Friday, April 27, 2007

The Patriot Act is NOT patriotic.

After speaking to a wise customer today who was a sailor for 25 years, it seems New Zealand Australia might be my first stop abroad. This is a quote I found in his email.

Those who would give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY to purchase a little TEMPORARY
SAFETY, deserve neither LIBERTY nor SAFETY.
- Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today a friend looked me in the eye and asked "did you really fall into the falls?" A lil perplexed I looked him straight back and said yah. I understand many people like to flap their lips @ random or whenever fed a quiet moment. Not I. This blog is for future retrospective studies of myself. I do not much care what people think of me and try to convey this thru my clothing Like my shirt that says "Fuck You i have enuf friends". Or the one that says "snatch" in a snapple logo. The kicker here is simple you will find only truth when reading this page. Upon reflection, I doubt any of my long time friends doubt anything I write here. They know me. This is a new friend that wisely doubts before he believes but doesnt yet know Gilly Roze.

Good Times I Tell Ya Good Times

I have recently learned to mix recreation with work. @ my old office in Bklyn I'd often get up from my desk grab my bb gun and shoot something to let off steam. Today I created a piece of art by shooting holes in a large candle. Left right and in every which direction. It now bleeds as it burns. I busted up my elbow a little bit after taking a bad fall off of my board. There is a winding road that leads up to Hunter Mountain, I tried to conquer it but twas stronger than I. Earth mother possesses that pulling stuff they call gravity and she was on its side. I busted my ass quite a bit actually. I try to be harmonious with the stuff I have and do. For example, when I skate on my board or shoot my guns, I try to imagine they are an extension of me. This perspective makes many tough things much easier I find. Since Im already talking about me, let me introduce you to the 2nd me. Being around so many people in the city and worrying about this that and the other thing confuses people. At least it did me. When you think in your head (rationalizing or w/ever u want to call it) what are you actually doing? You are negotiating possible avenues to take given certain situations. Who are you negotiating with? I was watching the end of the movie Commited yesterday night, her narrating the excellent movie with a great quote that I cant remember in the end had me thinking. Its true, they lock people up because they talk to themselves or because they say they hear voices in their heads. Is it not a good idea to further explore instead of sedate? They very well might have forgotten that there is a diference between social communication and what we call thinking. I have yet to meet anyone whos voice speaks with more logic than the one in my head. Since things slowed down for me as they will for anyone that moves out to a place like this I can truly say that my best friend, my companion, my guide is that voice in my head. It is he that keeps me company while alone, tis he that bounces his superior wisdom off of my simplistic logic and helps to make decisions with me. I might be mad but I can really truly say wherever I am, wherever I might be I am happy with just the me in me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Most Blissful Weekend

Good times is the best way to describe this past weekend. Home for friday night dinner with the family then spent the weekend in NYC. Friday I spent brushing up on my boarding skills with my Royal Board that says Brooklyn Zoo on it along with my favorite band stickers. I tied the board to my bike and then drove to Central Park with it. I found the highest point in the park and locked up my bike. From there I was able to board downhill for 20 minutes straight. Twas a good time. The runners and the bikers were frolicking to get away as I was going down and they were going uphill. This was a good prequsisite for my Broadway shopping on spring st. I figured fuck it when I saw a slowly passing tour bus and found myself Pirate boarding down from Spring to Canal on Broadway. Yea its dangerous but the cabs and the buses provide a good kick start. Being a tourist in the city is very diferent then living there. You actually take in the things around you. The incredible amounts of money spent on the big buildings. The empire. Saturdays shopping was fun and all but saturday night at Zohars Birthday bash @ Cabana was a bash indeed. So many familiar faces and friends. Some that I havent seen in years. Some from 2nd grade. Just being in a club and knowing I dont live in this city provided a much more pleasant experience. A slower one. I normally cant stand clubs. Maybe its cuz we got VIP treatment and the largest center table but I dont think so. One funny thing happened. I was smoking a stogie chillin by my table when one of the guards came up and said "Put That Out". He then looked @ Yossi Attias, the guy sitting next to me and said oh ok smoke. Perplexed I asked one of the 10 attias brothers what was that about? He said "I tipped every bouncer in here $50". This allowed for much fun and full advantage was taken. Zohar is a good guy. He is one that truly will be there when needed. I know him for 13 years and can gurantee that. you can take it to the bank. He is a great "public relations" type of person with all of our friends. He stays in touch with everybody and so the party was truly a gathering. A couple of chicks were running after me with a camersa flicking away and one said she knew me through an exgirlfriend. @ the end of the night she had me hold up 2 of her little cards that say I guess ill be up on there site. Sunday i decided to head out back home. I got my stuff ready and left my parents house. Aloney lives just a couple of blocks away and so I stopped by him before the 2 hr drive. He has a cute apartment/house next to my parents. I was going to stay for 10 minutes but easily convinced to stay the day and have a bbq. THe bunch that gathers @ aloneys are kewl. His girlfriend brings her friends over and its an all around good time when we hang. We made the most of his bklyn backyard and even squeezed in some soccer. Yestereday night as I arrived home I heard some rustling coming from the bushes when I walked out of my car. I entered the house quickly. I got my flashlight. Apparantly while I was biking, boarding, partying and bbqing this big black bear was having a ball of his own on ma land. There is a 5 by 2 foot plastic container that I store and lock garbage in before I package it into a big hefty bag and take it to the dump. I even put a 30 pound sand bag on top of it to prevent this from happening. This fucker was feasting while I was away and made a real mess. As I flickered the light on him he quickly made haste. This morning while talking to a business associate on the phone, Sam Zacharin of CPS, I was walking around outside my house talking on the phone taking in the beautiful sites, the fresh air and the suns warmth. I walked over to where mess was that the bear made and learned a valuable life lesson. Always, Always look at your immeditate surroundings. I, like the wide eyed NYC tourists, had my eyes focused on the whole of things. The mountains the trees and all that. My lesson was: Watch your step wherever you roam because snakes slither.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Changing Weather

