Thursday, May 31, 2012

God Bless The IDF


Was supposed to be on tv show so here r a few answers to questions they've been asking.

1) Something unique about family. In my extended family there are many successful and inspiring artists. This includes a director in Israel (who is their Francis Coppola), an uncles who's also a very popular sculptor here as well (whos pieces are given to visiting dignitaries, world leaders and the like by the prime minister. My father is a professional photographer and has his works displayed in museums across the world. My immediate family back home includes my mother, father, younger sister (19 yrs old), older sister (34 yrs old) and my older brother who is 32 yrs old. We are all tight knit and close. One unique thing is that our younger sister seems to have the most say or "influence" on decisions made and what she says "goes". 2) Some of this artisiticness (mentioned above) has seeped thru in my genes and I love photography, writing and filming. For fun, I hike the different trails in Israel w/my dog Rip Van Winkle as I have in the Catskills upstate NY back home, in New Zealands nationals parks, Australia's and many other countries. Its nice hiking around and running into some old stone Roman Water delivering system or something else ancient and photo worthy. I say photo worthy because documenting my life with photos, youtube videos and the writings on my blog "GillyRoze" is probably the most "fun" and important thing I do. Mine was started in 2006 and so I'm considered an ancient blogger (yes, I think I'm hip bc of this fact). I write, photograph and put videos on there mainly so that my grandchildrens grandchildren will have a way of knowing their forefather. I have no way of knowing mine so intimately if at all. Will soon bind this blog into a book. I write mostly about how I see the world. As a new soul who just arrived here and is quietly observing the beauty but also how twisted things are. Things like slaves in NYC who row their oars for the ability to get blown in the face by the exhaust of a city cab or bus. Also, fun to me is being out in the open country, smelling the smells, seeing the landscape, breathing clean and fresh air - and watching my dog enjoying himself, chasing after squirrels and what-not. I should note - he never actually caught one nor do I think he'd know what to do if he did. Still, he'll always try. No squirrels here in Israel so the many cats are his new prey and terrorize like an Islamist jihadist he does. Back home you'd catch me biking or strolling thru the many wonderful parks we have. Prospect park in Brooklyn but my fave is Central Park. I know every corner and crevice of the place. Love picnicking there on the Great Lawn with a new or old friend maybe a date or even alone. I am a regular at the Metropolitan museum and wish I can be locked in there over night like Ben Stiller in the National History Museum in that film. When I walk by an old sculpture or piece of art I feel a strange connection to it. As if I was meant to see it, trying to soak in the message the artist tried conveying when making it. I camp often and consider myself a covert, nature loving country kid posing as a cut-throat city business man. I had to sacrifice the best steak, the city lights, the parks. I had to sacrifice my camping trips, seeing bears, deer, mountain lions, coyotes and all sorts of other animals that are not present in Israel. Had to sacrifice making a lot more money. Had to sacrifice being able to impulse buy, to spoil myself. Here I question every purchase I make, thrice thinking "do I really really but really need this item". My income is around 1/10th of what I am used to making but money is no more important to me then having a roof over mine and my dogs head. Had to sacrifice a (more so then Israel) diverse metropolis with anything you may want at any given time an arm stretch or phone call away. To humans, money is the equivalent of a banana to a monkey. Like them we do what we're told to attain this money/banana. We get mentally whipped by managers and accept this as the way it is. At some point I stopped running in this Olympic race, bent down with my hands on my knees in-order to breath deeply and while heaving looked up and saw everyone else running  blindly, in every which direction, in a race that had no finish line. If it did the award would be the ability to boast about the faster/bigger/newer car you can now show off to feel good about yourself. Thats not how I work. About new country. 4 wat prompted move- Was blown in the face one too many times by the exhaust of passing city buses. One of the main reasons I made this move is I am 31 and until I die I will be exploring the world. I feel a necessary component for a full "education" is to learn (first hand) the ways of peoples across the planet. Been exploring for a while and seen many a country. People here in Israel ask me "so thats it? you've decided to live in Israel?" Well yah, but this is just a time and place and I've lived in other countries as well. Israel and I have a special connection though. This because Im used to hearing the holy language spoken only at home, or at a close friends home spoken by my or their parents. Suddenly you find yourself in a country where everyone speaks this same language you subconsciously connect with family. A warm feeling you get being in a country full of people who in a way you connect with family. Also, I grew up in NY before Mayor Giuliani came around and turned it into Disney Land. Seen the grittiness of it while growing up and am reminded of it very often when my eyes rest on a certain corner (where I might have gotten jumped) or intersection (where I may have been stabbed - and I have). 5 Before my move - Life was routine and I can't say I was happy. I did not feel like I was contributing to the world but only to my bank account. Was also sick and tired of seeing the same streets and places e.v.e.r.y. single day. Now I work on devices that save lives (at my current job) and work on new Internet apps that can be game changing in terms of Internet freedom and the pursuit of proper information attainment. I have founded several successful Internet companies but my new goal is to create ones that help the world instead of fattening my pockets. 6 - I love the history and ability to stumble/trip over some ancient artifact whilst hiking the many trails here. What I love most - and I think it's a subconscious thing is (again) that the language spoken by people here I am only accustomed to hearing at home while growing up in NY. So in a way, it's like the guy at my corner grocery store is my cousin. I feel a connection with the people here because my family is just like them. I fell in love with Israel when I took an overseas semester at Tel-aviv University in early 2001. Came home Sept 14th to the stench of the twins still burning 14 Miles/6.5 Kilometers away from I lived. We were taken on tours of the entire country while at Tel-Aviv University and shown all of its bounties and delights. Many hikes we went on and I enjoyed mixing with the Israelis and always looked at the prospect of living here as a luxury that would be hard to afford. My new neighborhood is beautiful. It is much much more quite then living in Brooklyn NY with all of its craziness. The homes here are villas and my area/neighborhood within Hadera is one that is in most demand here. Its a "city" but drive 100 feet south and camels, sheep and horses there are aplenty. Beautiful rolling green pastures and farms literally only several minutes away from my home. I'd say 75-80% of my extended family is here in Israel. Immediate family is back home. I am a very friendly person and meet new friends all the time. At least a couple a week. From this I select with whom I want to hang out when interested. Also, I have close friends who I've known over ten years and remain in contact. There is a restaurant named Doobis, translates to teddy bears. Its an excellent meat/grill place. They don't waste any organs here in Israel and have a colorful selection of "meats" at restaurants like this. Grilled goose liver is one of my favorite delicacies here. I go to to the local country club and beach often. I bring my dog when at teh beach because his frolicking and happiness pleases me and sometimes leave him home, swim laps and/or soak in the jacuzzi. I make like a lobster and steam in that room then make it to the sauna to dry up but mostly enjoy my personal space which I fill with creations of mine, my home. I wanted to meet a good girl when I got here and had the most extreme pleasure of having that happen. Met a quality person who very much helped with all the initial things I needed to know. We are friends now and although no longer romantically involved, extremely happy to have each other in our lives.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mobb Deep - Hell on earth

