut they deserved "fair dinkum" Bloody oath or bloody hell is said wen somethings unbelieveble. No worries and cheers we all know. They cut stuf short and say see you in the arvo (meaning afternoon) Pack of smokes is a deck. Sweet as instead of sweet. And the last I shall use to represent the time I had in Australia. Fully Sick!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Duudes Im Coming Home

Its been a long and very eventful time this past 6 months. But, like all good things it has come to an end. I shall land in NYC saturday night. At 12 midnight. Dans coming to scoop me and he better not be late ya hear ya silly bastard. Anyway, im stoked to come home... Lots to share.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Married On Brighton Beach

I've kinda been scared to get pulled over since it never has been a pleasurable experience. And so when the lights flashed behind me and the woop woop that comes along hit me I began to worry. Was on my way bak from johnies cos he just got bak from overseas and we had a few. Also had a lil bud in my pocket. Hmm I shud hide under the seat im thinking. The officer comes up and asks for my license. here ya go. Do u know this car is unregistered sir? why no it was given to me for a week by a backpacker who is currently in Bali. HOw long are you here in Australia. I thought 1 month owuld sound good and thats wut I sed. They went bak to their car with a backward frontfacing walk as if suspicous of me. Wouldnt be surptised if they thought I was a crazy serual killer from the boondocks with these crazy horns Im sporting. They went and did ther checking. All the while I am shitting bricks wondering wut im in for. In a foreign land. The officer came back and sed Under these special circumstances Im not giving u a ticket (special circumstances meaning he cant do shit cos my nys drivers licence) but u have to park the car on the side and find another way home. He seemed so cheery and I was so relieved but at the same time tired. Since the wind was blowing in my direction I asked if i can drive it home. "YEEA NO WORRIES" I fucking love this place. So 2 days ago my mates yaniv and sophie got married. It was an amzing day. 6 of us not counting the midget that came to marry them chilling by the brighton beach shore. Then we took off in a limo to the Stokehouse. An upper class eatery in St Kilda. The day turned out to be an excellent one on which to get married and will be one to remember.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Daily Current

I mark a new day by putting on a fresh T shirt. I am doing some guerilla internet marketing work for a friend of my cousins who has a steakhouse in the center of the city. I jump into the passenger side of my car, find my steering wheel there and using it I drive into the city, park it illegally, jump on my board and go to werk like the rest of the city sheep in the mng. Its a bit diferent tho. What im doing for the owner of this restaurant is what I do best. I like to go up to the office, take off my jacket and get to work. Nowadays my belly remains filled with steak. I had the meal b4 the fast at Sauls (the steak joint owner) and then came back to this house to reflect. The day of the kippur fast passed quickly but one thing I noticed is that things move alot slower and this allows for excellent reflection. Being that ur taken bak to "just basics" everything manmade and technological you are detached of. Roaming around like a cave man sent to the future. Yairs been making a fuss bout the $200 he owes me for the motorcycle I sold him and I'd very much love to slap him. Ofcoarse I cant slap him being in Aussie. So prim and proper everyone is I'd be treated like I just raped the Prime Ministers daughter. Having slapped a few people whilst growing up in NY I can seriously say this is not a place you want to go around flagrantly slapping anybody. Anyway hes due to pay today after putting it off for a while. Silly Israeli knos better. I must say that I truly do miss NYC. What I miss is the litter and the filthy people. Pissed off and insane degenerates that cant ever fathom saying no worries mate.


