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Counter-Stupification Article 1

Article 1 - Navigating The Perplexities Of Control:

If it isn't yet understood, governments (and other corporations who utilize the same tactics) control what the population thinks, what we want, and what we spend our (sometimes back-breaking) hard earned money on.

If you look into something called the Pyramid Climbing Syndrome, you will quickly learn that what you think it is that you want, most often is an illusionary tale told to you by your easily influenced subconscious mind. You don't really want what's been set into your brain, very much like a program by the electronic media - you just think you do.

The new iPhone? Don't worry, you're awesome without it.
The new Mercedes? Your neighbor doesn't really care.
The rich guy for your beautiful daughter. Will steal any chance of true happiness that she ever thought was possible.

Don't take my word for it, trust your instinct when I say, if your goals and reasons for living are petty - you will pay dearly, one way or another (most realistically navigating through a cloudy confusion of existence) - for having wasted this life.

So, when we went to school, (I always felt being bothered by institutional learning wasn't a natural way to progress) is when the programming began.

It's when and where those adults who were in control of us, while we were hapless and innocent, set onto us their ideas of what's right, what we should strive for, who to look up to, etc.

Sadly, what often is the case, is that POTENT POTENTIAL is stolen from out of our realms of possibilities simply because of small-minded and selfish dumbasses who happen to be born 20 or 30 years ahead of us in time, and made their way into our lives in the form of teachers, parents, (sometimes) siblings - even what we have been forced to see as role-models.

We had no choice who to "take in" information from when we were children, and our opinions and beliefs were molded quite effectively then, but I ask (before moving forward in this writing) that you enter this classroom a blank canvas, ready to get painted with possible knowledge;

The picture may or may not end up pretty, but I promise you that it is real.

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