Never Again - Wu Tang

People sometimes ask me why I am solemn, always. Why I don't smile too often. Here's one of many reasons why. A fellow Jewish Brooklynite wrote and sang this song.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tel-Aviv Israel Graffiti GillyRoze

So I've been saying for a while I wanted to do a set about the quirky and unique way Tel-Avivian  graffiti artists twist their wrists. Brought Rip and did a set that includes Tel-Aviv stencil graffiti, the regular sort, and images of standard architecture. It shows some of the homes and dwellings you'd see on any given block in Tel aviv. There's plenty of clean and luxurious neighboring towns immediately outside of Tel Aviv. Inside, it's slummy and dirty like Mumbai yet people flock there like blind sheep who smell green pastures. An extreme example of cidiotism.. So, these days I can do what I please without having to worry about what any other human might want to do. Like use my camera to shoot the video below of Tel- Avivs public drug use, addicts using needles to shoot.
I forgot what a pleasure it is to not have to ask for anyones permission when deciding to go on such expeditions but should note relationships are also fun. And so, I will continue to provide your eyeballs with images taken by myself, a person whos head is no bigger then any other but lives a fuller yet covert, infinitely studious life, one you may want to start thinking about emulating. Go thru the archives to get started. Also, the best way to view this here photo set is to click on this Picasa link -view it as a slideshow and play the Mos Def (youtube) song I included below to properly bump while looking @ pics. Besides, everything IS mathematics.. 104 images.

Over N Out - Gilly Roze TLV Graffiti 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Banksy - Speaks for the moment

Banksys newest piece

Roof Animals

Shalom Ben Varon

Shalom Ben-varon
En-Sarid, Israel is a beautiful and cozy little moshav or neighborhood Founded 1950 when my stepgrandfather Shalom Ben-Varon stepped foot on the ground there with the rest of his Zionist group at the age of 24. Immediately after serving in the Israeli army. Matter of fact, same year the Armistice was signed in 1948 he ditched the Turkish army and joined a friend on a fishing boat bound for the holy land. Was then given a gun and uniform and was a soldier in a new country. But here he was proud to serve. Once told me a story about how one soldier from his group had to go bring supplies from a neighboring town. The hassids were pissed because it was Saturday and threw stones on this soldier injuring him badly. Doesn't take much more then that to make a person like my grandukes form a lifelong opinion of an entire people. Would do the same myself I think. Anyway, he made it here and never looked back, except of coarse the Turkish TV shows, arak and other delicacies. In this same Moshav I so very much love to visit, En Sarid, he met the love of his life. Now he lost his wife, my dear grandmother, Roza Ben Varon, Roza Bat esther, Roza Levy or however else one may choose to search for her using google including Safta Roza for those to whom she was one. The strongest spirited family member we had, now gone, but her legacy will live on. I Love You Safta. Thank you for the confidence you had in me. Will fight to prove you right.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The days of late

