Sunday, April 15, 2007

Changing Weather

A shocking revelation I just had. Tom Brown is a no nonsense type of author. He writes about survival with the things that nature gives us. I like the way he writes. You can tell he has indian in him. You can tell in his writing that his heart beats slow. He has learned how to live in harmony with the land and sometimes stands still for hours while on a hunt. Emotionless and with nothing besides being @ one with his surroundings in mind. Of the 10 outdoor survival type books the shop I patronize had to show, twas Toms that I found to be easiest read. I am only on the third chapter but am eager to finish. He explains, when some get lost in the wilderness they flee in a panicky flight losing much needed energy. He explains "they become overly concerened with what they have to eat". I think this survival course im putting myself through by way of reading this book practising it and roughing it in the Adirondacks will be a good prerequisite if you will, for my travels abroad. I have for a while been thinking about the strange weather and am sure the top meteorologists are not sharing with us the truth about the repurcussions of our crimes against mother earth. I am no prohpet and you dont have to be a genius to put the pices together. 40 years from now everyone all around the world will KNOW this world is changing. Like Paul Mcmahon says "its becomming tougher to live in" The tsunami in asia killed hundreds of thousnads of people. Ok, we saw it on our tubes and forgot about it. It hit close to home with new orleans but still people are oblivious to the imminet danger. 40 years from now it will be a harsh reality for everyone. 10 years from now I suspect people will at least understand what is going to happen. People will frolic and herd inland. Away from the coastal cities. Propery value in areas like where I currently reside 2 hours north and inland from the city will skyrocket. After reading about how food should be the last thing we worry about when stranded in the outdoors as we can do w/out for an entire month, I tought hmm, yom kippuer, the greatest jewish day, is a great day to use to condition yourself for rough times. Not eating or drinking for an entire 24 hours is something we all do annually. I am not religous nor do I think I will ever be but I have examined many a-books and the Torah seems to be the greatest guide for life. Put to the test by people that have endured, it is a tool for survival. Our survial conditioning is brought forth annually by way of ceremony and tradition. I had to make note of this observation.

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