Monday, July 28, 2008

Its Been A While

Lightweight Banksy Lost His Anonymity (A Legend Broken)

For years the graffiti artist known as Banksy has been the art world's Deep Throat: a hugely influential figure whose identity remained shrouded in mystery. Now, like Deep Throat, he has been given a name.

Banksy is a 34-year-old native of Bristol, England, named Robin Gunningham, Britain's the Mail on Sunday reported on July 13. The thread that may have unraveled the mystery was a 2004 photograph taken in Jamaica, which many — including photographer Peter Dean Rickards — say is the only known picture of Banksy. (The artist's agent, Steve Lazarides, denied that the photo — which depicts a man in jeans and sneakers crouching above a can of spray paint — is of Banksy. A spokeswoman for the artist declined to confirm or deny the Mail's report.)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dharma On A Sat

Biking Saturday was a damn good time. I had a most excellent time with a new swiss friend I had met by Central Park. Showed her around and took her to secret places no tourist would ever be eable to see. Its sad that she only had one day to spend in our fine city but that one day was enough I think for the both of us to say we will remember it forever. Twas kewl showing her exlusive secret type places as I would hope she would show me wen Im in Swiss. If i can yodle I wud.

Friday, July 25, 2008

July of 08 The Good Life

This month was truly one to forever remember... Gilly Tha Kid has become a man. Still, most things I do people think are way below the level of maturity 'epected' of someone my age. But i FUCKING LOVE what I do. Thing is I love my family very much and my friends as well but I feel so different compared to everybody else. I know im alone in this world. Its so great tho because I am the only person I truly get on best with. There are 2 entities we all possess. The one which is dedicated to dealing with others and then the one which is introspective. Its the one that you dont realize is talking to you whilst your telling some girl in a club how sweet she looks when really your asking ur 'other' self at the very same moment (remember 2 entities) whether or not she would mind a load on her face. No one realizes this but its so true and if your lucky enuf to read this, take heed and also control of your fucking life cause no one else will. Ehhum, I have become overtly social and super confident the past month or so. Everybody is a product of their respective surroundings and no one, at least round here is zen... So I bike often, I smoke loads of pot and manage some sales guys whilst making some myself which is kewl but its pretty far away. I started a new division for the company my brother and I started... I have much excitement in me. Kinda like a 16 yr old kid about to have sex for the 1st time or just like falling in love. Reason for this is simple, this new venture is going to be incredibly lucrative. Of this I have no doubt. Looking at the world as this uber individual I have become has made it simple to manipulate and covertly beat the unjust American system . Every1 is so uniform and they follow social trends and ofcoarse the rules set by our authority, the "Govlerment", as my dad would say. This makes them predictable like a hunters prey and easy to influence. Whether fucking around on the street w/a tourist on W Houston and Bway or closing a 50k deal in 10 minutes on the phone in my office, people are mostly pleasant and positive but I must say, and I feel sorry about this that their all sheep. Once we wake, the first 4 seconds of our everyday is a run down of our entire lives. Its simple, people have no clue how easy it is to manipulate your brain and your subconscious to feel, be and live however they want and then the mold that engulfs them will crumble and they will fly.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Camp 92-08 W/Robby Luv

It all started Sat mng. Riss came and slept over but at 7 I was already awoken by Amnon telling me to get my ass ready for Mountain Creek A water park not so far from the city. So off we went. We got there and had a true blast. I nearly got booted from the place for doing an acrobatic sumersault from the tarzan swing after being told specifically not to. Just got boring seeing each shmuck belly flop each time So i felt twas time for some action.