Ali Farka.. He Wasnt Pretty But His Music Was Awesome

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed

Nursing a toothache means getting viked off ma face and that is exactly where I am right now. Off my face. Dont member how i got here but i am. I think it started with a visit to the chemist. ya ya the chemist. There i got ma fix and my toothache disapeared but along with it went my sanity. tsall good. Dont really need it right now. Im painting a masterpiece named the gilly of the rose. Ya ,it will be superb. The met and the louvre will be begging for the gilly of the rose. The werkings of my mind sometimes scares me. Dont get it really. I fear I'll never get on to well with any one person. Been lone for a while. Whatevers in my head has been mashed like potatoes. My head is hollow. I empty it often in order to think clearly but with wut. Austria Australia what the fucks the diference right bush? This ferry faggot John Howard has been PM here for too long I think. 11 years and no one has shot him yet. Try pulling that shit in the US ya silly old bastard. My friend Yanivs a friend indeed. Always rolls one for each of us. Not looking forward to this fast. Empty belly doesnt fancy me much. I like it wen its filled with panadeine codeine or any other damn deine that fluffs me up like a wicked cloud on a stormy day. Oh, sanity, there you are. Think you can hide under the couch huh? Why do you run from me? Come back!

Sunset On The Mornington Peninsula

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Of what I now gathered, it isn't compliant that the aussies are, its obedient. Don't wear your helmet or ur seat belt and you get zapped with a $100 fine. Let it sit for 2 months and it becomes a $1000. Don't pay it and you are a terrorist. A well organized system governments have to herd. Being that my whip is unregistered fines are not an issue and it allows for a good outside perspective.

Waaow now buddy has gone and shat himself and all the groomers are overbooked for 2 weeks. Why in the fuck did this have to happen.


The best thing I ever did in my life was drop this shit business I was in. So very calm and worry free I am these days and its unfamiliar for me to feel this way. Im used to having to worry about this that or the other thing and now I dont. Can start fresh and do exactly that which pleases me. I must thank my british friend Paul cos he convinced me that leaving his stressful biz was the best thing he ever did. I must agree. Having no worries is truly priceless.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The J-dub New Year

I have just confided in a friend of my cousins that the best thing that happened to me since I began travelling was meeting my cousin here. He is now in Israel but has organized for me to have dinner at his friends. I went to a south african synagogue today. The choir sang and I swear there was a hint of tribal african influence mixed into our good old torah songs. Then we made our way back to his home where A fine dinner awaited us. Chops, Avocado salad and many other beautiful things I was able to feast on. In the company of excellent people. Great conversation and an all around good time was had. All the while sipping on either wine or beer. Same traditions but on the other side of the world. I have to admit, other than NYC this here is where I feel the most at home. Its because of the quality people I met thru my cousin that I feel this way. Very comfotable. I make it a thing not to mention the names of people I like here and so I wont mention the name of the fine family with whom I dined this evening but a warm thank you is very much in order.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Stupendous Day Just Mucking Around

For so many reasons today was a most excellent day. Cant share and wont but twas. Squires Loft and La La Land are places to remember.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'd be lying if I said much was going on these days. Been watching the world pass. Slowly. Along with this house came 2 little brats. Kimmy likes to lick my face and stick her nose in it in the mngs to get me up. I favored her over little quiet buddy in the beggining. But then I figured it all out. Shes has this strong hold over buddy in the sense that she does not allow him to come and get pet as she likes to get. The result is buddy sitting lonely on the side like cinderella. If he attempts she ushers him over to where im not looking, growls and threatens to bite off his face. Yes, Ive seen it happen one day. Then she comes to me peachy and bubbly as if nothing had happened. Scheming lil bitch. So, i drove off the other night in seacrh of this nice steak house. I figured id treat myself since myy cuz left me a wad of cash for babysitting my cousins. Drove out of town in a clouded stupor and was surprised when I got lost. Decided to get drive thru at Mcdonalds and come home. I dont care much about the outside world nowadays. Its all just annoying noise. Passing a pub on my way back from nowhere sat night I noticed the popular spot in St Kilda. People and chat were spilling out of every crevice of this place like fat on a fat lady. I truly do wonder, is there really that much to talk about? Is what your saying really that interesting? I doubt it. But ill prob pretend it is had we ever met. Trust that I will pretend.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Car And My Bike

My cam has been out of order cos the memory card was shot. I now got a new one and will be uploading more Aussie pics and vids then ever b4.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Belligerent In Oz

