Friday, August 10, 2007

Some Observations

Hmm where shall I begin. Melbourne Australia is the most eco-friendly city I have ever seen. And I have seen a few. These trams go everywhere so no matter where on the outskirts of the city you live you can easily get on and off one. No getting blown in the face by the exhaust of passing city buses. Bike trails there are aplenty. Like in brooklyn, its on the side of the road. The difference tho is that you actually see very many bikers on them. They all seem to have gone thru some coarse outlining the proper conduct and gear needed to legally bike. A white blinker for the front, a red one for the rear, a tire pump & a helmet. Their very compliant and no one here rides without a helmet. Even now in the winter there are many people filling the parks playing Footey. This is an australian game similar to footbal but the players dont wear astronaut suits like the "sissy" Americans do. Their tuf fuckers. I like this game and play it just about every chance I get. Often with my little cousins. Mostly I just wind back and give the football a good aimless kick. The general mentality here is more one of leisure and I dont think too many Aussies really grasp the concept of hard work. Less people you see lifeless and exhausted. Sharp contrast there seems to be between the quality of life here and in NYC. Aussies are rather good looking people and alot of them keep fit. I kid you not when I say, if you sit on a busy corner bench in the Central Business District here in Melbourne and then in NYC you'll find the ratio of knockout chix to be pleasantly disturbing.NY would be something like 1 in 30 maybe. This is clear whenever you step on a bus train or just hangout in a busy place. Compare it to 1 in 4 here and u get my drift. Art is extrememly abundant in all its forms. The walls are littered with graffiti here cos kids seem to have this urge to express themselves in anyway possible. The music sounds good just as the art looks good. Great classic tunes on the radio. They simply have great taste. Dont know how better to explain. Its hard not to want to stay forever and if I did not have my family and friends back home thats exactly wut I would do. During the month of september I must house sit for a friend of my cousins. I have commited myself to this. Its a very nice house and its free accomodation. I must soak myself in Melbourne for a while until I get the spark I am waiting for. I medidate now and then and when I did back home I used to get clear messages while chatting with my divine subconscious. Now I only get a hazy continue. Cosmic habitforce is a way to direct your subconcious and force yourself to habitually do things and to keep a certain state of mind. Ive been dabbling with this fine tool and it is apparantly the key to attaining anything you want including true happiness. I feel there is a good reason for my being here. Back home I never knew exactly where on the class ladder I belonged. It was confusing. Here i know exactly where Im at. Im at the bottom friends. There is nowhere for me to go but up. Everything I attain from a job, a bike to a car I see as a step further up the ladder. I brought with me here all the juice my sponge has soaked back home and this will help me to attain things.

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