A shocking revelation I just had. Tom Brown is a no nonsense type of author. He writes about survival with the things that nature gives us. I like the way he writes. You can tell he has indian in him. You can tell in his writing that his heart beats slow. He has learned how to live in harmony with the land and sometimes stands still for hours while on a hunt. Emotionless and with nothing besides being @ one with his surroundings in mind. Of the 10 outdoor survival type books the shop I patronize had to show, twas Toms that I found to be easiest read. I am only on the third chapter but am eager to finish. He explains, when some get lost in the wilderness they flee in a panicky flight losing much needed energy. He explains "they become overly concerened with what they have to eat". I think this survival course im putting myself through by way of reading this book practising it and roughing it in the Adirondacks will be a good prerequisite if you will, for my travels abroad. I have for a while been thinking about the strange weather and am sure the top meteorologists are not sharing with us the truth about the repurcussions of our crimes against mother earth. I am no prohpet and you dont have to be a genius to put the pices together. 40 years from now everyone all around the world will KNOW this world is changing. Like Paul Mcmahon says "its becomming tougher to live in" The tsunami in asia killed hundreds of thousnads of people. Ok, we saw it on our tubes and forgot about it. It hit close to home with new orleans but still people are oblivious to the imminet danger. 40 years from now it will be a harsh reality for everyone. 10 years from now I suspect people will at least understand what is going to happen. People will frolic and herd inland. Away from the coastal cities. Propery value in areas like where I currently reside 2 hours north and inland from the city will skyrocket. After reading about how food should be the last thing we worry about when stranded in the outdoors as we can do w/out for an entire month, I tought hmm, yom kippuer, the greatest jewish day, is a great day to use to condition yourself for rough times. Not eating or drinking for an entire 24 hours is something we all do annually. I am not religous nor do I think I will ever be but I have examined many a-books and the Torah seems to be the greatest guide for life. Put to the test by people that have endured, it is a tool for survival. Our survial conditioning is brought forth annually by way of ceremony and tradition. I had to make note of this observation.

Woodstock, Christina Vargas, Cory And George Clinton

Woodstock NY, has been made popular by the concerts held there every so often. It trully is a place that artists have been around. What's not understood is that it might be the best place for an art agent or dealer to visit. It is chock full of true fresh artists, whether musicians painters writers or dentists, on the Hudson Valley, Woodstock owns the art scene. It does not matter how many art galleries a town might have or how well known it might be for its art. Only in Woodstock will you see a bunch of true to the year 69 hippies. They walk to where one smokes a cigarette outside and light up as if its amsterdam. Not even in Amsterdam had I the pleasure of seeing such flagrance. I think their cool. Their true at least to something. As i walk around calmly absorbing the mannerisms, the speech, the authenticity of the folks surrounding me, I noticed a girl that seemed totally free spirited. She walked up to strangers and asked them questions about the town we were in, she spoke aloud as if to everyone. There were many people there because George Clinton was performing and apparantly the people of Woodstock are fans. As I was smoking a stogie out side I took notice of this girl Cory. Then, as I was done I walked back into this concert full of country artists. Its a cool town, good people. If you hold the door for someone you can take their saying thank you to the bank, unlike in NYC. I consider Woodstock and towns around it a place I may call home one day. So, as fate had it, Cory drifted toward me while outside I think in need of a light. Upon chatting her up I found she is 8 days older than I and from the city they call lost angles. She got to Gods country just 2 weeks ago. Alone was her reply to my who'd ya come with? She works for the holistic healing center nearby, The Omega Institute. She possesses an element I seek in a girl, a free spirit that stamps smiles and joy on whomever she passes even while alone. She speaks of surfing waves and sunny California. It is of her the pic above. I shall soon update other pics of people @ this show to give u a feel for the spirit and some from an art gallery named after its owner Christina Varga that I post here to represent Woodstock N.Y.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tom Brown's Field Guide, Wilderness Survival (Current Read)