Like a little fucking amateur I puked my face out yesterday whilst attending a friends engagement party in Warrigal Australia. An hour out of Melbourne into country land I went to say goodbye to my mates freedom and also to hunt for a chic to share my new pad with. Yaniv very much wants me to stay here in OZ as he is and so hes trying to set me up with one of his Aussie fiances friends. Quite a selection there was but before I cud take aim I realized that I was way too drunk. Had to go outside and wen I did I noticed the building was doing loops like a computer screen when caught on video. This dreadful feeling is familiar to me but I havent experienced it in the 6 months I've been getting pissed and travelling. Every little bit of heure d'ouvrs spewed out like a fire hose exiting my mouth. I was huddled up and cowering next to a car in the corner of the lot when someone screemed in horror "you thru up on my car" I tried to mumble something and noticed the chic saw my face. No further explanation was needed. Then Juliya, a pretty friend of the bride to be came out after hearing about a man dying in the front. She and I played the dare to stare game ater meeting. I was too drunk to care. She helped me to recoop and was sincere. We exchanged #s and she will be coming to visit Melbourne soon. Warrigal is a country town with country Australian folk. I like these people. I am so very blessed to be here home on the day after and not still there puking. Anyway, before I begin to get shit for this post let me say that that episode last night marks the end of my belligerent drinking. I've prob sed that 1000 timees but the truth is yesterday nights occurences are exactly the reason that I dont like alcohol. Would rather smoke. Never puked from that.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Codeine Rags And Riches

My friends and I bak home would sometimes abuse vicodin. Numb you get and just sit there so calm and serene a hard slap in the face wouldnt even break your shiny stare. Its cool and all but conforming to the medicated US phenomenon is not my plan. So a toothache was pestering me after I drove my bike into the CBD. I went to the nearest chemist and asked them for the strongest painkiller they had. Nurofin is Ozzies Tylenol. It works just as well. But this chic gave me Nurofin plus and said "this is the srongest, it has codeine" Viked off of mah face I am right now. On a fluffy cloud as comfy as could be. I now live in a mansion, a beautiful house in a quiet suburb in Melbourne known as Glen Eira. The owner is my cousins friend and shot off to NY to close a quarter billin dollar deal. Yes, its a b. The most dificult job of house sitting has been bestowed upon me and for my hard work I am being paid, to have free accomodation in a luxurious and art filled pad with a pool and jacuzzi for a month. Ohh the sorrow. This is a rags to riches type of story here as I was in the nastiest of all accomodation I've had since travelling just yesterday and was there for a couple of months. Now like Hugh Heffner (just replace his pipe with a spliff) I shall sit in my robe and lounge in the finest accomodation I have set since beggiinng travelling.

The Taliban

I must say I have no beef with the taliban and think their cool guys. They released these hostages today and they provided me with some fine afghan weed while in Rotorua NZ. I remember my brit friends and I toasting to the taliban as it was the finest trees we have attained after roaming around much of the country for a while. I dont ker wut Bush says. These fine gentlemen have contributed to my having a good time and thats what counts. Sold to us by some old maori woman out of her house. "Its afgan" she said. Thought nothing of it till we lit it up. Retarded we got and began to bless those that have grown this stuff, the taliban.

True News... A Very Informative Documentary. Worth The Time Unless You Have A Life

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Take A Guess. Which One Of The Bunch Is Ma Cuz?


The drunkest I have ever been I think I am right now. Just drove home after having about 14 @ my cousins. Joan (his wife), while on a business trip picked up some awesome wine. A box of it actually. Would sit, get pissed (meaning drunk), chat and learn new things about my family only my cuz would know. A family tree of us he found today that had nearly every last member of my family listed on it. The car I drive and its "hoon" horns can only be described as mohammad ali with his fists up in a dfefensive position. Jonny sais "there extremely offensive looking".lolllllllll. So compliant and rule abiding I think Ozz makes u. South Africans are similar if not tufer than us New Yorkers as they dealt with more "in your face" violence then we have {I suppose}. But Ozzies are just as laid back about things as they are particular about their rules and lil laws. Living here for long enough will turn any badass into a mary poppins in no time. Its just to good atime to care. A very good day I must say I had. A new respect I found for people that deserve it. Yes. I'd had a few and so gonna call it a night.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Good The Bad And The Smokers

