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hat can I say, it's been a bit since I wrote an update. I moved over to Florida where my head now rests. It's not permanent though as my pooch and best pal Rip Van Stinkle Pants is getting older and I think he needs me back in BK.

Facetiming back home leaves me with a view of him depressed as though he lost someone close - because he did.

Sometimes I wonder what goes through that gentle giants mind. When I'm happy, he is too. When he sees me in a bad way he comes over and rests his head on my lap so as to convey "I Feel Ya Bro". I can only compare a loving dog who is unswayingly loyal to their owner(s) as living in a reality similar to a dependent that their masters are their entire lives or in other words, the totality of their existence.

Unlike people, their intentions and emotions are made clearly known. Also, many a people are experts at concealing their true feelings or emotions at any given time - can smile all the while loathe your presence.

Animals show you the pure versions of how they're feeling. No concealment because they never utilized mirrors in order to deceive/tweak. 

I was in Miami Dade's ASPCA today where I spoke with the director and explained that I will exercise my newfound videography and editing skills to help get their 300+ animals rescued. They have not been utilizing video or social media and are, forgive me for saying, a little old school.

They were quite pleased about this because I explained I'll do it free but they know nothing about how much it's worth for me, how much it makes me happy, driven by purpose, helping two otherwise stranger but loving souls connect, intertwine and become one forever home/happy family. Gonna build an app for them utilizing workers abroad too.

Workwise, I've been utilizing Selenium browser automation to make my life easier and I'm finding that capabilities and possibilities might not be endless but they are omnipresent, kinda like dirt in the old wild west movies.

And with that, Gillyroze Over N Out!

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