Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shalom Ben Varon

Shalom Ben-varon
En-Sarid, Israel is a beautiful and cozy little moshav or neighborhood Founded 1950 when my stepgrandfather Shalom Ben-Varon stepped foot on the ground there with the rest of his Zionist group at the age of 24. Immediately after serving in the Israeli army. Matter of fact, same year the Armistice was signed in 1948 he ditched the Turkish army and joined a friend on a fishing boat bound for the holy land. Was then given a gun and uniform and was a soldier in a new country. But here he was proud to serve. Once told me a story about how one soldier from his group had to go bring supplies from a neighboring town. The hassids were pissed because it was Saturday and threw stones on this soldier injuring him badly. Doesn't take much more then that to make a person like my grandukes form a lifelong opinion of an entire people. Would do the same myself I think. Anyway, he made it here and never looked back, except of coarse the Turkish TV shows, arak and other delicacies. In this same Moshav I so very much love to visit, En Sarid, he met the love of his life. Now he lost his wife, my dear grandmother, Roza Ben Varon, Roza Bat esther, Roza Levy or however else one may choose to search for her using google including Safta Roza for those to whom she was one. The strongest spirited family member we had, now gone, but her legacy will live on. I Love You Safta. Thank you for the confidence you had in me. Will fight to prove you right.

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