I find that often in life there are things that we really like that we must let go. Wether this is a ciggarette or a girlfriend matters not, theres a battle that goes on within our minds. The first day of not smoking is the most dificult. I have experience with this and so yesterday I spent nearly the whole day on my bicycle sweating out the physical yearning for nicotine. Clearly two forces are at work here. The one that tells me I will shrivle up like a sunless flower if I keep smoking and the one that tells me look over there, theres a fit and active person smoking, its ok. Its very easy to get confused. Afterall this is all coming from your own mind. Anyway I have realized that telling myself that I will not ever smoke again is stupid and unrealistic. I've tried it many times and like during the fast of yom kippur I just want it more wen I know I cant have it. I will smoke only when Im pissed. This is the compromise I have decided to settle upon after arguing back and forth with the good and the bad voices in my head.

So after getting on the piss at my friend Yanivs crib I just now drove ma car back home and prepped some cereal and bread with peanut butter. Im gonna go with Yaniv to his engagement party at his girlfriends parents house out in the country on saturday. From their we will go see her grandads farm land with 400 cows. And 300 acres of beautiful country land. Munchies has kicked in and so gonna stuff my face and pass out.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Copyright Johnny O

Ur Daily Dose

Today was the 1st in the 2 1/2 months I've been here that I think I can say I got a taste of Aussie summer weather. A stunning day with the sun shining bright. Upon waking I found it to be beautiful out. Yay, my shorts, flip flops and T is all I will be wearing from here on out. Today was also the 1st in all the time I've been travelling that I felt on vacation. Its a beautiful place, Australia. With my shorts and a T I took my motorbike out for a cruise. With my flip flops on I kicked the gears up and soaked in the sun whilst doing 90kph. An awesome feeling it is to be dressed so skimpily and vroom around on a bike. Everyone in St Kilda Beach like me was wearing summer gear. I soon am moving over to this beautiful house where I will be reading and writing alot. Will have much time alone to reflect. Theres also a jacuzzi there which will def add to my feeling on vacation. Not much to say right now besides that I see good times ahead. Im a bit jaded these days and am just going with the flow. Not really using my sponge too much. A couple of firsts today and so for good measure let me throw in a last. Today is also the last day in-which I smoke cigarettes (at least for a long while). My lil cousins get pissed when they see me smoke and I promised myself and them that I will soon quit and so tonight I shall enjoy my last stogaj. Im getting sick of the word "I" and feel its a good idea to stop writing so much about myself. Probably will take a little break.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good Times

Today while attending the wedding of a friend I made here in Melbourne, I fucked up. It was in a cool place in an area known as the Dandenong Mountains. High trees and country all around. Its about 30 minutes out of town. It was a good time being at a wedding whilst in a foreign country. Kinda gives u more of a feel that u have settled. The place where the reception was held was a huge and very popular classy restaurant on top of the mountain. A very good looking couple. After travelling much u meet all types but only sometimes do you care to make someone your friend. Ofir is a friend. Not just another soul I've met. Only 2 or 3 of these I have made in the year I've been travelling.

Im now just hanging back at my place with my israeli mates. I just made a huge bonfire outside and had a good time. A friend I made named Yaniv has been living here for a few years and is also marrying an Aussie chick soon. Shes a very cool girl. I spoke to him bout what I think of Israelis that leave their home land to seek money elsewhere. He gave a great explanation. There simply is no chance for Israelis to earn enough to live comfortably as they deserve to do. Understood. I can appreciate that since the truth is that the Israeli Gov't totally does screw their citizens out of every penny they might make. Fuck the Israeli Government. One things for sure I had enuf of this pad I live in. If I had to spend another week in this house I'd go postal. Thank God I Dont.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Birds

It seems we hassle the birds here and its their land not ours. Never before have so many birds zipped by me just an inch from my face. Its scary, I mean if one is a fraction off itll take out ur eye. Today I was on my motorcylce when I noticed one off in the distance. It was playing chicken with me and was at level with my headlamp. It didnt seem to care that I was vrooming towards it and kept on gliding towards me. I got scared for a minute thinking were gonna collide before it turned away. Little bastard. My cousin Johnny was terrorized for a month by a bird that nested next to his house and would swoop down and take nips at his head. Lolllll!