Next Stop!!!

To those of you that are bored enough to keep up with this blog, here's whats in store. I'm thinking if im to explore i have to be as practical as possible. I will have to use everything I have to the fullest. Whether its tangible or not. I am now in the state of NY. Yesterday night I decided to flicker on the plasma. I saw some british guy on the discovery channel. Some young guy that was in the british special forces. This guy apparantly does not know hot to land after jumping out of a plane. A bad jump broke his back and the one for this show nearly did the same. Anyway, the reason I mention this is, If this brit can survive in my backyard, in the Rockies, well than so will I. I will enjoy as much I can the nice house I live in currently on a cozy mountain named Hunter and I shall head north. To one of the most beautiful locations on the planet earth. Big grizzzlies,slippery fish and rattling snakes. Next Stop, THE ADIRONDACKS! Closest thing to the rockys and not so far from where I live. So, im sitting here next to my quick hitch tent, and my mummifying -30 degree capable sleeping bag, Im reading a book about outdoor survival. It took me only 20 min to set diggs and employ my new heating company. I will have to sometimes rough it up there. The trails take days to complete. I sometimes think about why I dont care to go it alone, scared to get eaten by a bear or an african tribe. I think the reason for this is, I know most people are ill informed. A progaganda class @ Tel-Aviv University taught me to never allow in emotional or single dimensional reports for we never know the source of these messages. I never measure current or future manifestations by what I hear from people. I must learn the hard way. I have always thought when a kid and scared to go on a ride, "screw that, if all these people passing can do why cant I"? I will feel naked around bears withouht my guns and so I shall bring them. I will not travel the usual tourist paths. I will be taking back roads and stick myself in the thick of things and so I guess I'll attain a firearm wherever I go. God forbid I have to use it.

Bear Tracks On My Lawn

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...Off To Conquer The Kaaterskill Falls.

Soon I will share some pics of big bear tracks. One walked around my lawn this morning. I put a quarter in it to give you an idea of its enormity. For now, take a look at this wise comment left on my blog anonomously. "Every success begins with a "why not?" Of all the ideas and dreams we conceive, how many of them do we carry to term? Nine or maybe ten,times out of ten we cancell out our inspiration with all the reasons they won't work in reality.To stop this,think "why not",then nine,or maybe ten,times out of ten you will find that nothing is really keeping yourself from at least exploring your dreams and desires.Then you can realistically assess which ones are not only possible but appropriate for you to pursue. "

