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Journey To Serenity

These days I'm very self aware. I have to be careful because the last time I felt similar to how I do now, I became manic and ended up in an undesirable and dangerous place with exatly those types. If I see a pretty face nowadays, I'll walk over from a distance, sometimes even from across the street, with no shame I ask you nonchalantly "I dont believe we've met just yet, I'm Gil" I continue "listen, maybe you can help me with a problem I have with my missing the phone number of a beautiful girl named...wait whats your name"

Straight to the point, shrewd, often rude. I call chic friends of mine like Vera my dudes.

Ok, enough with the rhyming. Bottom line is that changes are occurring...confidence is beaming. Happiness is gleaming. I found a job I love with one of my best friends as a boss. We work hard and are cut throat but we have a ball @ the same time.

Let's see where this ride takes me, it's been bumpy lately but I am closer than ever to serenity.

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Nonshalant NYC [Constantly Updated Playlist]

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Gato malo :: Thug Life

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Yo No Chamsa 757

All Knowing Odin

It's about time I think, one of us steps up, takes initiative, and propels us to those comfortable spaces, altitudes and positions which we deserve...being true-to-the-T hustler sharks that we are, couple friends and I.

When it comes to business hours or work time, we are viscous with it.. Cold, calculating and always producing way more than the fella next to us, or, at times, anyone else in entire buildings for that matter (its true).

Yeah so, Hillel Nackab makes an appearance here once again. Being that he has children, is married, and has sight a lot less short than mine, he started quite an interesting business. This allows for many beneficial things.

1- The ability to learn about many different businesses, and the job involves closing any and many demographic around the country.
2- The ability or the tools, if you will, which to allow us to put our hustler ambition and mentality to use.
3- The ability to put this ambition to use in a Very lucrative field (finance) reminiscent of how Meir Lansky took Italiano gangsters from the street and put suits on them back in the day, creating Lucky Luciano and other original wise guys.
4- Ability to abuse people who know not WTF they're doing in the office and watch Hillel fire them in the most cold way [HA!]
5- Ability to influence like Jim Willis
6- Ability to influence more B"H

Jehro-All I Want