Ehhum... Yea sooo the lines were too long and so my man Robby and I decided to leave. Off we went back home and during the ride back Robby asked me to come w/him to some camp alumni reunion. Twas interesting as was someone I met. I had a good time ingling with these campers and telling them "yea you dont remember me, i lost alot of weight" lolllll. I had too good a time at that hick bar and and was once again thrust out of yet another one. If I had a penny 4every time... THE GAME (C) I have played on Sat and in one day I might have accomlished what normally takes yrs. I just got back now from the duck place on Mott St in BootlegBurg NYC w/Dan. Every visit is just like the 1st time. Especially when you take that 1st bite...
Here is an imagr from Dans cellcam. Me n tha mastah Chef my dizzzzzle! Ohh, a funny lil happening id like to jot so as to remember. I provided a couple of officers waiting for an elevator quite a surprise at the hotel I was staying at. Lets just say, when so heated you dont care who it is waiting when the doors open but the fact is coppers werent expected/expecting.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Woodstock NY July 08

So it was north bound after a long and productful week at work. Headed upstate w/Riss after fri night dinner 4 the weekend. The drive there was dark and took longer than usual. A cute little cabin we styaed in that was rich with books and privacy. The privacy we took advantage of. Shooting off my shotgun at any and every random opportunity. Met up with old friends... Met the lead singer of an old band the fugs. Was pretty Zen. Anyway, my posts will remain short and sweet these days as they exist simply to jog my memory as a friend might about a certain instance or occasion. One thing that was amazing and majestic was whilst Riss and I were standing in a clearing within the 20 acres we had rented. All around were trees and woods. I aimed my shotgun straight up and shot. We listened in the pitch black night as the pellets rained down onto the trees around us. We did this around 9 times and waited patiently each for the pellets to fall. It was kewl...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 4ths Long weekend

Started out in my new office on Thurs in LI. Realized that Decision Makers werent around so I decided to let my staff off early. Came home and smoked a dube w/ Elliot from Shopdigital. Biked round a bit and enjoyed my brother in laws surprise pool party. Twas fun. The 4th... Woke up late, bout 1pm. Called Hillel to find that the jam is at his brothers in the Basin, Riss N I shot over and stayed for over 6 hours without considering leaving once. Thats significant I think taking into account that I cant stay in one place for more than an hour w/out having to leave. We blasted some stuff off and it was in a way, reminiscent of pre giuliani. Onward... Saturday Riss and I spent wasting away by my house, not doing much at all. Today on the other hand we biked vigourously. First thru a private golf course where some dude that was teeing off 100 yards away blasted me witha golf ball. We continued on to Floyd BEnnet fields new Aviator. There we ate and when leaving ran into an athiest. We later met a homeless camper that seemed to be enlightened in some way. Was an interesting one indeed. Tough week ahead. Gotta align my chess pieces and I gotta do it quick.

Found This Anonymously Online... Wonder If Its Tru

"Its not about finding the perfect person its about loving the imperfect person all the way...." Anon

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Ive realized lately that one of my favorite things to do is build a business and watch as it sprouts and grows like a flower. To me, its one of thsoe more satisfying things i can do in this world. Back when it was just a seed, it was scary betting all on this. Life is a gamble, pure and simple. If your married and in debt, your sorry ass will not be thinking out of the box. Rather, satisfying the needs of the wide opened mouths of the chicks back home are first prirority. Risk takers sometimes lose but a good and simple strategy is needed for everything in life, as did this. Something my uncle once told me is so completely wrong... He said "Never have a pertner in business because its like a marriage" problem with the advice is this uncle likely screwed his partners and convinced himself twas the other way around.. A good partner can be the best thing that ever happened to you, or your business.

I smoked many cigarettes and interviewed around 20 people in the last week and now understand that the job market is terrible. I also absorbed a while ago that the economy has gone to shit here in the US and that others in foreign countries are thriving. I dont really care about this fact but I have my eye on those countries. The 3 reps I have hired are competent, clear spoken and are doing well.
I'll say it here, if this does get large and/or succesful it will be influences like Napolean Hill and Dale Carnegie that I would credit. Vast knowledge is stored on these shelves in Barnes & Noble, VAST. Fact is, you just cant read stuff on the web and actually learn a life long lesson that you will remember forever. None of that fiction crap, true and inspirational stories about great people that have done great things. That is the type of books one should read if they are to gain real world applicable sort of knowledge. The best of sorts I think...