Something I'd like to note is that I truly do miss the serenity that upstate New York living provides. Such a quiet and peaceful time it is living up there. Its been affirmed, the catskills is where I shall live and raise my kids. I've been to many places in the world and the Hudson Valley is where I shall b"h settle. Ahh, such a beautiful place where your kids can play outside till dusk and you dont have to lock your car or home. Acres and acres provide much privacy and if its a huge fire that tickles your fancy a huge fire you can have. No building codes nothing. Basically you can do whatever the fuck you please and no one can/will complain. Like whilst I was in my mummys womb I just feel warm and the most at home up there and its close to my fam and friends which is Ghoood.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ma Wings

These days I bend my wrist and get propelled by a 250cc engine on-which I sit atop. I cant describe the euphoric excitement I wake with everyday knowing my bike is outside. Like a little kid I wish I can bring it in my room and sleep next to it. Its my new toy. My cousin laughs when I see him and says im the most mobile person he knows. Its gotta be true afterall I am the most mobile person I know. I have 12 wheels now and pics of all of them I will upload soon. So, I kick my gear down once and then four times up to get to cruising speed, I dont curl into the bike as many speed demons do rather I like to stretch my arms on the handlebars and lean back to fully take in the sights. Free as a bird I am as my iron horse burps its way down the sidewalks, streets, lanes and avenues here in Melbourne. Its a bit nippy out so I'll be taking my car to get some Merlot. No Worries Meight!

Monday, August 20, 2007


It doesnt look very good for the U.S. what with all the huricanes its been cursed with the past few years. Here when the news comes on they talk about lots of shit like politics and how the runner up for the PM seat visited a scores stripclub in NY 4 years ago before they start to speak of important things like the floods in the south and midwest states. From here it just seems the caribean and the US are fukt. It aint looking very IRE for jamaica and Mexico mon. I wonder if its always been like this and I have only began paying attention a few years ago or if the weather is really starting to change for the worse. The remnants of the last hurricane just a few days ago is the center of discussion over the US other than the issues with the stock market and yet another bigger hurricane is on its way. I bet it'll stop wen Bush leaves office.

