Friday, May 13, 2016


Its quite interesting to observe the classic goings on around election time. But this go around, 2016, is gonna prove especially cut throat and merciless. Take note of the chatter you'll hear from all of these people around you about this that or the next new development, occupying their minds with backward ass, manufactured crap. The media, with all of it's shiny faces and professional suits, all glitzy and pretty, is the most evil entity there is. It is the media that fooled us into thinking Saddam had WMDs, which led to the death of over a million (mostly innocent) people. It is the media who already decided who will be president and what we know of either party candidate. The same companies that control everything we're allowed to know happen to be owned by the biggest bankers in the world. Things just dont work properly, one excellent example is pharmaceuticals being completely for-profit entities. It is so morally wrong to suppress cures but why would an organization with a stated intention/mission of growing its profits and dividends for their stock holders shoot themselves in the foot if they find a cure?

What the Trump presidency will look like

The Future, Foretold.

Thievery Corporation - Beautiful Drug