As my eyes open slowly I can see bright lights above. I hear a loud crowd around me. I quickly take stock and realize I'm lying flat on my back. Just woke from getting proverbially knocked the fuck out by the girl who basically held my hand like a mother would her childs since my arrival here in Israel. I didn't guard my left or rather, I let myself fall too deep in love with someone while we both were going thru turbulent times. There is this old quote that spoke to me when I saw it on my facebook feed today: "Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young." by A.Pinero. I take comfort in knowing this and regardless of the pain that comes at the end, I will continue to fall deeply. I am not so sure that while we were dating my then mate would've been happy knowing I can turn my cheek in one day and forget about her. A bit of a shellshock it was for me when I saw a similar scenario go down. Not long ago a friend saw me in this down state and went on about how he envies me. "Envy me?" He continued, "I never felt love in my life" at 38 I'd say that that's a sad reality. I explained to him what true love is: True love is knowing that the girl you want will heal your broken heart but instead of pursuing her, you go and set her up with someone who you know will give her a better life then you possibly can. Coming back and checking in on her from afar, to see to it that she is doing well. This is love, it is the only type that I want and those that think about themselves and their own comfort or wellbeing when in a relationship are fooling themselves. They may 'like', even very much 'like', but they definately don't truly love. I should note, blame can never rest on a person who doesn't feel this level of love for you. You simply may not have been their "cup of tea". Blame can and should come into the equation only if said person knows they don't love you and says they do anyway. But, most think what they're feeling is love sooo, where does that leave us? Of the 30-50,000 visitors this page gets monthly, one of these may feel that this post is directed at or talking to them. It isn't, it's talking to each and every one of you. Now, I want to make clear that I am not as cold, calculating and smart as I may make it seem on this page. I share with you here things I've picked up from people, books, historical figures and the like but I have not yet reached the level of greatness and selflessness that I strive for. I nit pick things from this big combination of people and things we call the world. Things like anonymous giving for example is still a bit perplexing to me but I am learning and understanding. The word selflessness has no hebrew substitute. It's true, ask Morfix. I'm told by people, family and friends for example, that this is because there aren't selfless people here. Many an Israeli are bombarded by propaganda since childhood about how "the world hates the jews" and my only logic is that they feel they must work work work and care not for anything/one but themselves in-order to "survive". Truth is a certain level of comfort must be attained I think to start thinking out of the box and b4 being able to start thinking about the well being of others. When you are too busy thinking about whether you'll have money for rent next month or for food you simply do not think or care about others. Not really the Israelis fault as they were simply poured into a funnel and made uniform at some point. I've been living here close to 8 months and can truly say, I have yet to meet someone who I feel deserves my respect. This is sad because I am on an everlasting quest for a mentor. Any well rounded man needs one.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The # 24 is dear to me. So, when I saw this pic on an old friends photo journal with this caption "Branko Lustig, Oscar winning Producer of Schindler's List and Auschwitz survivor, returns at the age of 79 to complete his Bar Mitzvah in front of his housing block, number 24. Image 1 of 6", I simply had to reach out. He's been doing good work and will soon return to NY from a mentorship mission at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya with shots like the one below. More of which you can see on his site - or follow his photo diary @ Read some of his writings to learn how potent a soul.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The current

Trying to keep your head up in the midst of a hailstorm isn't easy. This, I am in a position to tell you. But I think everything considered, I'm managing well. Roughing it is not new to me. Hailstorm meaning: Loss of grandma - whom I was close with and very much loved, unlike the other. Fact that my mom lost hers is tough for me to digest as well. They spoke daily and were tight. Surprisingly though it seems at least, that mother is handling it well. Wish I can say the same for my stepgrandfather, who just lost his wife. He simply doesn't care to live anymore and wants to sleep all the time. Wants nothing to do with reality. Truer love, I have never seen. He took a bad fall and hurt his hip couple of weeks ago and what's worse, is that just now they found a lump in his lungs, which they say (in the hospital) is serious. All this is tough. Finally, everything went and got fucked up between me n the beautiful redhead you've been seeing on my blog recently, Alona. Not only I, but she too, have certain fundamental things about us that simply don't mix. However, because we both saw greatness in eachother, we tried harder then my jej got when I saw her lovely ass, to make it work. But still, it did not. Sometimes comfort will lead you to stay with a person and/or do things that are sure to hurt you in the long run. Simpletons remain together because they want to quell this discomfort right away and either, don't foresee the inevitable problems the future holds for them or, they just don't give a fuck, and think "I'll deal with it when it comes". So deep I fell, I would have blindly taken this route but, the girl in whom I invested the last 6 months saw clearer than I. Anyway, like Ariel Sharon (whom I very much look up to) tried to do with his political party "Kadima", move forward I shall, and will expel not 1 more tap on my keyboard regarding the foregoing issue.