Ok Let Me Have It

So, on a mission for shmeeze after landing in New Zealand I found it to be a great tactic to waltse into any local park and look for the dodgiest people around. I dont know who taught me this trick if anyone did but it works on every try. I guess it came natural after many atimes walking thru Washington Square Park in the village in NYC as a youth and being offered a whole assortment of smoke by Jamaican thugs. Once late at night I got some while in Auckland by threatening to beat up some homeless guys that I knew had. They were hanging on the stoop of a missionary church and I was drunk. They gave it up... Here, everyone around me sounds like crocodile dundee. They say strange things like HOW YA GOIN? rather then hows it going or how ya doin. They say GOOD ON YA rather than good shit. I try to blend and say ye good on ya maight. Here im connected so I dont need the dodgy folk in the parks. I like to drive, board and bike around in a cloud of shmeeze. The 1st shmeeze I got was in a park in Auckland NZ and all of a sudden I felt @ home. Appreciation set in. The trees were prettier and the wind was louder. Twas good. Since I started travelling I havent remained in one city as long as I've been here in Melbourne. I like it and all but am sure if it wasnt for my cousin Ida been long gone. Ann, the chic that gave me her car is taking off soon. Sooner than she was supposed to cuz she isnt having the best time here. I have this subconscious advantage of feeling like I belong cos of my family here. I regret the fact that I did not come with an adequate amount of cash in-order to live a bit diferenlty but fuk it Im here. Let this then serve as my intro to Australia. I got a cool tattoo from a tribesman whilst in NZ. It fucking hurt! I had it done by an old Maori medicine man in the oldest Maori village in NZ. Its in Rotorua. I spent much time there. A ritual blessing was performed on me after talking to the medicine man for a while. OOOH this post was just interupted by a phone call from my motorcycle mechanic. My Suzuki Gn250 will have a new battery and carburator & will be road worthy tomo afternoon. Its supposed to be a beautiful week. Boooooyaaa!!!! Ok bak to the tatt, after u chat to this guy and he asks you a heap of questions (some strange) he tells u to bugger off. When u come bak the next day he has a composite sketch of wut the tattoo will look like. He comes up with the entire thing himself. He takes many things you told him into consideration when formulating it. Mine is a little below my mid back and is of a young phoenix taking off in flight, just beginining a new voyage. I remember saying I will get some ink in any country that influences me and NZ has. I am now out of glyconutrients and this very much vexes me. Henry the 8th the 8th I am!!! Something strange I've noticed is that the ugliest people in the world patronize Mcdonalds. Is it because you are wut u eat or is it simply the gathering place for grotesque freaks? Let me know if u do... I bet its like this in every country. The Australian native people, the aboriginals, are the ugliest people I have ever seen. They simply look like they havent yet evolved and just yesterday were monkeys. Their mouths protrude like that of the apes. Their woman have mustouches with these protruding mouths. Their simply ugly. Anyhoo, I got no work this week and so I will be as lazy as a cotton picker just after the emancipation proclomation. Gonna get toasted and drive round... Cheauuhhz Maiyt!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lil Mikey

Australian Grind

After being the finest procrastinator that ever lived its kinda tough to start taking up responsibilities and waking up for work. Its like deja vu. I set my alarm and it rings but I want to sleep longer simply because I know I cant. I've been learning a thing or two about hard fucking work. The other day after coming home with dry and blistered hands I had no choice but to put bowls of water on either side of me bed and rest my hands in there soaking. Soil must be the driest thing on earth and it drys up your hands to the point that a sudden twist of the shovel cracks your skin and it very much hurts. I can truly say my sweat and blood has gone into building that building. It is a good feeling tho coming home and showering. You feel real clean. Like wen I werked @ a cow farm upstate. Now I just showered and threw on my blazer with a t underneath like I do back home cos its Fri night and Johnny's family and I are off to his friends for dinner. Oh BTW I have attained a motorcycle. My kind boss has philanthropically donated it to me. I now have cash in my pocket, a bike, a car and a motorcycle. WTF esle can a man ask for?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Building a Building

I can certainly tell ya building aint easy. I got a raise from 100 to $150 a day but with the extra cash comes extra work and sacrifice. Today I worked like a border jumping mexican removing earth with a shovel. I was shirtless in a trench sweating during the winter, digging. I recruited my flatmate and friend Yair to come and helpout with the physical labor. We have only started pouring concrete for the foundation of a building. Much work has to be done. I'd like my family to know that I very much miss them. Today I spoke to my little sister on the phone whilst working. This only afforded 3 minutes of talk time before having to hang up. Not talking to her for a few months would be better remedied with a bit of a convo but like a soldier I must werk. I truly cant wait to see u guys.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cousin Sitting

Imagine, a whole new set of cousins you knew nothing of. Two diferent personalities that have accents totally foreign to you but, they are your family. Its very easy to fall in love with them understanding you have a couple of kids that have come into to this world and are also connected to you by blood. I pick them up from school sometimes and when I do we end up staying on the campus playing footy long after the other kids and even faculty have left. I enjoy every minute of it as I understand I probably wont be with them all the time in the future. One thing is for damn sure. Often they will see me and great things I shall show them.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Im Still