Thursday, April 12, 2007


The slippery drive up my driveway just now was pretty. The air is cooler up here in the mountain tops and so it snowed instead of rained like in NYC. My highbeams illuminated the pristine snow covering the land. Its only cute little animal tracks that you can see have disturbed the snow. The bright fire crackles as I write this here post. I just returned from a visit back home to see to it that my dog truly was brought back to us by his captors. Also to see if theres anyway I can help my dad out with his annual publication And of coarse to visit my friends. To this post, Joey Stizzles will sat I told you so. He says I do one thing and then the next day another. This is absolutely true of me. I had many a-times bought tickets to such places as Israel or mexico shooting off in the coming days. I remember working at Metlife. There, someone told me something and ever since I heard it its has been bouncing around in my head. YOU CAN WORK HARD OR YOU CAN WORK SMART. Actually, I now think I can work hard and smart. I know the way that I handle things now is smarter than some but I'm not ecstatic about it when I wake up. Turning 26 made me look back my bland life in retrospect. It took a good friend to help me realize I can make my dream become a reality. Recently, I've been thinking about what exactly I would love to wake up to do. I KNOW I'd love to work for National Geographic and go to diferent corners of the world and take shots of exquisite things. But why the hell would they hire me? I've also been thinking, if I am to write a book what worldy knowledge would I have to share? I'm just some kid that visited some places to sit by the beach. I have, together with my frend Aloney, been pondering on such things as the cost of living here in NY. What the time diferences in diferent countries are, what the cost of living there would be taking the fact that your making dollars from wherever you work into consideration. It turns out, I would be able to go to sleep later and wake up later in europe in order to keep up with my American clients. My monthly rent and expenses on this hemisphere are far more than what they would be while im out exploring the world. It took spending a day at my dads studio and work flowing just fine. Doing the same at my moms today then thinking hmm I just took my biz upstate and so it doesnt matter much where I am. Everything is online. I make about enough money to cover the things I need and thats it. The things Ill need in other countries will cost me less. I will chronicle everything I will see travelling the world. I have always wanted to do this but every other time I considered it I was tied down with a girlfriend. I will provide here a clear and unbiased, An unracist channel in which you will be fed insight on diferent parts of the world and its spledor. Together we will learn about the amazing diferent things this world has to offer. I am pondering wether to stay on this beautiful mountain another month or to move on. My first stop will be in Europe. There, I guess I'll take the eurorail to document as many countries as I can. Prague, I have been itching to see. I will soon write a post about my observations of the Catskills and its kind people. Contrast is something I like and I think I might dabble with it someday and use it to maybe penetrate the artworld in my unique way. I can write here about New York City because I have stepped away from it a bit lately and am able to convey a clear observation. I will be able to do the same about mountain living when i step away from it as well. Because of the mix of beliefs, of religions, morals, races and because there are alot of crazies, people are a bit apprehensive toward one another. You can try to talk to a girl here and she will walk right past you as if you dont exist. Many people act this way in the city mostly. Not too many people look you in the eye. Also the immigrants that you see work here, their eyes dont have the depth there families back home do. Its like people are zombies and are slaves to the grind. I liken the way people live in NYC and its 5 boroughs to soda cans lined next to eachother like in my corner grocery store. Everybody lives scrunched up next to eachother and privacy is something thay must know nothing of. I like to make as much noise as I want in my house. Ill keep the images at 10 mega pixels (even tho it takes much longer to upload) so you can see what I see. Sooo, your not allowed to take pictures in the Pierpont Museum. Below you will find pictures from the PierPont Museum Theres only 3 and they were quickly caught. The rest are from a large book with hundreds of paintings from the renascaince. I have selected those that have tickled my fancy. I have noticed that this page is viewed by a vast and internationally diverse audience. I welcome you to save it and join me on my explorations of the world, its art and the vast contrast between continent to continent .

The Pierpont Morgan 36th and Madison And Some Other Tickling

2 Hours North Of NYC

Monday, April 09, 2007

Considering Writing A Book

I am considering writing a book about my opinions or findings if you will of the twisted world we inhabit. The damning truths about religions, businesses that seem to be out to "help us", fake friends and smiles that we all unfortunately encounter daily. It will detail the many misconceptions we were all led like sheep to believe by the savvier, the "smarter", the liers. Email your opinons to Things arent always as they seem, your comments will be appreciated (you can also just click on comment below).

Kingstons SuperCenter Walmart

Last friday, I decided to go to the Walmart one exit off the New York thruway from where I currently live. Its in a popular town named Kingston. I noticed the sign as I was parking my car that said SUPERCENTER and also took notice to how enormous this place was. It must cover 20 acres. I knew I had many things to buy and so I went to grab a cart upon entering. I saw those little scooters for the disabled and thought hmm I have quite a bit of walking around to do as I had many things to purchase. I faked a limp and walked over to the guy in front and told him "I will be needing one of those scooters as I twisted my ankle yesterday" The reason I did this is simple, who the f wants to walk around a 20 acre place. So as I was familiarizing myself with this neat little thing I realized it's pretty damn cool and maneuverable. It beeps when you go in reverse and has a motorcyle type accelerator. It moves at just the right pace to scan the stuff you are passing and stops on a dime when you release the handle. I mention this here because I learned a valuable lesson while toying around with this thing. People looked at me as if they pitied me. They moved out of my way hurriedly to let me pass which I found to be a true pleasure and convenience but the looks were degrading. What the fuck is wrong with them? Isnt it enough that someone cant walk? You have to give them looks of pity to degrade them even further? I always made it a thing to try to treat disabled people I encounter in the same way I do anyone else and I think everyone else should to. Yes give them the space they need to pass and make way for them but dont look down on them as if you feel bad, I dont think it helps.