Sunday, April 15, 2007

Woodstock, Christina Vargas, Cory And George Clinton

Woodstock NY, has been made popular by the concerts held there every so often. It trully is a place that artists have been around. What's not understood is that it might be the best place for an art agent or dealer to visit. It is chock full of true fresh artists, whether musicians painters writers or dentists, on the Hudson Valley, Woodstock owns the art scene. It does not matter how many art galleries a town might have or how well known it might be for its art. Only in Woodstock will you see a bunch of true to the year 69 hippies. They walk to where one smokes a cigarette outside and light up as if its amsterdam. Not even in Amsterdam had I the pleasure of seeing such flagrance. I think their cool. Their true at least to something. As i walk around calmly absorbing the mannerisms, the speech, the authenticity of the folks surrounding me, I noticed a girl that seemed totally free spirited. She walked up to strangers and asked them questions about the town we were in, she spoke aloud as if to everyone. There were many people there because George Clinton was performing and apparantly the people of Woodstock are fans. As I was smoking a stogie out side I took notice of this girl Cory. Then, as I was done I walked back into this concert full of country artists. Its a cool town, good people. If you hold the door for someone you can take their saying thank you to the bank, unlike in NYC. I consider Woodstock and towns around it a place I may call home one day. So, as fate had it, Cory drifted toward me while outside I think in need of a light. Upon chatting her up I found she is 8 days older than I and from the city they call lost angles. She got to Gods country just 2 weeks ago. Alone was her reply to my who'd ya come with? She works for the holistic healing center nearby, The Omega Institute. She possesses an element I seek in a girl, a free spirit that stamps smiles and joy on whomever she passes even while alone. She speaks of surfing waves and sunny California. It is of her the pic above. I shall soon update other pics of people @ this show to give u a feel for the spirit and some from an art gallery named after its owner Christina Varga that I post here to represent Woodstock N.Y.

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