While in a pub or club I tend to stand firm. Like last night, saturday, I found myself on Chapel street in some pub. Alone, I make my way thru the crowd to the bar. No, you dont know me from high school nope we didnt go to UNI together actually, Im not from heah. I remember in NZ I got kicked out of a club simply because of how I dont blend. I dont get ridiculously beligerent. I dont flail my hands or anything else wildly. Im pretty still no matter how much poison I swallow. Dont know why it is but I am far more reserved than anyone else in the pubs. Even the security guards. This intimidates them I think. Like the guy in the end of the movie A Bronx Tale that shoots sonny, the background music is playing and everyone seems to be in rythym to it but I am not, I seem to have my own unique agenda. I dont. Also, I dont believe with all the horrible things that go on in this world that its fair or appropiate to act this way in public. I think it makes one look immature uninformed and stupid. Perhaps Im missing out but I dont give a fuk. Laughing hysterically should be kept to a minimum I think, preferably whilst in the confines of yours or a friends home or better yet only while in the company of your wife or GF. Anyone I ever discussed this with, older and wiser, tells me its nonsense and I should have all the fun in the world any chance I get. I must disagree. There is a cute and at the same time an ugly innocent child out there reaching out for help only to find that this cold & self absorbed world has'nt the time or simply doesnt care for him. I've been hearing alot about India from diferent people whilst travelling. I dont think I care to visit it. Apparantly the poverty I've seen in South America does not compare to the horrific things you see there. My flatmate Yair was trying to explain this to me and he shared with me a story. He was walking thru the filthy streets of Delhi and was met with a little girl begging for money. Now, many people physically deform themselves in-order to look needy. This apparantly makes it easier for them to pan handle because they win peoples pity. Yes folks, this is what it has come down to. This little girl Yair met had no face. It was burned off by her mom, a long time beggar who knows that people will pity a little girl with a burned off face. Its hard for us to think a mother can do this to her child but its just the tip of the iceberg. Look at China and Falun Gong. These are the activists we have all seen in the city. I never payed any mind to them. Today some guy while in the city went out of his way to hand me a flyer. It was obvious he wasnt being paid for this. He wasnt Asian. It meant something for him to get that flyer to me. Its about organ harvesting from living falun gong work camp prisoners in China. Just so thats its understood, these Falung Gong Practitioners are simply people that do a sort of kung fu like slow exercise in the mngs. Its not even a religion but the PM sees these people as a threat. I think its important to mention this here as I would have appreciated it if I lived thru the holacaust and someone cared to make it a part of their lives then. In the USA the waiting period for organs such as Kidneys or Livers are set in years. In china its days. Their killing these Falun Gong people by injecting them with something that causes their hearts to fail. They then sell their organs. Its now easier than ever to get a cornea or a kidney liver combo direct from your local asian connect. Jesus fucking christ.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Livin In A Land Down Under

Some Observations

Hmm where shall I begin. Melbourne Australia is the most eco-friendly city I have ever seen. And I have seen a few. These trams go everywhere so no matter where on the outskirts of the city you live you can easily get on and off one. No getting blown in the face by the exhaust of passing city buses. Bike trails there are aplenty. Like in brooklyn, its on the side of the road. The difference tho is that you actually see very many bikers on them. They all seem to have gone thru some coarse outlining the proper conduct and gear needed to legally bike. A white blinker for the front, a red one for the rear, a tire pump & a helmet. Their very compliant and no one here rides without a helmet. Even now in the winter there are many people filling the parks playing Footey. This is an australian game similar to footbal but the players dont wear astronaut suits like the "sissy" Americans do. Their tuf fuckers. I like this game and play it just about every chance I get. Often with my little cousins. Mostly I just wind back and give the football a good aimless kick. The general mentality here is more one of leisure and I dont think too many Aussies really grasp the concept of hard work. Less people you see lifeless and exhausted. Sharp contrast there seems to be between the quality of life here and in NYC. Aussies are rather good looking people and alot of them keep fit. I kid you not when I say, if you sit on a busy corner bench in the Central Business District here in Melbourne and then in NYC you'll find the ratio of knockout chix to be pleasantly disturbing.NY would be something like 1 in 30 maybe. This is clear whenever you step on a bus train or just hangout in a busy place. Compare it to 1 in 4 here and u get my drift. Art is extrememly abundant in all its forms. The walls are littered with graffiti here cos kids seem to have this urge to express themselves in anyway possible. The music sounds good just as the art looks good. Great classic tunes on the radio. They simply have great taste. Dont know how better to explain. Its hard not to want to stay forever and if I did not have my family and friends back home thats exactly wut I would do. During the month of september I must house sit for a friend of my cousins. I have commited myself to this. Its a very nice house and its free accomodation. I must soak myself in Melbourne for a while until I get the spark I am waiting for. I medidate now and then and when I did back home I used to get clear messages while chatting with my divine subconscious. Now I only get a hazy continue. Cosmic habitforce is a way to direct your subconcious and force yourself to habitually do things and to keep a certain state of mind. Ive been dabbling with this fine tool and it is apparantly the key to attaining anything you want including true happiness. I feel there is a good reason for my being here. Back home I never knew exactly where on the class ladder I belonged. It was confusing. Here i know exactly where Im at. Im at the bottom friends. There is nowhere for me to go but up. Everything I attain from a job, a bike to a car I see as a step further up the ladder. I brought with me here all the juice my sponge has soaked back home and this will help me to attain things.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lamb On Chapel

After getting toasted with my flatmate Yair and cruising round Chapel street we decided to hit up this popular souvlaki joint which is situated in the middle of all the action. I got a souvlaki there b4 meeting my cusin on saturday for our weekely bike ride as well. This time it was a small old white haired man that was working. Didnt seem to be on point. "This is the best lamb souvlaki I've ever had" I proclaimed aloud. The way its grilled is unlike they do it in NYC with the electric heat on the side. Instead they use lil pieces of wood coals and leave it simmering horizontally. Quite a view it is actually. Whilst scarfing down my lamb and chatting with Yair I sprung up and asked this man if it was his place. yes. "I'd like to work here" I said. He said he'll take my #. As I was giving it to him he sized me up and said ok come in tonight @ 6 with his greek accent. Today I entered an apprenticeship in the art of mastering the gyro and the rotisss. I was never in the hospitality business. It was new to me serving people but it aint half bad. Hauw Ya daoin? Doing good, Data entry & Souvlaki.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


A German girl has just gifted me with her car. No its not registered, no it doesnt have insurance and no I dont ker. We first met while I was back in Sydney. Bottom feeding as I am she was getting free accomodation by sworking in the hostel we were then at (smart). While in a panic I met her. I lost my backpack and thought I left it in the room so I went back after checking out. It wasnt there but she was. I scanned the room and didnt see it when she asked me where Im from. Her eyes were captivating. I forgot bout my bag for a few minutes. I asked her if shed like to have a cup o coffee later and she did. Whilst in sydney I waited for this chic and she never showed. I was stood up. My name is pretty simple to remember and so apparantly she remembered This all happened a month and a half ago. Around a month later she sent me an email telling me she loved my page and how honest I am on a public space. Also to apologise. Since she sorta pissed me off I was very brief in my email replies to her this past 2 weeks and didnt expect to ever see her again. I replied to her email request this mng for my #. After posting the pics below I was to meet her here in Melbourne for coffee. Shes got this no nonsense type of stare. I remember why she made me forget bout my bag (which was found) that day. I decided to treat myself since in the company of a real treat named Ann. Also cos after walking thru the streets & alleys of the CBD to find everything closed, we had'nt much of a choice but this classy pasta place with a mellow jazz band playing outside next to our table. We payed our own way. It was nice. Dont remember how it came up exactly but she doesnt need her car and so she gave it to me. Its an old toyota sumthin or other. I remember a couple of weeks ago walking around dreaming I had a car to drive around in and explore this awesome country with. Lo n Behold I have one. This mng I boarded into the city. This evening I drove out.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sum Shots Of Melbourne Australia

There isnt much for me to say blogmaster. Just been enjoying a good mix of music, people, art and wine. Random smiles I find stamped on my face very often these days. I've been using herbal essences mental conditioner. Extremely optimistic.